Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies-"Cupa, Cupa Cookies"

**Natrually Gluten Free… meaning -those with or without allergies will enjoy these! 

This recipe is always a “must” on my cookie tray list! These cookies are so simple that I call them “cupa cookies” because you need a “cupa sugar and a cupa peanut butter” (and an egg and the kisses of course). If you are doing Christmas baking this week, be sure to add chocolate kisses to your grocery list…chances are you have the rest of the ingredients!  
Enjoy! ~Janelle 

Sugar, peanut butter, an egg, chocolate kisses


Combine the sugar, peanut butter and egg


Beat until well combined


Roll by the teaspoonfuls onto a un-greased baking sheet (I foil line when I am baking to avoid having to scrub cookie sheets in between batches!). Make sure to give enough room for slight spreading. Bake in a 350 oven for 10 mins or until lightly browned. 


While cookies are baking, unwrap your kisses. 


When cookies are finished baking and while they are still warm out of the oven, lightly press a kiss on top of each one. 



Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies-"Cupa, Cupa Cookies"
Serves: 12
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
  • (makes 2 dozen, may be doubled)
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 bag of Hershey’s kisses (unwrapped)
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Beat peanut butter, sugar, and egg with mixer. Roll dough into balls by the teaspoonful and bake for approximately 10 mins or until lightly browned.
  3. Take out of oven and gently press kisses on top of each cookie.
  4. Set on cooling rack.

Dedicated to my husband, Geoff Nehrenz 



  1. Love these! I make them with reeses's mini peanut butter cups–I got the recipe from Everyday Food years ago:-) I did a tuturial for mulling spices today if your interested. I love these in a crockpot full of apple cider for the holidays. Are you doing Italian cookies yet? I am making the annisette and pizzettes (my favorite) and pizelles.

    Merry Christmas Janelle!

  2. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Hi Suzanne! Mmm…I will have to come visit right now! I have not made pizelles yet …I had plans on doing a blog on them and just never got to it! My friend's mom is from Italy and I was going to make them with her. Now, with 3 children home I don't know if I will get to do that…but there is always next year! Merry Christmas to you Suzanne!

  3. I am off to go buy some Hershey's Kisses!

  4. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Wohoo Alda! I just made some more…they don't last long!

  5. thank you so much Janelle these were so easy to make and I only needed one item not hard to guess which item teeheehee!!! Merry CHRISTmas sis!!


  6. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    LOL, glad you liked them Cindy!!! Merry Christmas to you!

  7. I made these today but with crunchy (was out of creamy)
    Anyways I think they were delicious, my 4 yr old thought they were YUM-O and my hubs thought they tasted more like peanut brittle (because of the nuts)
    Thanks for the new recipe and soooo easy to make

  8. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Wendi, thank you for sharing! I LOVE crunchy PB! I bet it added an extra kick and was delish!!!! Merry Christmas! Love, Janelle

  9. peanut butter is a staple in our house lol I'll have to give my PB cookies a new twist with a kiss this year lol

  10. The Waites Family says:

    Love this recipe. I add it to my neighborhood outreach trays every year, but I always roll them in sugar before I place them on the cookie sheets to bake. Thanks for always sharing so much inspiration Janelle!

  11. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Aww, you are very welcome 🙂 I love when they are rolled in sugar too! So pretty! Have a Merry Christmas Waites Family!!!!

  12. Lori@Paisley Passions says:

    YUMMY!!! Just wanted to let you know that I am starting a new weekly linky party on Jan 7th called Fun w/ Food Friday. If you have time, I would LOVE for you to come link up some of your delicious recipes!

  13. Darlene Schacht says:

    I used twice as much peanut butter as I did sugar, and 2 eggs. So mine spread out too much. I want to try your recipe next time. I bet they were easier to form into balls. Mine were so gooey! Argh.

  14. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thank you Lori! I will check it out!!! Darlene…if you only knew how many times I have been, trust me as many recipes I share …is as many recipes I do not share, haha! We live and learn, hu!! Love ya, Janelle

  15. Miriam Spann says:




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