Our Valentine’s Day Traditions….

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon!!! Just wanted to share with you some little things I like do for my family to make them feel special on this sweet day…

My kidos wake up to a decorated breakfast room with little gifts from Geoff and I. Nothing expensive…most things are from the Target $1 aisle. But, it means a lot to them and it brings a smile to their faces… 

We read some of our favorite Valentine’s day books and do some Mad Libs during breakfast….we are HUGE fans of Mad Libs, lol!!!!

For a fun breakfast I make very simple heart pancakes with strawberries. Nothing fancy-just comfy… 

Typically I have 2 classrooms to volunteer in that day for Valentine’s Day parties {next year it will be 3! *tear}…here’s an example of a cupcake buffet the children made last year.

They love frosting their own cupcakes and decorating the way they want….and now that they can read, those little hearts are a huge hit. Uhhh…kids? We didn’t have “text me” on our hearts when we were kids.  

I make heart shaped PB&J sandwiches to pack in their lunches and include a Valentine card {Yikes-not sure if my son will appreciate that this year! lol…doing it anyways}

And what’s for dinner??? My husband’s favorite.. Creamed Chicken Crepes. This year I’ll be using my favorite Gluten-Free flour blend-I’ve tried it in this very dish and it tastes just as good {promise}. For this variation you will need to increase the liquids in your crepes using 1 cup of milk and 2/3 cup water …gluten free flour makes for a thicker crepe if you don’t add more liquid. Follow directions as explained otherwise.

This beautiful Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppyseed Dressing is always a hit….and it looks pretty.


You can’t pass on dessert on Valentine’s Day and ohhhh my….these Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes are sooo delicious. Again, I’ll be using gluten-free flour for this recipe this year.


How do you make Valentine’s Day a little special for your family??? Would love to hear some of your ideas!!!



  1. We love mad libs too! What a great Valentine’s Day idea!

  2. Ad libs sound like a fun time! I needed an idea for our home school co-op Valentine’s Day party I am hosting. I am going to make these biscuits for breakfast with almond flour:


  3. Meant to mention I love Amelia Bedelia books and hadn’t seen the V-Day one. I have an Asperger’s daughter and we get such a kick out of her…LOL! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. love your traditions!

  5. Love the Mad Libs!! They were my kids favorite!! Love all your Valentine’s Day tradions!

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