Photos of YOU gettin “Comfy”!

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I get so much joy from seeing my readers getting “Comfy in the Kitchen”! Here are some of my favorites.

Carly getting “Comfy in the Kitchen” with “Best Ever Banana Bread“! {How cute is she?!} She blogs at (main blog) and started another one last year to chronicle her family’s health crisis and to have a resource for others who face the same reality.

Better than a hug cake

Lisa from Blessed with Grace says “I love your site and all my friends now LOVE your “Better than a Hug Cake!” Thanks, Lisa!

Sweet Potato Casserole 

“My Thanksgiving wouldn’t have been the same without it! Big hit 🙂 Love your stuff!”
Manassas, Virginia


Machele made Grandma Ruth’s Spaghetti and Meatballs! (This is one of my favorites)

Tina made  this beautiful Sweet Potato Casserole!

Check out THIS feast “The Calm After the Storm” shared with me. She made Comfy cornbread, mashed redskins, AND stuffing!



Jamie (my cousin!) made “Bow Tie Pasta w/Italian Sausage and Veggies“!

Michelle from Sweet Treats and Inspiration baked “The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies“!

Ingrid from “Reaching His Kids” made “The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies!”

Her son is holding up my very first cookbook! (isn’t that the sweetest thing?)

Lindsey made “Crescent Chicken“!

My sweet friend Courtney from “Women Living Well” made “Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie” for our Good Morning Girls Play date!

Helen made “Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes“!

Sue made “Chicken Enchiladas“!

Liz and her daughter made “Sweet Potato Homefries“!

Leah from My Father’s Daughter made Homemade Cornbread with Honey Butter! 

Gina and her daughter Brianna from Keepin It Real makes “Better than a Hug Cake” every year on vacation! Sounds like a very yummy tradition to me!

Marsha from An Imperfect Woman made “Grandma Ruth’s Lasagna”! (looks like she did a ‘perfect’ job to me!)

Cheryl from Rooftop Ministries made these adorable Piggy Cookies!

My friend Molly and her daughter made this beautiful Pumpkin Trifle!

IMAG0769 copy

Laura and her sweet little one are getting “Comfy” making Crescent Chicken! YUM!