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It was the first snowfall of the season today in Northeastern Ohio and my, oh my, was it ever a joyous occasion. My children came downstairs in a typical manner, looked outside, looked at each other in amazement and quickly ran upstairs to find their snowsuits, boots, hats and gloves. All of that garb may have been a little bit of an overkill for today, but there was no sense in raining on their parades. Precious. Just precious.

 Photo: Can't keep her away from the snow... She's soooo happy today!!! :)

Photo: Sooo excited about the snow lol

As I walked them into school, their physical education teacher was directing traffic. He looked as if he was freeeeezing- I told him I appreciated him being out in such cold weather! He said with a huge smile, “This is the day I’ve been waiting for! It’s snowing!” What a neat guy and what a great perspective. Then, as we walked into the school building, Christmas music was playing and there was cheer and happy faces all throughout the hallways. 

I said good-bye to my 2 big kids and walked my youngest to preschool. Her student teacher, who is a foreign exchange student from China, came running through the hallway towards the room we were standing in front of…she was laughing, crying, and hugging people along the way….. because she got to see snow for the first time. Ohhhh, that made my day! 

All of this made a very cold day….very warm. To think, I didn’t even want to get up this morning! lol. Brrr!

It’s that time again. 

I’m not one to enjoy decorating for Christmas and I’m not one to even enjoy shopping …for some reason it makes me anxious. I love giving, I just don’t like buying anything unnecessary. I’m an experience gal…I love to do things, make memories, bake, spend time with people, help those who truly need it, go places…make traditions. Is anyone with me on this? Sometimes I feel alone! lol. 

So, anyways….I am preparing a little before-hand to consciously take time to make memories with my children this Christmas season. One thing I’m going to do is read and apply this sweet book “Seeking Christmas” By: Renee Robinson. It’s a seven day resource for parents who want to be intentional about creating lasting memories with their families.

Each day asks you to :

  • Remember a special memory from your childhood  
  • Read a portion of the Christmas story from the Bible
  • Reflect on the meaning of scripture
  • Rejoice with family while praising God
  • Research the roots of the classic holiday tradition

Renee also offers FREE ornament ideas and downloads on her website



*****I  have GREAT NEWS! Renee has so graciously agreed to GIVEAWAY 3 copies of her book Seeking Christmas! Just comment below and let me know what some of YOUR favorite Christmas traditions are! Share on FB and Twitter to get entered twice! ******* 



  1. My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around looking at the lights on Christmas Eve. We make up some hot chocolate and put it in insulated travel cups and crank up the Christmas music and heat in the car. After we get home, my kids open one gift, always jammies to wear that night, and then we curl up on the sofa to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. My kids may be 19 and 13 now, but they still enjoy doing this.

  2. I always liked the church service and we would do candle lighting on Christmas Eve.

    Now, I spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws and Christmas Day with my dad’s side of the family.

  3. Holiday baking is one of our top traditions. For Christmas Eve we make a French Canadian meat pie called Tourtiere – meat seasoned with fragrant spices and piled into flaky pie pastry. We are at least the 3rd generation making this treat and I always feel so connected with our ancestors as we create this and a number of other holiday foods. It’s just one way to make this holy time of year like no other. Now I’m hungry :)

  4. We love to drive around and look at Christmas lights! The kids get to wear their pajamas in the car, we have hot cocoa, listen to Christmas music, and really enjoy the time together. This book sounds wonderful; thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Melissa Yoak says:

    We started a new tradition in which we make the cutest little gingerbread houses with our closest family friends;). Also, we put Christmas lights on the inside of our van the day of Christmas Eve so that night we drive around in a festive van:)

  6. I love new Christmas pajamas on Christmas eve, the English crackers enjoyed for Christmas dinner with party hats/toys etc, watching Christmas movies, my kids would say monkey bread on Christmas morning with Orange Julius…..can you get anymore sugar in on meal? New ornaments given on Christmas eve. Everyone gets to open 2 presents… pajamas and one a christmas ornament. Christmas Eve church service, lighting luminaries in our neighborhood Christmas eve. Christmas music, driving around and looking at Christmas lights, celebrating advent with our kids and going over the true meaning of Christmas….oh I can’t wait:) Making gingerbread houses……ohhhhh I better get organized if we are going to get all this in…LOL! And this book sounds GREAT!

  7. One of my favorite Christmas memories is staying over night at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. We would go to church and then come back to their house for a late dinner, opening gifts, staying up late with all our cousins, and enjoy a good breakfast on Christmas morning. So many memories of good family times…

  8. KellyK(@RNCCRN9706) says:

    Taking our son to see our towns Christmas parade held on Black Friday in the evening.

  9. A beautiful & delicious Christmas morning breakfast together before we opened presents:)

  10. Walking outdoors in the evening with cool, crisp air (and, if lucky, snow falling) gazing at the stars above, but also enjoying the Christmas lights in my neighborhood.

  11. We go and cut our Christmas tree down as a family…We also have the tradition of the christmas eve pajamas after church is when we do that.

  12. It’s all about the lights. I love the soft glow of the tree in our living room and driving around to look at Christmas lights. I am reminded that Jesus came and is the light of the world.

  13. We love baking a cake for Jesus and decorating with lots of sprinkles and candies. And we LOVE reading the Christmas story by the fire on Christmas morning before we exchange gifts!

  14. We read a Christmas book each night the month of December and do a Jesse Tree.

  15. My favorite Christmas tradition was from my childhood. Then entire family Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, the entire family would gather at my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve for a huge meal and gift exchange. Then we would all walk down the street singing Christmas Carols. Afterwards the kids would all gather around the TV & watch the weather man on the news track Santa’s sleigh. Some of the best times of my life. Now will do something similar at my In-Laws & I love watching my kids enjoy that special day.

  16. My birthday is December 2nd so every year we would go buy and decorate our Christmas tree on my birthday!

  17. I love making cookies with my kids, decorating the tree together and going to the Christmas Eve service.

  18. Debbi Faust says:

    My favorite tradition is going to the Nutcracker with my mom, husband, son and his family…..young and old we all look forward to this every year.


  19. Our favorite tradition is decorating the house and the tree! I already have the stuff out and I am just waiting! It is supposed to be warm here this weekend, so I may put the outside stuff up before Minnesota decides to turn Winter on full bore!

  20. Julie Reynolds says:

    watching Max Lucado’s Alabaster’s song and decorating our tree together, on Christmas Eve everyone opens one present that always happens to be Christmas pajamas!

  21. One of our fav Christmas traditions is after all the decorations are up and complete..we come together as a family and watch Charlie Brown Christmas and each have a Christmas Coke in a glass bottle! I love Christmas, Jesus..and family! thanks for sharing and blessing your readers with a give-away!

  22. Making cookies Christmas Eve and watching old classic films!

  23. We decorate the Christmas Tree over Thanksgiving weekend while the kids are home from college. We listen to classic Christmas music and sip eggnog. Still fun after all these years! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Michelle Devine says:

    My favorite tradition is eating christmas cookies!

  25. My favorite Christmas tradition, and has been since I was a little girl, is baking Christmas cookies. My grandma (Mom’s mom) always made a big variety of Christmas cookies. My mom carried on the tradition & would make oodles of Christmas cookies & box them up for teachers (my dad was principal of the high school I went to), friends, family, etc. I’ve carried over the same tradition with my 2 daughters. We start baking the day after Thanksgiving. We usually end up with over 20 types of cookies. Last year we delivered 25 boxes of Christmas cookies to my daughters teachers, our church, music teachers, family, etc. We always have plenty left over for us. I love to bake, share memories, and create memories with my girls.

  26. My Christmases growing up were completely wrapped around music. My parents were worship leaders and my family was always involved in choir, pageants, plays, concerts, etc that were full of singing His praises. The most exciting time for me was always Christmas Eve, because that was usually when we did our special performances and had a candle lighting carol-singing around a lit tree outside. Just thinking about it brings a little lump in my throat and makes me catch the Christmas bug again.

  27. Michelle Morris says:

    My favorite “adult” tradition for Christmas is eating breakfast at my mother-in-laws.

  28. Caroling at the Vet’s home. Getting our tree. Shoeboxes. :) Jesse Tree.

  29. I shared on facebook, too! Love this. Great post.

  30. Our favorite tradition is a homemade advent calendar that includes fun activities as well as some edible treats. It makes the fun last all month long!

  31. Our decorating together and attending Christmas Eve service.

  32. I’d love to win. My husband and I love t stay up late on Christmas Eve and talk about the year and future goals together.

  33. I love baking, baking, and more baking;) As a family, we deliver plates of goodies to about 12 different families.

    Another one of my favorite traditions is lighting a special candle and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, eating muffins and having hot chocolate before we open our gifts on Christmas morning.

  34. Mippy/Sabrina says:

    My favorite tradition is putting up the tree and pinning the cards we get to the hanging Santa thingy.

  35. I’d love to be your winner! :)

    Christmas Favs: making cookies, decorating, Christmas Eve Church Service, LOTS of family time! :)

  36. My favorite Christmas tradition is Going to Christmas eve church, and then coming home, lighting the lights on the tree, and with no other light, reading the Christmas story from the book of Luke aloud, with Christmas carols playing softly in the background.

  37. Defiantly going to pick out the tree!!!! Coming home to sugar cookies and coco!!!

  38. Watching Christmas movies together and driving around looking at all the Christmas lights.

  39. Eating breakfast with the family Christmas morning. It was always the same feast and so comforting to gather together

  40. Putting up the tree, Reading the Christmas story before bed, eating, and being with family.

  41. My favorite Christmas tradition is one we created with my husband once our kiddos were born and I make some kind of pastry for Christmas Day morning and we put a candle in it and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! The kids love it and are learning from a very young age what Christmas is about.

  42. I love the overall magical feeling of Christmastime, but my absolute favorite tradition would have to be Christmas Eve! We spend the morning part of Christmas Eve finishing up on last minute things–Preparing for dinner the next day, any last-minute wrapping, picking up anything we’ve forgotten… Then, in the late afternoon, we head over to my parents’ house with the rest of our family, and we do gifts with them, and eat from a huge spread of appetizer-type foods, and desserts, and just spend time together.

  43. My favorite tradition is reading the book “The Tale of Three Trees” to my kids every year. During that moment there is peace in the home and peace is something I strive to find every day and most times it doesn’t come so its nice to know that I have at least one moment of peace I can look forward to and count on.

  44. Our favorite traditions include making lots of Christmas cookies and caroling with our friends.

  45. I love baking Christmas cookies with my two little girls! We also enjoy looking at Christmas lights and watching family Christmas movies.

  46. Opening PJs and slippers on Christmas Eve. My 5 children are grown and I still send special Christmas Eve packages out.

  47. Kristin Debrowsky says:

    Baking banana breads & making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake. Singing “Come on Ring those Bells” ( by Evie is my FAVORITE version) and decorating the Christmas Tree & pulling out my multiple manger sets. Hearing my mom announce who’s present was hidden in the “safe” spot & she can’t remember where she put it & once found, you will get the gift. Happens EVERY year. SERIOUSLY! LOL Then getting the entire family sitting at the dinner table together & the conversations with the kids are HILARIOUS. These traditions are PRICELESS.

  48. We make cookies and make handmade gifts.

  49. My favorite Christmas tradition growing up was my Dad making pancake breakfast. Now that I am grown I love reading the Christmas story from the bible and giving to those that bless us all year. :)

  50. Joann Noll says:

    We do a Jesse tree. Christmas Eve service. Look at Christmas lights.

  51. We are a military family and now live over a thousand miles away from home. Every year that we make it “back home” to see our parents, my aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids, and grandparents all meet at my uncle’s church in Midland, TX and spend the day cooking, laughing, playing games and watching all the “younger cousins” play in the gym. It is the most amazing time and I look forward to it all year long!!!

  52. I love waking up to find what Santa put in my stocking! This has always been my favorite Christmas tradition.

  53. We started this tradition with my son a few years ago! We took the polar express idea and did mini van express! Thanks for Pinterest for a great idea. The kids love finding their tickets and getting hot chocolate and popcorn and we go look at lights! Best family activity!

  54. Kristin Taylor says:

    When my kids were little we took them to a German Christmas festival and learned about the “pickle”. We bought one and hid it on our tree. Whoever finds the pickle gets to open the first present on Christmas morning. My two girls are grown up, but they each have a pickle for their own trees. My other favorite tradition is hearing this guy at our church sing O Holy Night each year. It is just beautiful and I love the candlelight part of the service and just looking around at each person and knowing we are all part of God’s Big Plan and that connection feels even stronger in that moment.

  55. Lighting candles and singing, “Silent Night” on Christmas Eve :). Best moment all year long! “All is calm. All is bright.”

  56. Our favorite family tradition (we have 4 young kids) is to surprise the kids one nite and drive them around to look at lights and drink hot cocoa in their pajamas. So fun :)

  57. I love sitting in the quiet of the morning, alone with my bible by the light of the Xmas tree. Also, our family makes “melted snowman cookies” every Xmas eve.

  58. Spending time with extended family, driving to look at lights on houses and getting to open a few presents on Christmas Eve every hour

  59. I love baking lots of holiday treats with my daughters. We use old as we remember the person the recipe came from. Then we add a couple of new ones. The end result is several evenings of good times and beautiful cookie trays to share with family & friends.

  60. linda kilner says:

    Would love this! Love trimming my tree as a family the last Sunday before Christmas, did it with my kids and now my grandkids. And coming home on Christmas Eve and having a tray of homemade cookies from my neighbor. Then going to Christmas Eve Service together. Love to make memories for my grandkids.

  61. Each family member gets a shiny new tree ornament reflecting our likes & personality.

  62. Roberta Whitley says:

    I enjoyed reading about so many great traditions! We do many of those. Several years ago, after reading The Christmas Jar, our family started keeping a Christmas Jar of our own. One evening several weeks before Christmas, we gather together for dinner and decide who we will anonymously gift with our jar. It’s a special night. The chance to win your book is very nice & I’d love to learn some new ideas.

  63. Christina Boucher says:

    My mom makes tamales every Christmas season. I always look forward to eating them!.

  64. A christmas tradition I’ve always done is baking a coconut cake, peanut butter balls and a cranberry salad. Also making christmas sugar cookies with red and green sugar and cookie cutters has been a tradition for me.

  65. My favorite memory growing up of my family tradition is driving around to look at the lights. There was this very special neighborhood in Sioux Falls SD where each street would take a theme and run with it. One street was “Candy Cane Lane” so each house was decorated to the hills in candy canes and there was a gentleman dressed in a santa suit handing out candy canes. Another was “Illumination Station” and each house on that street had candles in festive bags that decorated their yards. And on and on.

    As a mother, our family tradition is just spending “un-busy” time together. It may be something my kids maybe will not be able to pinpoint until they are adults and realize how easy it is for Christmas to be the busiest time of the year, but it is important to my husband and I that this is the sort of tradition we do as a family.

  66. Jennie Mason says:

    One of my favorite traditions is watching The Nativity Story with our children on Christmas Eve.It’s a great way to end the evening before they go to bed so they go to sleep thinking about the reason for the holiday rather than the gifts they want. (hopefully, anyway…) :-)

  67. On Christmas Eve my husband and I wrap gifts while watching White Christmas. I look forward to it every year. It’s nice sitting in the floor with one another in the quiet and blessed warmth of our home, wrapping the presents that make Christmas magical for our kiddos, watching an old flick and drinking a Peppermint Mocha. :)

  68. Even though my girls are older now the first thing they do on Christmas morning is grab their Dads bible and pile up in the bed with us while he reads the Christmas story. I love the fact that we have been starting our Christmas this way for 22 years now!

  69. The best tradition to me is still sending of Christmas Cards , people rarely send them anymore. I feel like its a lost ART . I love to display them , and its fun to see who sent them .

  70. Tami Starr says:

    We have communion at church, which is very special. Then we have a large family brunch.

  71. Our kids act out the Christmas story. We make homemade donuts and drink hot chocolate. I hope to finally do a Jesse tree this year.

  72. My favorite tradition is trimming the tree. My husband sets it all up (we have an artificial tree) and puts the lights on. The girls and I put all the ornaments on. We have Christmas music playing and we just have fun.

  73. What a wonderful way to enjoy the meaning of Christmas…especially for over-busy moms trying to do it all!

  74. My favorite part of Christmas is the music. Hearing “Joy to the World” at the end of our Christmas Eve Worship service brings me to happy tears every year.

  75. Denise Weber says:

    Christmas Eve Mass and getting together with my extended family. …and the music….my favorites! : )

  76. Putting up the tree and decorations the night of/day after Thanksgiving. The girls (5 & 9) putting together the nativity, with littlest pet shops and polly pocket presiding over the birth of Christ. :) Spending a whole day at my inlaws in our jammies, eating, napping, and watching movies while my girls play with their new toys. Baking and setting out the milk & cookies before bed and waking them up on Christmas morning to freshly baked cinnamon rolls, then watching them open gifts. The cozy nights spent under a blanket with my beloved husband, especially if it’s snowing, knowing that he’s home and safe. :)

  77. Receiving pajamas Christmas Eve wrapped every so special! I have continued the tradition with my two children.

  78. Favorites: Christmas music on…decking the halls with my girls. Driving or walking through fat fluffy snowflakes to look at the pretty lights and snuggling up together watching holiday movies. The first ornament hung on our tree each year says JESUS….that moment is always special.

  79. One of my favorite Christmas memories with my children was reading “The Best Christmas Pagent Ever” book to them. We would read a chapter a night up until Christmas. One year we read the whole book on Christmas Eve because we had drove to New Mexico to be with extended family and thought that would make it extra special to read with another family.

  80. Mariangela says:

    Me and my daughters love to go on a Christmas light hunt :) we hop in the car with our sweats and drive around to check out all the pretty lights :)

  81. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to see all the lovely Christmas lights together. Oh, I also love decorating the Christmas Tree. Thanks for introducing me to the sweet book & the giveaway. xo Jen

  82. Amy McClure says:

    My favorite tradition is baking Pizelli cookies with my mom and children.

  83. Thank you for your blog!! I’ve always loved Christmas!! Growing up smack dab in the middle of 7 kids, we never went too materialistic!! Lots of food, fun, laughter, games, games & more games! We opened our gifts Christmas Eve. We opened 1 person @ a time, starting from youngest & working up. Me being the middle child either way worked with me.
    We always attended A Candlelight service, then went home, had dinner, did dishes, read the Christmas story, we’d sing a couple carols & then FINALLY got to open our gifts!!
    Sometimes we got to go out Carolling!! Loved it!! Christmas is not Christmas without Lefse!!
    Jesus is the reason for this blessed season!!

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