My “God Willing” plans…

So…I asked you girls last night “Do you meal plan, or you do you wing it?” I have to say, I really appreciated your honesty! What great responses! Some of you girls really gave me a chuckle. Ha!

Do you want to know what I do? Do you really want to know what I do? Oh Boy…

I “God Willing” plan.

What’s THAT, you ask?! That is my plan “with an out”….. my “if I was organized” plan…. my “I should have a grocery list plan”… and my “if nothing comes up plan” ….making any sense? I sure hope I am not alone.

My “typical” grocery list:

  • Breakfast items-2 boxes of cereal per week, 2 gallons of milk, 1 carton of eggs, 1 loaf of bread, frozen waffles, fruits.
  • Lunch items- PB & J, bagel bites, deli turkey chipped and “sale” cheese, bagels, cream cheese, baked chips, veggies.
  • Dinner items- I THINK OF 3-4 meals for the week that would be appealing to the entire family. I DO NOT have a specific day  set aside for each meal. I DO NOT write down a meal plan. I simply say “Ill make spaghetti, meatloaf, and chili this week for dinner” . I then grab my recipe cards and bring them to the grocery store with me. I purchase organic frozen meats and veggies so I don’t have to commit….because, it is after all my “God Willing” plan, you know. We eat out 1 x a week, Weds are $5 large pizzas at the local pizza shop, and we have left overs the other nights.
  • Snacks- We love popcorn and bananas in our house…must always keep those stocked up!
So, there you have it….I am NOT as organized as you thought, am I? What got me on this subject is when a friend asked if I could tell her how I “meal plan”…I SO knew this questions was coming. I had to tell her the truth that I am just not a planner!  I cook a lot…you know I do. We also eat at the dinner table most nights…you know we do. But, meal planning hasn’t gotten me there…it is the fact that I desire to do this. I think when we whole heartedly want to do something (it helps if we enjoy doing it)…it happens. Do you know what I am saying? Can you think of anything else in your life that  goes hand in hand with this same thought process? I sure can….
If I wrote out a meal plan for each day- I am afraid I would disappoint myself if I couldn’t stay true to it. . With my personality,  I know that I am very afraid of failing and very hard on myself. So, instead…I just enjoy what I do and say …”This is what I will prepare for my family this week, God Willing!”



  1. I started to “plan” over the summer and I am surprised that I’ve stuck to it but it has really helped. I do pick nights to have certain meals but if something comes up or we need to switch days around we can do that too. Thanks for sharing what its like in your home!!

  2. LOVE this 🙂 i DO make a list of meals or i will not remember what i was going to make all week. lol … but i love your approach.

  3. So awesome and encouraging. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a good plan! I do similarly. I do not plan meals for certain days when I go grocery shopping. I will plan anywhere from 5 to 10 meals, depending on whether I want to do one or two weeks. I know sometimes we order out, do leftovers or breakfast for dinner, go elsewhere for fellowship, etc., so not every day needs to have a plan. It works for the most part. 🙂

  5. D Williams says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! As a single mom of 3 and I also homeschool them and work at home, I don’t have time for organization of meal plans so this has helped me out tremendously! Saves me a lot of headache so thank you for sharing!

    • Wow, Dayna! A single homeschooling and working mama of 3! Keep your head up sister!!!! You will get through this crazy time…I understand, I so do. Love to you, Janelle <3


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