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Thursday, October 31st is a BIG day for Comfy in the Kitchen!

(it’s 2 out of 3 of my kiddo’s birthdays and…….)


Part 6 out of 7 of the Women Living Well Conference !!!!!!!!!

Please join me then (Thursday, Oct 31st) at 10 pm EST / 9 pm CST at WomenLivingWell.tv (this webcast is only available for 24 hours, so you won’t want to miss it!).  I’ll be sharing about God, a little about my life,  my ministry, and how YOU can minister to others.

I’m praying that you will identify with what I share and that God has used me to motivate you in love.  

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The goal of the webcast is to encourage you in your walk with the Lord. This week’s topic is ministry.


AFTER the webcast – Come back here to Comfy in the Kitchen and comment below what you might have gained by watching the webcast. Please be sure to tell me which item you’d enjoy most!

For a bonus entry to win – share the link to the webcast on Facebook, email, a blog post, Twitter, or Pinterest and say “I shared” in your comments!!!

Please note. You will be asked a question when you go to claim your prize. To ensure that you have actually watched the webcast, I’ll ask you: While I was on stage, which one of my relatives was in the audience who ended up getting aplause? 

* Open to residents of Canada and the US only (due to shipping).

*I’ll choose one winner and announce it here on Saturday.


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 These gifts are Ahhhmazing! But, do you want to know what gift is always free and is the most amazing?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are times when we get wrapped up in talking about Jesus, that we don’t actually talk about the “Good News” ….the BEST news. Jesus came and lived a perfect life, he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the grave. He did this to reconcile us with God. He also left a “helper” , the Holy Spirit that will work within those who believe in Him. In order to be “saved” we must acknowledge we have sinned and realize we are in need of a Savior…this is called “repentance”. John 3:36 says, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.” How could I not share this? 




  1. theresa liford says:

    I would love to win won of these amazing gifts. My hand mixer is over 40 years old and my hair rollers are 30 years old. : )

  2. Y’all are so very kind. Thank you for all that you do. I would love one of the books!!! God Zbless!! Barb

  3. Can’t wait for tonight’s webcast! I’ve loved this series!! Looking forward to hearing more about your heart & ministry!!

  4. Samantha Wadsworth says:

    Cannot wait to hear you speak tonight for the WLW conference. I sure could use that nice mixer in my kitchen ;)…lol

  5. You had your Grandma in the audience. But also your mom, mother in law and aunt.

  6. your sweet grandmother…..trying to watch the webcast but my internet keeps acting up:( But I did get to see you and hear you in August!!!

  7. Your grandmother. I think what I gained was to let go of my unrealistic expectations that might just get in the way of enjoying having people come over to fellowship.

  8. I was blessed with the story Angela shared about being welcomed into to Schaffers (sp?) home. We just brought a family into our home. It’s a mom and her current 3 children and tomorrow she will be having twins. It’s been a rough start trying to work everything out but after the story tonight and knowing God led us here I know we are to continue to just love them and be there as a family to them. Thank you for being open during these webcasts.

  9. Katie Zobrist says:

    Grandma Ruth :) I don’t know where to post my answer, but I’m trying!


  10. Your Grandma Ruth. I love your sweet spirit. You reminded me that we can serve in small ways with the first plate and that things do need to be perfect in our lives and our homes in order to serve.

  11. Grandma Ruth! I was reminded that ministry doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s an overflow of your life.

  12. Grandma Ruth! I couldn’t sleep tonight and listening to your message was wonderful. Some of the verses I felt like were speaking directly to me. I needed that. Thank you

  13. Your grandma Ruth :) I learned that your house doesn’t always have to be perfect. It’s the company and hospitality that matters :) I love the mixer :) Thanks again!

  14. What did I gain… I gained encouragement to step out and bring joy to those around me. I am a bit shy, and we are still new to the neighbourhood ourselves. I want to step out in faith, knowing that God can use me.

  15. You don’t have to give big to be a blessing.
    Give your first plate of food.
    Go out and find people to be a blessing to – and use this ministry to bring them to Jesus.
    Angela’s testimony about being welcomed in someone else’s home was a blessing.
    If you are in a season of life where you can’t give, it’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up.
    And – not sure if this was mentioned, but it came to mind. If you are on the receiving end, be gracious and accepting of the blessing someone wants to bestow on you.

    I think back to when my daughter had her second baby. Even though I was there and could have shopped and cooked meals, the ladies at church brought meals for a week. It was so nice to just be able to enjoy the time with her and the kids and not have to cook.

    If I had to pick a prize, I like the wok! My hair isn’t long enough for the curlers! Ha!

  16. Hi Janelle,
    I enjoyed your whole talk , but I think a nugget of gold I dug out was your saying Jesus was walking hospitality. Sometimes we get stuck thinking our hospitality or meal ministry can only happen or be done a certain way, which may put stress/limitations on us.But if we , like Jesus, walk our hospitality–we can reach more for the gospel:-) Thank you! And I would love the wok , but I have a certain 9 yo girl behind me cheering for the hot rollers…LOL!

    • I agree about the Jesus being walking hospitality comment. It made me pause to think that even with no home To lay his head Jesus put people at ease with his presence and manner.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Your sweet Grandmother Ruth. I needed to hear your point regarding not putting my anxieties above the love that God wants me to share with others. I shouldn’t be intimidated or intimidating. Thank you! I would love the hair rollers. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Rebecca Thompson says:

    Your Grandma! My Grandmother raised me after my parents divorce as well. Your talk held a special place in my heart. Thank you!

  19. Mippy/Sabrina says:

    I was most touched by the different types of service y’all shared. I especially appreciated the ‘small’ service ideas that were shared by Janelle because I am in that season of life.
    The whole webcast was touching. I hope from this I have gained a greater desire to serve others and also to see needs and to open myself up more to serving others.
    I would enjoy any of the items, but I would most enjoy the hand mixer because I don’t have a mixer of any sort and I love to bake. :)
    And “I SHARED!” :)
    Thank you to all who participated and blessed *my* life with your words.

  20. Shelley Tindel says:

    I was encouraged and reminded of how important it is to give and open our homes! I love the idea of the first plate! And how opening our homes whether to family (like your grandma Ruth did for you) but also to others! I am so thankful for all of you and how you each share your talents to encourage us! I would love the hand mixer or the book on welcoming others to your home

  21. The statement that stood out is “it isnt about the menu but the purpose”. I’m a planner and sometimes I plan too much. My eyes are taken off the goal… the purpose. Your grandmother was in the audience. I shared your link on FB.

  22. I enjoyed this webcast ! I needed it!!!! Thank you for sharing and for being real. I am in a storm in my own life right now. It is painful and I don’t know the outcome. But you helped me to see that I can still reach out to others even in the smallest way. I know what it’s like to need someone and I have the opportunity just lift somebody’s heart if only for a few moments. I like that you said that Jesus doesn’t call us to make this big spread before people. He just ask us to do something. Thank you sooooo much !!!! I would really appreciate the heart necklace. :)

  23. I missed (I think ) where you talked about your relative, and I won’t copy the answers i see here. But I enjoyed the whole conversation. I am not very hospitality gifted with having people in my home. (still in the midst of remodeling from 2 floods 4 and 5 years ago. and just well worn/lived in home and kid clean more than my cleaning.
    But…. i am getting better at gatherings here. Usually impromptu/sometimes potlucks. And sometimes every weekend, someone or some group is here. (my kids help me get over that notion that my house has to be magazine cover ready.
    Right now the Bible studies i lead are held at a coffee house. (one lack of space ) and 2) just figure i have too many ears/eyes at home that don’t need to necessarily be around say when the women get together. There are times when it gets heavy and personal. But i love the idea of having the young women get together. I may think on it….it might seem strange leading a group that my daughters (15) are part of. But it would be neat too. Thanks so much for tonight. It would be fun to have the wok or hand mixer.

  24. I have gained that I don’t have to do a big meal but I can do small things that give a great blessing. I never really thought about gift cards, or just making a plate to a hurting neighbor. I found these things to be greatly appreciated. being a mom to 7 kids and 4 of them are 5 and under. the little things I can do is awesome but not overwhelming either. So thank for yet another great webcast.

  25. I gained..See beauty in all people,quit trying to be perfect,and when you feel you have nothing to give you really do. You can always be a blessing to someone.
    Grandma Ruth
    Love the rollers! All the prizes look wonderful.
    Hope your kids had Happy Birthday!

  26. Krista Juliana says:

    Thank you so much for your webcast tonight of the Women Living Well conference. I can’t tell you enough how much your segments have impacted my walk with God. I wish I had you around each week to just speak Christ’s life into me through your encouraging words and examples! I step away from each viewing able to press forward and walk with the King in ways that are easy to implement. Your suggestion of doing something small if you are unable to provide a whole meal takes so much pressure of a person who feels inadequate for not being elaborate in gift giving. You were a blessing to say that even something small goes a long way! I hope to live out a more impacting life, one small blessing at a time to those around me and to try to seek God in ways that He would have me serve so that I can show those in need the Love of Christ. Thank you again for YOUR ministry as you encourage me to walk in mine :) God Bless. (Oh, and I shared the webcast through email to some friends, which I have been doing weekly since the conference started airing. My comments are not listed here to win this post but more so to just say Thank You for all you are doing to work in the lives and hearts of other women. If I did win, the rollers would be nice, but honestly, any gift I received would be great and maybe it would even be something I could give to someone else in need! Thanks again!)

  27. Grandma Ruth! What a blessing to see and watch! We are all so much a like. Women really need other women! Praise the Lord for ministries such as yours. I am inspired. :)

  28. What a blessing this webcast was to me! It seemed like you were talking straight to me. You touched on so many things that God has placed on my heart. I love the relationship you have with these other wonderful christian women. I’ve never had that. You are very blessed and a true blessing to others. Thank you.
    I like the Wok.

  29. Even though I don’t understand the trials I have been through; pray about how God can use those trials and help me to serve others. I always leave the serving up to others who will do things better than me ~ but, it doesn’t have to be difficult ~ I can do something simple and not get stressed out about it! :)

  30. Forgot to add that your sweet grandma was mentioned and in the audience. I have made your grandma’s spaghetti sauce and it’s delicious !!! Thank you :)

  31. Michelle R says:

    Your grandmother! I really enjoyed the webcast. Especially the part about ministering in small ways…doing what you can. Thank you.

  32. I shared on FB.

  33. Sonya Burgess says:

    I realized while watching this webcast that perfection is not part of the ministry. Sounds so simple but I often feel stressed trying to make things perfect before serving a meal to those I am ministering to. Thanks for the reminder. Your grandmother Ruth .

  34. You talked about your grandma Ruthie and her meals from the time you stayed with her during high school.
    Thank you for sharing and blessing us with what God has done in your life.

  35. oops, I shared and would love the hand mixer : )

  36. I had a little glimpse in your world, the prayer request & love necklace was the best, then the hand mixer, really all of it was truly a blessing, a blessing to be a blessing, no I did not share, too late to send out emails and they will not open them till tomorrow, and if I am a winner I know the answer to your question, and the answer is…………….. I will wait to tell, Thanks for everything.

  37. Your Grandma Ruth was in the audience!!

    • By watching the webcast I learned that I need to open my house more and have been inspired to start a bible study!

  38. Just watched your web cast and it was wonderful like all the rest, wanted to thank you for saying cutting back a little is okay. I had cut way back on having people over all the time because I was so burned out I needed time to spend at Jesus feet as you were saying. I was not spending enough time with Him. now I feel ready to get back into the groove I really do love having folks over and taking meals to some in need. God Bless

  39. Samantha Wadsworth says:

    Truly enjoyed your talk, felt encouraged to open my home more often (this is not easy for me) and to step out of my comfort zone to help others. Most of the time I feel like I’m barely holding my head above water, just taking care of my family. Grandma Ruth was in the audience, along with your Mom and Aunt which you said had all cooked for you. Thank you for being a blessing to others. I love that mixer!! Could really put it to good use!!

  40. Jane Smith says:

    Your Grandma Ruth. I enjoyed this webcast the most so far. The best part for me was realizing that when you GIVE, it doesn’t have to be something big. “Just a cup of coffee to the recess monitor” is a GREAT IDEA! I need to stop dwelling on my problems and start dwelling on what I CAN do for someone else….. I need to remember what makes me feel loved. Just a card in the mail, a phone call…… Thank you for what you do.

  41. Jane Smith says:

    I shared on FB, TWITTER and PINNED IT!

  42. Stephanie says:

    We lead a small group and another couples hosts, right now we are at a place where we need to do something different. We meet on Wednesday nights and with a 3rd and 1st grader and a 2 year old and one hour between getting home from school before we need to leave for our group meeting has us frazzled. Trying to eat and get homework done each week for 8 weeks is very stressful, not to mention on baths and to bed way past bedtime most Wed. nights.

    We love our group and love doing life together, but we know that our family comes first, especially when it is interfering with the kids, homework and bedtime.

    We have thought about trying to see if the group would like to move it to a weekend night, or maybe we might have to start a new group that would meet on Friday’s. We have talked about who could host. Our “excuse” as been our house is too small and not enough room for 6-8 couples along with their kids and get any kind of bible study accomplished.

    Tonight you have encouraged me in that if it is what God is laying on our hearts to do, it doesn’t matter if our house will hold everyone. We are coming together for a greater purpose and that is what matters!

    Thank you for your ministry!

  43. Stephanie says:

    Oh I forgot to say I shared your webcast on pinterest.

  44. I had to downsize due to employment changes and finances. I live in a very small one bedroom cottage style apartment. I had to get rid of nearly everything I owed. Kept just the basics. The place was so small I cried in disbelief that this is where I was living. The small little stove/oven with one rack. I love to cook and only have one little oven. The horror! I complained about everything. A sister from my congregation listened to me and in her wisdom as an older woman said “well, what more do you need?” Then it clicked. I wasn’t living under the bridge with the pigeons, I didn’t have to pitch a tent in the woods. I had a home albeit a small space it was still home, it was a decent affordable roof over my head. Like Janell mentioned from the scriptures that our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus didn’t even have a place to lay his head. Now just now I’m taking pride in my home. It is what GOD has provided for me and I’m OK. I’ve had a few people over to watch some wholesome theocratic DVD and enjoyed each others company. That is what is important. One of the brothers from the congregation bought over Popeyes chicken, I heard Country say KFC she bought over, lol No I may not have the elaborate soiree that bought me glory and attention as a great hostess. Humble basic non threatening wholesome association that is what counts. I needed to hear this thank you all.

    Great giveaway posted to Pintrest http://www.pinterest.com/pin/421157002624836875/

  45. takeya duncan says:

    Your grandmother ruth is who you spoke about and she spk how she open up your home. I love the message today, I love cooking and i have had time in my life when i have allowed the enemy to take my passion of cooking and loving other thur cooking away and i have to push thur it and know that it is how i show love my cooking and learn new and better ways of cooking to heal and comfort other, Thnk you again for the message and for the wonderful blog that you have i love it .

  46. Angelique Jones says:

    First off great job. I shared. And of course it was your Grandma Ruth. Being a new Christian I hope that I can open my home up for Bible Study some day.

  47. I shared on Facebook

  48. laura ritsche says:

    I thought the webcast was amazing and I really enjoy ministering to people through giving them food or even just a card.
    I would love the hand mixer, because I love making thing and it would be nice to mix it with a mixer rather than a fork and my hand :)

    God Bless,

  49. I loved hearing how you would bring your first plate of food to the man with ms. What a blessing you must have been to him! I am feeling encouraged to find a way to minister to others. What you said about how people don’t want to be left alone when there going through trials, and they need to know that someone cares, and to show them the live of Jesus really hit me. I would like to be able to bring that joy to others. Also what you said about not just praying for someone, but asking the Lord what is it that I can do to help this person. I really enjoyed this, thank you! And I would love to have the hand held mixer!

  50. I was so blessed by your humbleness, gentleness and the WORD!! In our “Martha Stewart” world, I never considered that by going big with parties I may be intimidating others-what a sobering thought!! As always, Jesus is our example!! Oh and go Grandma Ruth :) My Momma’s name is Ruth..meaning “beloved friend”…thank you for the blessing of your message!

    • oops :) I forgot to share..the handheld mixer would be a huge blessing as mine just had the motor burn up this week!! thanks!!

  51. Janelle, oh my goodness. I just ate up your words! (No pun intended;)

    I have been there–feeling like my house, my cooking…or even I…wasn’t good enough to have guests over. But the Lord so sweetly changed my mindset in this area last year. I do my best to clean, cook & get plans in order before my guests come, then I stop the hustle & bustle…so that I can ENJOY their presence & fully “be there” mentally & emotionally. I have learned that I can have a fantastic night in spite of having puppy kissed glass doors & a few dishes in the sink! Yay! Ha!!

  52. Your sweet Grandmother, sounds like she really blessed you in hard time in your life. I really enjoyed this as serving food is my ministry. It’s been a passion for years and I am so blessed that I get to do this at my church. I do however have hang ups about opening my home and this week really gave me hope! Maybe I can get the courage now to do it. Thank you!

  53. I shared on Facebook :)

  54. Christine M says:

    What stood out to me was that I don’t have to have it all and do it all to be a blessing. I can bless someone with a cup of coffee on a cold day or a single plate of food. Small and thoughtful gifts can be a huge blessing.

    Thank you for sharing with us!

    Oh, my favorite is probably the wok. thanks!

  55. Christine M says:

    I shared on fb. :)

  56. I enjoyed learning about new ways to minister to those around me with food or kindness. Your grandmother Ruth is the family member in the audience. Thanks most of all for sharing your heart with genuine feeling and meaning. It touched me that you really minister with something as simple as food. I am new to your site and blog but am excited to use this site as a resource. I shared about the webcast on FB and will be sharing some of your recipes soon. Keep shining your light and keep it real by keeping close to Jesus.

  57. I forgot to say that if given a choice the wok or mixer would be a blessing to me and my seven daughters. Most of us have curly hair so curlers would be overkill. Thanks again for time and effort you ladies are putting into serving others through these webcasts.

  58. Your Grandma Ruth was in the audience.

    I loved how Angela talked of not being a ministry project. Oh, if we could all have that same mentality and just love people just because! We don’t need to try to save the day or pad our ego. We just need to love. And nobody needs to feel like a project – they just need to feel the love of Christ through us.

    I also enjoyed hearing about how you took your first plate of food to the man who ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches even though your husband had just lost his job. What a blessing!

    I shared the webcast link on Facebook. Can’t decide which prize I’d enjoy the most. They each have their advantages. :)

  59. Your Grandma (and mom and aunt all around the table). “Minister your family first” I have to pull back for awhile; pulling back to listen and be. I love these webcasts and have shared! God Bless!

  60. You encouraged me that all the small things I do can have huge impact!!! Love God, love others!!!

    Grandma Ruth got the applause!

  61. Helen LaRue says:

    I was so encouraged with everything you said! Mainly that you don’t have to give a lot. Just do what you can and you will find joy in it and be blessed and be a blessing to someone else. I have a story of how someone blessed me with food and I have never met them nor do I know their names, but when my daughter was in the hospital with a brain tumor, A grandmother from Texas (I live in Nebraska) brought a Texas thanksgiving meal (this was during the holidays) for a family member of theirs that was also at Omaha’s Children’s Hospital and that family shared their food with my family. I tasted homemade mayo for the first time-and I loved it!! I will never forget it and I was SO BLESSED…this was 9 years ago and I still tear up over it. God is so good!

  62. Helen LaRue says:

    Oh I forgot, I’d love the hot rollers!

  63. I just love your heart! Thank you for sharing all that you did tonight! It is hard to pick what stands out most. All of my life I have watched my parents open their hearts and home to others in need (whether a physical, spiritual, emotional or a combination!). It made a huge impact on me and I’m so thankful for that legacy to be continued in my own family.

    Your closing comments after the couch session resounded with me. I’m an army wife and mom of 3 under 6 (all girls). I struggle off an on with getting enough sleep to experience the joy in serving (or even getting a meal on our table!) I love your example of giving the first plate…that is so doable! We have some elderly neighbors that would greatly appreciate the gesture as well.

    Of the three items, I’m between the mixer and the rollers!

  64. In tonight’s webcast near the beginning you had said something that really caught my attention. You mentioned how you cook for people and then talk them into going to church with you, what I loved was when you said, “If the Lord is going to make me a fisher of men, I might as well have some bait, right?” :)

    As a newly appointed stay-at-home mom and homemaker you sometimes wish you can minister BIGGER and BETTER, but what an awesome picture it paints to see hospitality at it’s best when we let God use our “plan” gifts of cooking and cleaning, as “ordinary” moms, to provide the heart in a home where His gospel of Jesus is shared over a warm plate of food in a comfy kitchen to unexpected guests! We’ll provide the bait, He’ll guide the conversation. “Yea, come on in! I just put the soup on and we can chat!” :)

    Reminds me of Rhonda Vincent’s song, Fishers of Men


  65. Your Grandma Ruth was and is your inspiration! She was sitting at the back table with your Mom, M-I-L and Aunt! You had lots of family support!! Your webcast was great! I really enjoyed it, Thank you!

  66. Mary Tullila says:

    Answer is Grandma Ruth. I also shared this post in Facebook. Great party and podcast tonight!

  67. I enjoyed the webcast. I like what you said about it’s no so much what we do but rather Who we do it for. I could tell you have a beautiful servant’s heart. Your joy of serving is contagious :)!

    For prizes, I’d love to win either #1 (mixer) or #2 (wok). Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Cheryl Rogers says:

    Your wonderful grandmother was in the audience, thank you for the free webcast, it was a blessing, I really enjoyed your start small recommendation. I need to be able to do that!

  69. I was so encouraged to open my home up to more people. Thank you for reminding me that we can serve in small ways and don’t always have to put on a big show to share God’s love with others. Your sweet grandmother was the relative who received applause for planting a seed in you with her spaghetti sauce.

    I shared on Facebook and I would love to win the hot rollers.


  70. I need to remember that my house doesn’t need to be perfect before inviting others in to share our lives. Grandma Ruth!

  71. Your Grandma Ruth. Love your webcasts!!!

  72. What a blessing to hear you speak this morning. I also struggle with the anxious thoughts of worrying about the appearance of my home and food. Loved everything you shared, your such a sweet and joyful lady :) Love your Grandma Ruth’s spaghetti sauce recipe…its now our favorite sauce to make!!!

  73. Melissa Ward says:

    Thanks so much for your encouragement! I learned that I don’t need to fret about a providing a big meal, but even little things like muffins and a hug are appreciated by those in need. And also my house doesn’t need to be perfect to have people in!

    I would love the hand mixer.

    P.S. It was your Grandma Ruth in the audience that got the round of applause.

  74. Jennifer T says:

    Thanks for your talk last night, it was a very needed reminder that serving should be a joy. so often I try to do far too much for others and as a newly single mom, I need to be more focused on ministering to my children than others. Thank you for the validation that that is a good thing (and that my house doesn’t need to be perfect!). My handmixer died months ago and a new one is not in the budget, so I would love to win that!

  75. Krystal Strahm says:

    Loved this webcast! You really hit home with your stories. God died for me, why am I worried about the little things and what people think. What people think really hit me hard sometimes and I forget that God still loves me no matter what my house looks like, my kids, or whatever. He just wants us to reach out and serve. Thank you so much for what you do. I love how each woman is so open about their life and makes me feel so much better and like it’s okay for things not to go the way we want.

  76. Liz Miller says:

    You mentioned your dear grandma who was there…and how you loved her spagetti and her serving you with foods. I really enjoyed this podcast and feltthe Lord used you to speak to my heart. I used to serve people more often through food ministry and somehow, I think through fear, have stopped doing this. In our Martha Stewart/Pinterest world we live in has made me fear my home is not good enough, or my meals fancy enough, on classy dishes and such. I have people in my life I should be serving….yes…even as you directly said in your talk…a neighbor, alone, who just lost her husband. When you said that…I got goosebumps. Like…ok Lord…I hear you!!! Wow!!! Thank you for letting our Lord work in your life and for using your talents for His glory!! I better gonow and plan a meal for my neighbour.

  77. I took away that really God just wants us to serve. Things don’t have to be perfect. So often I don’t do things because I am afraid of what people will think of my home or that I don’t cook good enough. Really if I am serving others that’s all that matters in God’s eyes. Thank you for such a great message. The relative was your Grandma. I would love any but if I had to choose I would say the Rollers. I have 2 daughters 1 has super straight hair and the other has really wavy hair. Of course they want the others hair. I have a straighten to do my one daughters hair and would love to be able to give the other curly hair.

  78. AD Lister says:

    Your Grandmother

  79. laura ritsche says:

    Is have to say that the influence in your life would have to be your mother for always having a nice warm meal ready for you, it seemed as if that meant the most to you that she did that for you :)
    I already posted but thought is write this also, you did a great job the Lord has blessed you with an amazing ministry gift!


  80. Jenna Morris says:

    Dear Janelle,
    I am not sure what to say? I am going to be honest, at first I wasn’t planning to watch your video on Women Living Well. However let me preface with this: it wasn’t because I didn’t think what you had to say was not important! I naïvely, thought it wasn’t for ME! The title ‘YOUR MINISTRY” was for others, not me! Then I saw that the hair rollers were a giveaway… “Well this is worth watching for those!” I have actually grown my hair just because I watched your video!!!! It is FINALLY shoulder length and I have yet to buy any hair rollers because it seems like someone in the family needed something else!!! (We all as mothers do this don’t we???)
    So getting back to the video, I watched it and it was like God was speaking directly to my heart! Everything that was addressed was something I needed to hear! I remember coming home to a good meal cooking, and it brought tears to my eyes how that still means so much to me now! It meant I had a soft place to land when life at school was tough! I have always wanted a ministry to serve God too, however, I thought: small home, small kids, homeschooling, small budget, were all things that let me off the hook! Hmmm, not true! This video was JUST THE ONE I NEEDED TO WATCH!!! Ha, and it was the lure of free curlers!!! How Funny God is, and good! I’m not sure who will win the rollers, but I do know that my home is not mine, and my excuses are not enough to tell God no. So I leave this LOOOOONG comment to let you know how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news, or in your case good food and hospitality with good news! Thanks for all you guys do! I hope to hear from you, Janelle, but if not….it was worth it. (I know God will give me my rollers in his time, LOL)

  81. Your grandma Ruth :)

    This podcast hit home for me this week. I’ve been studying through Matthew 6 & 7 and giving has been on my heart a great deal. I have a kind of similar story to you Janelle, in that when I was 17 my little brother passed away, and I remember the many, many blessings that my family received from having meals provided to us. I was a new believer at the time and I remember just feeling the Lord’s love so much in that time and seeing how many different people reached out to my family, specifically with meals, was just another way of God revealing His love to me. I think my experience from that time in life is what makes me enjoying blessing people with meals so much. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I don’t have the financial means to do so, but through studying Matthew & then hearing you say how sometimes it’s as simple as bringing someone a cup of coffee, it has encouraged me a great deal and reminded me that giving can be done in the smallest ways. Thank you for sharing your heart! It was a wonderful podcast and I was very blessed & encouraged by it. Ooh and I would love the curlers– I just lost my curling iron at an out of state wedding lol

  82. I shared on FB also :)

  83. Shared on facebook

  84. Cynthia Quiroga says:

    The explanation of Mary and Martha was so clearly explained. I finally “get” it. All of those things that “had” to be done for everything to be “just right” didn’t actually “have” to get done. What a huge blessing that is to finally understand that!! Thank you!!

    The wok would be great!

    Blessings to you!

  85. Lisa Muck says:

    Thank you for speaking last night. I too love providing meals to others. I have my own company called A Princess Tea, which is quickly becoming a ministry to younger girls. It’s still a work in progress! Grandma Ruth got the applause.

  86. Your Grandma Ruth! -and I’m hoping to win the Hair Curlers! I’ve always wondered when I see women with their hair like that and wondered how to get those beautiful curls. I just figured they took a ton of time curling their hair in the morning and knew there was no way I could spend that amount of time on my hair. You gave me hope to be able to beautify my locks!

  87. Alicia Clinton says:

    Not sure if you’re still taking comments for entry but your sweet grandma Ruth was there, my Granny’s name was Ruth, we need more sweet grandma’s like that.

  88. Alicia Clinton says:

    Shared the link to the youtube/webcast on my FB – https://www.facebook.com/Liciactx. Thanks again.

  89. Really enjoyed the FB party before the webcast as well as the conference! The statement that you made reminding us that our homes (and cooking!) don’t have to be perfect in order to serve others with hospitality was a wonderful reminder for me. Keep up the great ministry!

  90. Melissa W says:

    I learned that I don’t need to provide a big fancy meal, it’s all about our ministry to people! Even something as simple as muffins and a hug will brighten someone’s day! Yesterday I took 4 coffees to my kids public school office staff…so simple, but by their response, you would have thought I brought them much more!

    I shared this on facebook!

  91. Jess peck says:

    Your grandma Ruth! What I took away was just a strong desire to serve. I’ve not really sure what God wants me to be doing right now but I’m praying about it. I love helping others and I am hoping an opportunity for me to serve and help will become clear soon! I think the wok would be the best thing out of the choices for my home!

  92. This was the first part of the webcast I was able to actually watch! And I’m thankful that I did! I’m just started up a meal ministry in our small church – and I really loved the scripture that you shared during your talk. Thanks for the blessing! I think all 3 of the gifts are awesome! I’d probably benefit the most from the hand held mixer – mine has been on the fritz for a while now and I haven’t been able to replace it… We don’t have a wok either, and some of my recipes are a bit more difficult to just make in a skillet. =) Thanks again! -Joy

  93. I shared on Pinterest! Thanks again for sharing your story – you brought tears to my eyes when you shared your personal story on how meals ministered in your time of need.

  94. Not sure how this works, but…
    What I learned: with my very tight budget, reach out anyway. Because our budget for groceries is so small ($200-250/month for a family of 5), I haven’t always reached out like I probably should have. You have encouraged me to try regardless of our situation. I am unable to have more than one family over at a time, because of the strange configuration of my little house. I will not be letting that stop me any longer, either. I was also encouraged by the forum talking about ways that reaching out is possible. I cried through the story of the woman who took in the college student. I desire to have a Titus 2 mentor, but in our church, there is no one who I respect enough to have as a mentor. (Though they are well meaning people, they are very judgmental and condescending and I do not feel comfortable having someone like that in my home “helping” me. I did have a wonderful woman I trusted, but because of her husbands health they had to move.) Anyway, I loved this webcast and the encouragement it gave me to reach out beyond myself and my hurt.
    In reference to the applause, I assume the answer you want is your Grandma Ruth .
    I will be sharing on Twitter as soon as I post this and will link the URL when I do.

  95. Michelle Bibichev says:

    I enjoyed the webcast and shared it with my facebook friends. Your Grandma was the one in the audience who received the applause. If I could have one of the prizes I would want the mixer, because the one I have broke while making my daughter’s birthday cake. Thankfully it broke after I mixed the cake, and I only had to mix the frosting by hand. We had just moved into our home and invited our new neighbors to share the cake and celebrate with us, so I’m happy it worked out. I was about to buy a new mixer in dollar general, but thought I would wait to get a better quality one that would last. Then I saw one in Target, but also thought I should wait to find a more affordable one. What I gained by watching is the realization that it’s actually selfish for me to be more concerned about my home and the food I prepare for people than I am about actually opening up my home and myself to people. Trying to make everything perfect is actually for me and not for the people I am inviting into my home as at times it can prevent me from reaching out and being a blessing to them. This will help me to overcome those thoughts of not being prepared enough to share, which tend to hold me back. Your comment that if I’m good enough to die for I am good enough to be the hands and feet of Jesus really touched me as well as the comment that Jesus was walking hospitality. I always try to put others first, but I can see how I can easily fall short by the wrong thinking that I am in a season of life where I can’t do more, but there will never be a right season to start giving of myself and now is the time regardless of pregnancy, raising children, being a student, etc. Thank you all for overcoming and sharing your experience so others like me can grow in Christ. I’m looking forward to living out the example I want my children to follow and I know it will bless my children, husband, and others as well as me.

  96. I don’t know how to cook very well but I learned from the webcast that even the smallest gesture can be a blessing.
    I love the hand mixer!

  97. Michelle Bibichev says:

    I also shared on Facebook.

  98. I really enjoyed this session. God has been speaking to me about opening my home to an expectant mama. Thank you for challenging me and confirming what God has asked me to do now.

  99. Michelle T. says:

    I thought I posted on here already but couldn’t seem to find it. So here goes again. I don’t know if I can recapture the words that I had in my heart after watching with 2 of my daughters (ages 15 and 17) but here goes. I feel I really connected to what was being said on the webcast that I watched today. I enjoyed watching the interaction with the crowd of Ladies and what was said about your relative (Grandma Ruth) in the crowd was almost to the point of how I felt towards my Grandma. She’s passed on but her recipes live on. She was a great inspiration to me. I enjoy cooking and with our family (of 9) I usually have big meals. Most of the time I usually share a plate or some leftovers or some dessert with either a person in the church or our Pastor and his wife. I never felt that this was a ministry it was something I enjoyed. I felt for Angela as she poured her heart out. I know how she feels I’ve been there. Thanks for sharing the hair tutorial. I so thoroughly enjoyed it. God Bless :)

  100. I shared on facebook. I would love to win #1 or #2. Thanks

  101. Angela Hamrick-Smith says:

    Janelle – I really enjoyed your heart felt message last night. At age 9, after years of bouncing around in foster homes, I was finally adopted by the most loving, caring and giving family who introduced me to The Lord. I never felt as anyone cared much for me, until they opened their home, lives and hearts to myself and my sister. at age 17, I lost my father and at age 38, I lost my mom. Both times, I felt so lost, because I finally had someone who cared for me and they were taken away too soon from my life. I needed them! I am now 41, so the pain of losing my mom is still with me. I find comfort in My Savior, Jesus Christ every day. He always provides. I love to serve others! I serve my Lord, my husband and my children. I serve my church family when in need. I take time to leave sweet, “have a great day” notes for my friends or take them to lunch. I really enjoy paying it forward when in the drive thru line of a restaurant. I make sure to teach my children not to judge others because you never know what they are going through that you cannot see. They need encouragement and love, just like we do. Being the only person who talks to them, or smiles at them and just listens, can mean so much. I tend to forget these things myself. Watching your webcast last night, made me realize that it really does not take much to brighten someones day. I do not invite many people to my home, because I never feel as if it is big enough, clean enough, or will provide what they need. However, you have opened my eyes up to overlook my stressors and just do it! Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the death of one of my fellow employee’s father. He went to lunch extra long, just to go by his mom’s house to take her lunch because naturally she was feeling blue. Last night, when you shared you taking the first plate to your friend in the wheelchair, I was called to do the same. I need to and want to minister to others in those special ways..on days it is not expected. I felt an overwhelming feeling of love in my heart when listening to you share. I do not and cannot ever give to the Lord, the things He has given me, but I sure am going to try! I thank God for putting you in my life. Thank you, for YOU and your blessings.

    Tell Grandma Ruth, I LOVE her spaghetti sauce! She more than deserved her applause last night!

    As for the gifts you are giving away, I pray you choose someone who needs them. I can’t say I need anything, because I am so blessed already. If I win anything, you choose what to send me and will give it to someone I feel needs it

    Walking with Him,
    Angela Hamrick-Smith

  102. Jeanne Slatkay says:

    Your Grandma Ruth got some applause :)
    Thank you for your message to us!

  103. Kristen Blaschke says:

    Your grandma Ruth!

    Your keynote was very inspirational for me. I’m newly engaged, and even though we are both older (in our 40s), I’m finding myself feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the wedding plans. And, how those wedding plans are bringing all kinds of new family members into my life and into my home. You have inspired me to serve these new relatives in a way that glorifies God! Thank you for your words!

    I would love the hot rollers. My set is over 20 years old & time for an upgrade :).

  104. Tracey M. says:

    This particular webcast touched a special place in my heart. I couldn’t stop crying. Angela’s story is VERY similar to my own except unfortunately my family doesn’t have a close relationship with each other. I dated a boy in Texas my junior year after I moved away from my family (New York). It was a long, tough year for me because I felt so alone. I hardly ever saw my close friends and family in NY. I lived with my grandparents (stepfather’s parents). We broke up and I moved back to New York , but not because we broke up. It was time for me to go. I had problems with my parents as soon as I moved back so I moved out which is another LONG story. I graduated from high school and a beautiful woman named Lynn opened her home to me, cared for me, and loved me. Lynn was my ex-boyfriend’s mom from Texas. Her husband and younger son drove from Texas to New York to pick me up the day after I graduated. They made me an offer for college I couldn’t refuse. At first, they asked if they could pay for my college expenses. But, I felt bad. They ended up selling me stock for a small fee ($1) and I paid for part of college with the money earned from that. They financially assisted me and I worked while going to college until I was able to finally get financial aid. Lynn basically adopted me and called me her daughter for years. I had a second family and the best thing about it was that they were Christian. Lynn helped me develop a relationship with God even if she thought I wasn’t listening. I was. She took me to church, guided my actions, and was my “mother” for many, many years. We had a very special bond. To make it easier for others to understand the situation I often call her my GODmother, because He was watching over me and knew exactly what I needed in my life. He answered a prayer that I cried out many times. She taught me about the person – the mother I wanted to be when I grew up. Her morals spoke clearly to me and lead me in the right direction.

    What I gained from the webcast? Well, there was a lot of talk about food so I think I might have gained a little weight. Just kidding. On a serious note, I have been racking my brain trying to figure what I could do for my GODmother who was recently released from the hospital after a serious accident. She is always so giving and doing “something” unselfish for others no matter how many things are on her plate or to-do-list. I LOVE to cook and can’t believe I didn’t realize that I could make her family a meal. WAKE UP CALL! She is the main cook for them and at this point she can’t move around a lot due to a concussion and severe headaches. I have a lot to do this week but you all reminded me how important it is to comfort others and to put others first especially with regards to FAMILY. The other stuff can wait. I need to help her during this scary situation. I am that person that needs a heads up before anyone visits the house. I worry way to much about what the house looks like and my self esteem is so low that I can’t be seen by anyone without make-up (silly I know). I struggle with this and need to be more hospitable opening my home to others more often without the anxiety. I have a feeling it will take some time for me to 100% understand this, but I need to remind myself how much God loves me and that I need to serve Him.

    On to another topic . . . I would love to win the rollers to use with my daughter! I am always looking for ways to spend time with my daughter. She has long straight hair and always asks me to try new hair styles. I am not very good at this – LOL. I think it would be a fun mother-daughter activity to do with her one day if we won the rollers. The relative mentioned in the webcast with applause was Grandma Ruth and her wonderful spaghetti. Thank you for the chance to win and for reading part of my story. I felt like I had so much in common with Angela after hearing her story.

  105. Tracey M. says:

    I shared the webcast on Facebook (Tracey Douglas Masters) and on Pinterest.

  106. I was so touched by your talk at the webcast. You are so sweet and sincere. Having a ministry like yours is what I strive to have yet I really have to submit to the Lord and let Him work on all my insecurities about my house,etc. I love how you shared about your grandma. I love how Angela shared about the family who took her in for several years. Last night’s webcast truly touched me. I hope you can have it permanently at your website so I can view it again and again esp. when doubts and insecurities come in. Thank you! Thank you for allowing the Lord to speak through you.

  107. What a blessing this video was to me. I have been blessed to receive meals through health struggles, and have been able to share cookies, meals, and our home through college discipleship with girls one on one, and more…. what impacted me most from this video was that these seemingly small things are very impacting, important and can be used of God in powerful ways to minister to others.

    “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

    I would be grateful for any of the gifts you are giving away, but really the encouragement from the Word you gave is a blessing enough. So cool that you could have your family mentors there with you as this video was shot, your Mom, Grandma Ruth, mother-in-law and more.

  108. Love this webcast .. cried with those lovely ladies. Thank you Janelle for sharing and how very honest and transparent you are. I have to say I made so many excuses about “not having a nice home” etc but it’s the heart of serving and hospitality that Jesus is wanting – not how neat or nice my house is. Love that your grandma Ruth, your mom and your mother in law and your aunt were there to support you. Thank you again for sharing the truth again.

  109. Heather Worrell says:

    Janelle, I liked when you said, ” It isn’t what we do- but Who we do it for.”
    Amen! I would be happy with any of the items you are giving away. Also, liked your hair video- lol!

  110. I was so encouraged to look for the little moments to serve. Thank you for putting the time into sharing how we can be such a blessing without being perfect.

  111. Amy McClure says:

    I learned I can do something small, and thoughtful.

  112. Amy McClure says:

    I would like the curlers :)

  113. You encouraged me to invite others into our home without being so worried about everything being perfect.

  114. I think what I gained the most is that you can still be a blessing to others even when you think you can’t. Sometimes, it’s even more special when you give out of your need. It was such a blessing to hear that you started when your husband had lost his job. That’s amazing. God bless!

    P.S. I shared the link!

  115. I love the honesty and truth you all bring to life and motherhood through the Lord. It is amazing what you are doing and my soul craves more. I must find a Church-here-where we are now soon!

    The idea of perfect is so consuming and troubling for us but it really does take away from what the Lord wants us to do.

  116. Katie Santos says:

    The webcast spoke to me and encouraged me to persevere. Right now I have a two year old and a five month old and just getting a meal on the table is a challenge but God is good and He will give me the strength and also provide the means… I realize that one plate a food can make a big difference in someone’s life. I want to serve those around me and I really love cooking so this is definitely something I can do. Thanks for the encouragement! I would really love the wok. I had one growing up and it cooks meats and veggies so well, it’d be fun to have one… A book would also be great as I absolutely love reading.

  117. Katie Santos says:

    I shared!

  118. I was truly blessed and encouraged by the webcast. You truly spoke to my heart about the true reason that we serve others. Thank you! And I had tears in my eyes during the Grandma Ruth story!

    I love all the prizes – especially the wok.

  119. I loved your encouragement to serve in whatever small ways we can, not to wait till our lives are perfect or we can do the “big things.” Hospitality is a way of life, not a specific action.
    I’d love the mixer if I win :)

  120. Thank-you for your words of encouragement! I especially related to reaching out to those who are hurting. I love to cook for others, too, so the handheld mixer works best, I think.

  121. Tiffany Brown says:

    I really enjoyed so much because you made serving easier for this mom . I love the first plate idea. Thank you for sharing your heart :) God’s light shone through you . I would love the mixer or the curls :)

  122. Ashley Webber says:

    I loved hearing you speak Janelle. Thank you for sharing how Jesus ministered to others through food and also that we shouldn’t stress out about it like Martha did. :)

  123. Jennifer Lovelace says:

    I really enjoyed this week’s webcast! Thank you so much for offering this to us online! I realized through what you shared that God’s cares about the little things that we do for others and that it’s all ministry when we do it in His name!! I would love the mixer (because mine died :(( ) or the curlers! :)

  124. Jennifer Smith says:

    Your Grandma Ruth
    I gained the understanding that God will continue to give us what we need. How easy it is to care for others in such small ways. When someone is hurting as you said they don’t want “space” but want encouragement and to feel loved! God can make us a blessing to someone but He also blesses us when we do His work!

  125. Rebecca W says:

    Wow what a challenge to serve! I’ve been blessed!
    It was Grandma Ruth !
    I’d love to win the wok or Courtney’s new book.
    Thank you!

  126. “If you look around it doesn’t take long to see someone worse off than you” So true. I’d love the rollers or wok.

  127. Love your site! It’s been an inspiration for years. I loved the story about you helping the man in the wheelchair. I wish we were all strong enough to do the tasks God nudges us to do, even when they are scary!

  128. Ellen Cole says:

    I’m discovering that my ministry is also hospitality and providing food to those who need it. I really enjoyed hearing you speak. You’re helping to channel the gifts we have in common in a way that honors our Lord. THANK YOU!!

    Love many of your givewawy items, but I have a Kitchenaid hand mixer on my Christmas list! So cool that I can say that to someone who understands!! My girlfriends look at me with the “I don’t get it?” look when I say things like that!! lol The mixer my mom gave me when I got married 21 years ago (I got my gift of hospitality from her) has one beater that won’t lock in!

    Thanks again!

  129. Ellen Cole says:

    p.s. So glad your Grandma Ruth was there to witness you telling women how her cooking helped you through such a difficult time in your life when you were 17! We often wait so long to tell people how much they mean to us that we miss the chance! Good for you!!

  130. I just love your whole concept of ‘comfy in the kitchen’. I think just the title alone kinda lured me into exploring it further, including cooking itself. I am stranger to the kitchen, that’s for sure, but I like how you try make it sound easier than I think the whole task is. So I try to use some easy recipes to make stuff for others (those who know me also know then I had to make an extra step of putting a thought into it since I am not a kitchen fanatic, but I try to use this kind of ‘servining others’ to improve my cooking skills too from time to time). So I’d love to win any of the kitchen appliances or the beautiful necklace.

  131. Your Grandma Ruth was in the audience. :) I wish the camera would’ve panned out so we could’ve seen her. So sweet. You did an amazing job and the one thing I took away was it doesn’t take much to be hospitable. You don’t have to have a perfectly cleaned house, with perfect tasting food, with perfectly mannered children, you just need to be obedient. I loved the story you shared about taking the first plate of each meal to the man… Just be intentional!!! And, I know it begins with us as moms and wives beginnning by being intentional with our families. Just start with hot meals on the table.

    Thank you!!!

  132. Grandma Ruth. I would love the hand mixer. I love how you started hour ministry with fixing a plate. We want to start big and fears and doubts hold us back. I love the idea of just a plate and then see what God does. Thanks for being so encouraging. All of you lets us know we can be His hands extended.

  133. Love your site! :). What really resonated with me is letting go of thinking it has to be perfect and just showing love through a ministry of food/meals/hospitality. Thank you!

  134. Angie Larison says:

    I just found your site through women living well. I am excited to explore it.

  135. Grandma Ruth!

  136. Brianne Hayes says:

    I had been throwing an idea around in my head for the past week about making gift baskets for certain people in my life who could use a little Jesus. :) I almost missed the webcast but caught it just in time. After it was over, I got right up and started baking and putting together my first basket. I delivered it today. Your words helped me see that there was nothing holding me back and that doing things for others out of love is never wrong. Thank you so much.
    I bought my hand mixer at a garage sale a few years ago. Embarrassingly, it must have touched something very hot while the previous owner was using it because the handle is partially melted. lol. It still works! But, if I won a new one, I wouldn’t feel bad about it.

  137. Kristin Musacchio says:

    Oh the Kitchen Aid mixer would be such a blessing! I’m an avid baker and my mixer bit the dust this week!! How will I bake all of my hubby’s favorite goodies for Thanksgiving without one?! Also, I loved the webcast this week, all of you women have been such a blessing in my life!

  138. katie heine says:

    I never thought about a food ministry, i know that tons of people could benefit from meals when they are in some type of need. I would have loved to have had something like that after I had my baby girl in April, or when times are rough while my husband is deployed.

    I’d love the hand mixer, hubby bought me one a couple of years ago, but the beaters got messed up by mistake and I’ve not been able to use it. Doing things by hand with carpel tunel can be a pain lol.

  139. I would LOVE to win any of these…especially the handmixer and rollers :) Thank you so much!

  140. I would love to win the mixer for my mom. She’s a great cook that has taught me many kitchen skills that I use to bless my family.

  141. You reiterated to me the importance of spontaneously surprising people with food! I love to cook so I just needed the reminder! Thank You!! Any of the favorite things could easily become one of my favorite things if I won. LOL

  142. Ashley Webber says:

    I thought I had already entered but couldn’t see my comment. I loved your talk on how Jesus ministered to others versus how Martha ministered to others. I find myself being more of a Martha at times. I want to be more like Jesus.

    Your grandmother Ruth was who got the applause.

    I would love the wok or the mixer.

  143. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    Grandma Ruth was there who taught you the spaghetti sauce recipe! I don’t have long hair so no rollers for me..lol
    That necklace is beautiful ;)

  144. Kayla Russell says:

    I’ve always thought you were so down to earth and realistic but after watching the webcast I’m even more sure. You have such a servants heart and it’s easy to see with the way you serve with your food as well as your friendships.

    The mixer would come in handy in my kitchen or I could curl my hair with the curlers :)



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