“Comfy” on vacation?! You betcha!

{Geoff, Me, and our girls in the background}

Hi Ladies! I just got back yesterday from a {very last min} trip to Hilton Head with the family! We had a wonderful time…we were blessed with beautiful weather, time together, and a break away from the stress of every day life!

The photo of my dreams….my children together on the beach in their Easter outfits! There must have been just too much riding on this picture, lol. {She was fine, and yes-I took the stick}

Ok, back to “foodie talk” haha. Yes, I cook on vacation….and when I see a set up like this… it gets me SO excited!!!! Time to get my “grill” on! Wohoo!

My mother-in-law was watching the little ones swim in the hot tub {it was 80 degrees, lol- so I guess it was a cool tub?}, so I had my chance to sneak away and make an outdoor dinner for the family. We were in a condo, so I had to go through all the cupboards/drawers and make do with what we had…but it worked!

This cooler was literally a “meal on wheels” lol. What a great invention. I was able to put plates in the top zipper. I put boiled corn on the cob with butter, watermelon, and finger jell-o in separate ziploc bags. Then had smaller baggies  filled with cut lettuce, onions, and pickles. I threw in some mustard and ketchup and actually found place settings!  With burgers, cheese, buns and drinks and we were in business…oh and napkins, plenty of napkins.

This only took a couple of mins….now, I know this is nothing fancy. But,  it was still very nice for my family to have a cook out and not have to leave the pool! It was cheaper than going out too {and less stressful}

See…nothing fancy at all, just comfy…{I ate mine on lettuce, and dreamt it was a bun}

“Comfy” on vacation? You betcha!

Something simple like a cook-out on vacation can make beautiful family memories. It doesn’t take too much, but it sure does mean a lot. Do you get “comfy” on vacation???

P.S. We ate all of our breakfasts, lunches and 2 dinners “in” and yes- we did enjoy ourselves “out” for some dinners…so, I did get a  little “vacation” haha.   



  1. YUM!! Looks delish! So glad you had a great time!

  2. haha I love your comment on the stick with your daughter! My family has recently started making family meals each week after church- we trade off on the homes and everyone contributes and it is so much more relaxed and enjoyable than going out! And I also see by your hamburger buns in the photo that you shop at Publix. *Sigh* Since moving from Florida to Kansas we do not have Publix and I love love love that store. (Maybe because it reminds me of where I’m from? Silly I know)…just saw the packaging and it made me smile! So thank you! -Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker

  3. I love it! It looks like such a fun day! Erica

  4. I LOVE THE FAMILY PICTURE! It is beautiful!

  5. Sure wish I could pack you in my suitcase for my vacations! Your family is so blessed to have a comfy in the kitchen mama!!!
    LOVE the pics!

  6. May I ask where you stayed? About 20 yrs. ago I was there with my friend & her family and we stayed in Palmetto Dunes. My husband has to watch his salt, and he has dairy allergies, so when we vacation it has to be in a condo now so I can still cook for us. Eating restaurant food for a week would probably put him in the hospital! And the pool area in the pics look like a place our 3 boys would love. I keep telling my hubby that he HAS to get to Hilton Head at least once in his life & once he gets there he’ll never, ever want to go anywhere else. 🙂 3 years ago we were blessed to have our hotel stay paid for by my dad & his wife when we met at Disney in Orlando. We stayed at the Floridays Orlando Resort. It was right between DisneyWorld & SeaWorld. They were amazing 2 bedroom (3 bdrms. are also available) condos, but were more like fully furnished apartments, complete with washer & dryer, and had an amazing pool that my boys didn’t want to leave. If anyone is ever looking for an inexpensive place to stay there, I HIGHLY recommend this place. We had an AAA discount, but in mid June it wound up being only $118 per night. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  7. Just stumbled on your blog. It’s amazing and very inspiring.

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