Project: Organize! MY Before and After Shots! (biting my nails)

Hi Ladies!

As many of  you know, I had a very special guest on the Comfy blog last week! Laura from “I’m an Organizing Junkie” shared some very helpful tips on getting back on track with kitchen cupboards. Nothing fancy, just good old encouragement to purge the things we don’t use and make the best space for the things we do use! 

I was SOOOO embarrassed about how messy I let my cupboards get. I knew I had to take a couple of days to get my kitchen back into “working order”. With Christmas baking and children helping put dishes away (not complaining!),things got a little out of hand. Not only that- organizing just is not my forte -I am a “cleaner”, not an “organizer” . I always tell people- you can walk into my home and see that it is clean..but watch out when you open those closet doors! Ekk! I do not like this about myself….

Thanks to Laura’s inspiration now my home is clean AND organized through and through! I must admit-this feels SO good! Laura is right on when she says that organizing makes life a lot easier! I am praying that I can keep up with this…so far, so good!

Are you ready for what you are about to witness??? I am biting my nails!!!!

I will start with showing you some rooms in my home…again, I am a “cleaner” NOT an “organizer”. Bear with me…

Our dining room….clean.

Our office..clean.

Our bedroom…clean.

Ooooo…but what is in the corner here?! Yep. *Clean and unfolded laundry with whatever I collected downstairs, piled on top and brought upstairs. This is just the beginning…just wait.

Are you ready for project organize? Here are my kitchen cupboards…

Before: UGH- seriously? This is what happens when a 3 and 6 year old play “band” with pots and pans while Mommy is cooking…a few good sashes with the hip and those doors close pretty nicely! haha.

After: Yea! After. I bought an inexpensive rack so that my cutting boards could go in here too-my baking racks slide along the side.

Would you look at these lids….there are no pots to go with them. Who looses this many pots and pans? I pitched these and saved a ton of room.

Before: Our pantry (we do not have a lot of cupboard space as you can see)

After: Again, just by adding an inexpensive rack-it saved a lot of space! I got rid of some items I didn’t need, expired, or could be placed elsewhere.

Before: Is this not HILARIOUS!!!? I am laughing at myself right now….what is THIS?! Does anyone else do this? Am I the only one? For cryin in the mud…Janelle!!!!

After: MUCH better.

Before: My messy coffee station

After: I placed my “most used” mugs on the first 2 shelves, got rid of some, and placed the others on the top shelf.

Instead of keeping my Christmas dishes in the cupboards year round,  I took Laura’s advice and packed them up. No reason for them take up space if I won’t be needing them until next year!

Before: My dishes cupboard…see how I had my Christmas dishes in with the others. LOL…there are times when I see Geoff eating off of a Christmas dish….in July. Ok, ok…they are in the basement now in storage!

After: What we use the most on the bottom two shelves.

Before: This little area in my kitchen was driving me bonkers! My natural remedy/supplement stuff out in the open.

After: I was able to make room for these items inside a cupboard when I threw other things away! Yea! Looks much cleaner!

Before: What is this?! That coffee mug doesn’t go there! What is all the commotion up top?

After: This is better- I was able to put all of the children’s cups in here too. The glasses we use the most at the bottom. Water glasses and throw-away tupperware on the second shelf. Items I use the least at the top. Actually… that Cool Whip container is going to be my jumbo ice cube maker for baseball soon 🙂

*Snif* My fondue pot that is just taking up space….no dairy means no fondue. Away it goes to a good home! (shout out to Kristy, lol)

As you can see- there is nothing too fancy about it. But, these simple steps can make life a lot easier getting around your kitchen!

As I was reading over Laura’s blog- this method she brought about caught my eye, loved it so much I had to share:

The Process. 

Plan of attack – plan your project – which area(s) do you want to address – make a list – evaluate present system, what is working, what isn’t working, devise new system – determine budget – develop timeline

Remove items – empty the space completely so you can start from a clean slate – this is much more effective than just shuffling everything around. Remove then sort & purge

Organize into piles – donate/toss/sell/keep/relocate – sort like with like – purge excess – the more you purge the less you have to find a home. Ask yourself some declutter questions.  Your goal is to bring back into your space only what you love and use and can fit into the space you have available. Purge until it fits!

Containerize – find storage solutions – containers establish limits and boundaries – designate a spacefor items being kept – consolidate where possible

Evaluate plan – how is your system working for you – are you able to work your system? What needs to be modified? A good system should be easy to maintain

Solve/Simplify any remaining issues. Address anything that isn’t working for you – revise accordingly

Smile, relax and enjoy your hard work!

Ladies, I pray I didn’t have you fooled that I have it all together… As you can see, I am just as human as everyone else.

Romans 3:23 says “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” but the good news? “and all are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came through Jesus Christ”. Can I get an AMEN!?

Thanks for being my friends and hopefully I made you feel a little more human…and encouraged. High fives all around. Thanks Laura!




  1. Woohooo!!!!!! What an awesome job you did and isn’t it amazing how adding a few simple shelving units like that can literally create additional space in two seconds flat. So proud of you for getting it done, such an amazing feeling!!! (that’s the feeling I’m addicted to…lol) Okay so here is what I really want to know….did it take longer or shorter than you expected to organize your kitchen cabinets? I’m betting it didn’t take as long as you thought it would, that’s almost always the way it works out. We put it off and put it off “until we have more time” when really I think we spend more time stewing about it than it actually takes to do it. Curious to know what you thought?
    Way to go girl!

    • Thanks Laura! Seriously….I TIMED MYSELF! hahaha! It literally took 7 -12 mins per cupboard. NO time at are SO right!!! Why do we put things off?! YES- I know the high you are talking about! I felt it, haha! I am like butter…I am on a roll now!

  2. I’m so not laughing at you!!! My cupboards (especially my “tupperware” cupboard) look like they have been through a war zone!! Great Job! I know what I am doing this week. Lol! Btw- love the wall color in your office, do you mind me asking what color that is?

  3. I have some cabinets in my house that definitely need attention! I organize them. but with my kids helping with the chore of putting clean dishes away, it doesn’t seem to stay organized long. I think it is time to get intentional about teaching them organization.

  4. If you didn’t already promise your fondue pot away….

    We do fondue “shabu-shabu” style which is using stock (I use veggie for health reasons).
    You get the stock to near boiling, then you dip in the veggies one by one and let them simmer
    a bit, then you can eat them. It’s still a fun way to eat, but way more healthy. PLUS – a fondue
    pot works great for melting dark chocolate and dipping fresh fruit in. You don’t have to do the
    traditional cheese or oil fondue. You can “healthy” it up!

    • Tammy that broth sounds so great! I never heard of doing that! I am not a dark chocolate fan, but perhaps if I tried it after not eating chocolate for months I may change my mind, lol!!!! I did promise it to a friend who would use it much more than I would. What awesome ideas you just shared, thank you so much!!!

  5. Looks great! Mine were awful at my old house and so when we moved to our new house and had tons of cabinet space, I got a second chance! Now everything is nice and tidy. Feels good, huh?! 🙂 ps…can’t wait for the fondue pot!!

  6. I’m moving any my cupboards still look like that (the before that is). I don’t have much cupboard space, and blame it on that or that in the next house I’ll have more room and stay organized. Sadly I also have lids with no pans. Sometimes the Mac and Cheese just gets too burnt and there is no saving the pan, but you never know when you might need a lid. Maybe I can finally get rid of those as I’m packing. . . maybe!

    • Jeni- we are like one. lol! I hate to waste or throw away anything- BUT, Laura makes it very refreshing- just throw it out, you wont miss it! ha! It is SOOO hard for me too!!!! Yea- a new home!!!

  7. this made me laugh out loud. i want to organize mine this week. i thought that people may think i’m insane should they see the chaos inside my cupboards. you made me feel normal:)

  8. Great job! No judgement from me! I’m just the opposite, I’m an organizer, not a cleaner. Together, we’d make a great pair :o) I’d show you my cupboards, but not my house :o)

    My hubby put in really cool sliding shelves for our pots and pans. put screws in the frame on the inside of the cabinet door to hang cooling racks. We also put in little shelves on inside of the the doors to hold plastic wrap/aluminum foil/wax paper, etc. There are so many cool organizing tools, love it!

  9. Too funny! Good to know there are other mom’s/wives who are great at cleaning but not too good with the organizing! My kitchen cupboards (other than the cupboard with the ‘good’ dishes) are a complete disaster.

  10. I love before and afters! Your cupboards look great and so well organized. Nicely done!

  11. I’ve been working on the same thing! I’m participating in 52 weeks to an organized home at Home Storage Solutions ( Last week was kitchen cabinets and drawers and this week is pantry, spices and food storage.

  12. way to go Janelle!!! didnt you want to scream every time you went to get a pan or bowl out and everything came falling out??!lol I just did a reorganization and decluttering of my kitchen before christmas and I even ended up with some empty cupboards! I bet this organized kitchen will help you minister and serve better:) Enjoy!! Your house is beautiful and so are you despite the craziness:)

  13. Oh Janelle, I had a good LOL at this one! This is EXACTLY how my cupboards look. I am the same as you. A cleaner, NOT an organizer. I was trying to stand in front of my cabinets over Christmas when I opened them so my company wouldn’t get a peek at my mess! I think I have a new task for the weekend!

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