Hopping into Spring…

It’s been such a fun, yet busy couple of weeks leading to Easter. Wow…where do I begin?! Well, Geoff and I helped with the Easter parties in our children’s classrooms…

Ohhh, this little girl has her daddy “wrapped”.

This banana bread was brought by another mom…isn’t it beautiful? I think that’s Nutella {oh yum} on top and the crosses are made from chocolate covered pretzels. Who wouldn’t take a picture???

Another mom brought these adorable Jell-O Jiggler Eggs in- what child could pass these up?!

My son’s class had an “Easter Brunch” together “kid style” …scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit salad, jell-o eggs, banana bread, donuts and orange juice was the menu of choice.

These silly 3rd graders had a blast playing “Easter Madlibs” after brunch. They’re at a great age to yell out nouns, verbs, etc…and the laughter when we read the stories back to them was immeasurable.

At home, we’ve had a lot going on too {these children really keep us busy}. Here, we had some friends over for an Easter Egg decorating play date…

….and a casual “Easter BBQ”. The menu? BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, corn, baked beans, cole slaw, sugar cookies and sweet tea.


I took my girls to a “Mother/Daughter” Tea ….

And….had a boy’s date at the KSU home opener! 

We’ve also enjoyed the company of friends for lunches, dinners, and more play dates throughout Spring Break! We’re so fortunate to have such a wonderful community of friends and family.   

But, the weekend isn’t over yet! The best is yet to come…. celebrating the Resurrection of Christ !!!


What have you ladies been up to?! What are your plans for the weekend?





  1. Such a beautiful and dear family! Love the photos and your loving hearts. The party looks like a blast and I love the banana bread with the crosses. Tucking that idea away for sure 🙂

  2. I’m enjoying my family this weekend. My daughter is home from college and we have been playing games, shopping and watching movies. Tomorrow we will be celebrating our Lord! Great weekend!!

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