First Fitness and a Special Recipe (Taco Ring)!



Hi Ladies! I have a special guest with me today. Allow me to introduce to you Sheran Newell from First Fitness. Sheran is a Christian, a wife of 15 years and a mother to 2 beautiful girls. She loves spending time with her family, reading, and staying fit!

Sheran is a lot like me- she’s a girl of moderation. She may splurge here and there, but she also makes sure to balance her life with healthy choices and exercise.

Sharen says:

“Although I try really hard, I don’t always eat the way I know I should. Before I joined with First Fitness, I purchased them from my family from my Sister-in-Law. I quickly realized the difference in the way we felt and the energy we had….I was sold and knew I had be a part of this amazing company

There are so many products First Fitness supplies that help with general nutrition and physical comfort. Not to mention weight loss, herbal cleansing, sports nutrition, skin care and body care!

If you know someone who has a baby with colic then Biomega is the answer. It’s a delicious whole leaf Aloe Vera drink that contains over 120 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that supports good digestive health and whole body wellness. I give my children Biomega for all the vitamins in it and it actually taste awesome… I have to keep my kids out of it!

I personally love the Women’s First Essential Vitamins, they are an advanced multi-vitamin and mineral complex for women with specially targeted nutrition supporting the female reproductive system. They get me through the day without being tired and make me feel great!

My husband just started back to the gym and is on the Men’s First Essentials. This is an advanced multi-vitamin and mineral complex for men, with specially targeted nutrition supporting prostate and testosterone levels.  He has been able to get through his day without being so exhausted. *Did you know that many young men suffer with low-testosterone and don’t know it? 

Are you also on a journey to living a healthier and happier life?  If so, please contact me. Additionally, if you’re interested in making more money for your family this has been a huge blessing for me personally and I know it can be for you too.

Now, Janelle asked me to share a recipe and as I said- I mentioned that I don’t always eat the healthiest choices. But, that’s ok in moderation, right Girls?

This comes from Pampered Chef and has been a hit for years in my home. When I take it to church for small meetings everyone loves it and asks for the recipe! They can’t believe how simple it is. It’s the ever famous….”Taco Ring“! Enjoy!”

I’m sharing the original recipe, but over at The Taste Place, you can get a lighter version and photos on how to make it!”

7167886253Thank you so much Sharen…I love the information you gave to all of us. My little guy suffers from a stomach emptying delay, I may have to try Biomega for his reflux. Thank you again, so much!!!

This recipe looks like a WINNER!!! Mmmmmm…. I WILL be making this soon!!!

Serves: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 lb lean ground beef
  • 1 (1¼ ounce) package taco seasoning mix
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (4 ounces)
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 2 (8 ounce) packages refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
  • 1 medium bell pepper
  • 1 cup salsa
  • 3 cups Lettuce, shredded
  • 1 medium tomato
  • ¼ cup onion, chopped (optional)
  • ½ cup pitted ripe black olives (optional)
  • sour cream (optional)
  1. Preheat oven to 375°F
  2. Cook ground beef in large skillet over medium heat 7-9 minutes or until beef is no longer pink; drain.
  3. Remove pan from heat.
  4. Stir in taco seasoning mix, cheese and water.
  5. Unroll crescent dough; separate into triangles.
  6. Arrange triangles in a circle on Classic Round Pizza Stone with wide ends overlapping in center and points toward outside. (There should be a 5 inch diameter opening in center.)
  7. I use my Pampered Chef pizza stone, but any flat round pan should work--perhaps even a pizza sheet, but I'd spray it with Pam before adding the crescent rolls.
  8. Scoop meat mixture evenly onto widest end of each triangles up over filling and tuck under wide ends of dough at center of ring. (Filling will not be completely covered).
  9. Bake at 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.
  10. Shred lettuce and chop tomato, onion, olives, and bell pepper (if desired).
  11. Add your toppings to top of ring and finish with more shredded cheese and sour cream.


Pancakes with Homemade Blackberry Syrup (Cracker Barrel Copy Kat)


IMG_3659 I was eating breakfast with my dear friend Melanie when started talking about what we craved while we were pregnant. Mel mentioned how she craved Cracker Barrel’s to pancakes topped with hot blackberries . Ooooo….that sounded so good!!! So,  I just had to take a “crack” at making them myself. So, in honor of pregnancy cravings and friendship- here’s the recipe. Mmmmmm……

 Smoosh 2 small cartons of blackberries like so… (thank you, girls- great job!)

*As we were smooshing, we talked about how people used to dye their clothing with berries just like these!   

After about 3-5 minutes of smooshing…this is what you’ll get. 

Pour into a medium saucepan placed on medium heat. Add sugar (this is how I measure when I don’t blog- the truth comes out!) 

Take some of your syrup out and add cornstarch to make a paste. Add it back into the pan and stir until liquid thickens slightly. 

Mmm….pipping hot and steamy sweet blackberries- ready to eat! 


Ladle on top of your pancakes with butter and enjoy!

*You may wish to add maple syrup as well….
*I have a delicious recipe for applesauce pancakes inComfy Cooking with Kids“, and my all-time favorite boxed pancakes are Krusteaz (as shown). 

Pancakes with Homemade Blackberry Syrup (Cracker Barrel Copy Kat)
Serves: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 2 small cartons (8 oz each) Blackberries
  • 1-2 Tbsp sugar (to liking)
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  1. Place blackberries in a bowl and smash with a fork until you get a chunky liquid
  2. Pour in a medium saucepan on medium heat
  3. Add sugar
  4. Take a small amount of the liquid out and add cornstarch to make a paste
  5. Add paste back into liquid and stir until slightly thickened
  6. Pour over pancakes and serve with butter and maple syrup (if desired)



A HUGE “Thank You”!


One of the aspects of blogging which I didn’t expect, is the bonds made with other people who have online businesses or ministries. A few weeks ago, I asked if anyone would be willing to donate items of value for Christian education. I was absolutely amazed at the overwhelming response I got. To all of you who donated, please accept this heart-felt “thank you”- God bless you! You are a gift.

Thank you to Karen Ehman for donating her absolutely beautiful and inspiring book, “A Life that says Welcome“. I had the great opportunity to speak along side of this amazing gal at The Women Living Well Conference. From then on, I fell in love with her ability to love God, laugh, and inspire women. She is such a blessing in my life! Karen is an author, speaker, and director of speaker development at Proverbs 31 (you may even get her devotionals in your inbox!)

Here’s some of our gang…(Karen, you’re gettin moose ears the next time we get together-It’s on like Donkey Kong, bahaa!)

As Karen would say, “This will getcha and extra quarter at a garage sale”. If your church hires public speakers- you’ll want to book Karen soon! She’s a hoot!

Oh, Rhodes…you spoil me so. I was not expecting all of this! Thank you so much for the beautiful aprons, kids cooking utensils, free products, cutting board and cook books! Amazing! I cannot say enough about this precious company and the people who work there.


Seriously, how cute is this?

I have this cookbook- It’s the bomb. I’ve written about it and featured some of my favorite recipes before. Love it.

Ohhhh, and Take Them a Meal- my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE “meal ministry” website! If you haven’t already used this, you simply must. If someone you know needs meals this website gives you the opportunity to send out mass e-mails for sign-ups. It’s so simple and helpful. I’ve used it time and time again and am even a contributing author over there. Adina and Scott are absolutely amazing- their love for people radiates throughout this online ministry. They’ve blessed me and so many others beyond words.

Thank you so much for this extremely handy bag for meal ministry! I love how thick, durable and insulated it is…it would also be great for taking food to potlucks!

Don’t even get me started with Darlene over at Time Warp Wife. Ohhh…how I love this woman. She actually helped start me in blogging 4 years ago. We also spoke together at the WLW Conference and I am one of her contributors.


Thank you friend, for a copy of “The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife“. You always bless me so much.

Would you just look at these Mother and Daughter aprons? Ohhhh, aren’t they beautiful? A HUGE thank you to Sugar Baby Aprons for donating these. I know I LOVE mine!


Shelia!!!! Oh my….there is going to be one very lucky little girl who’s mom get’s this basket! Shelia is a dear reader who donated MaryKay’s (woot!) new line, “Mary Kay @ Play” for girls. If you’re looking for a Mary Kay consultant- look no further- here is Sheila’s information! This is excellent makeup that has proven itself for years. I adore this line for children because it’s fun and modest…excellent for play or for teens!

Love the mention of God being first <3 Thank you so much! 


I am so taken back by your generosity, friends! Thank you, thank you! 

We aren’t finished….

photo 1
How precious is this? A sweet friend and Sister-in-Christ made this up….she has an incredible business called “ Kids Love Pony Parties” at Grows Farm. Carla was my daughter’s Sunday School teacher and is such a gracious giver. There will be 4 very fortunate little one’s who get to go on pony rides! What a blessing. 

photo 2

If you live in the NE Ohio area, you won’t want to pass up having your child’s party here! 


This is a picture of a party that I attended….the girls had so much fun. How sweet!!! 


And there’s my little one! Thank you so much again Carla! You are such a blessing!!!! 

If you’re interested in bidding on an online auction for Christian education- here’s the page to head over to….there are some amazing items. If you are going to buy them anyways, you might as well put it towards a good cause! Thanks everyone! 

Oh….you may be wondering what I’m giving, hu?? It has something to do with kids, cooking, and me showing up in my apron, hehe. 


My Little Chef Using my Favorite Skillet!



Yesterday I posted on FaceBook this sweet little part of my day….

While I was putting laundry away upstairs, I smelled something cooking. Being that I knew it was just my 5-year old and me at home- I immediately booked down the stairs!

Ohhhh, to my surprise- would you just look at this?! She made Eggs in a Nest- ALL BY HERSELF!!!! She got the skillet from above the refrigerator (scary), plugged it in (even more frightening), then made the entire recipe perfectly from start to finish.

My first reaction?! I picked her up and squealed with excitement!!! I was so proud at what she could do all on her own!

She said, “Mama, I’m so proud of myself- I’m like Matilda….you teacheded me!” How could I rain on her parade? I made the decision to march in it and rejoice with her accomplishment.

It did make me nervous to know she was around heat by herself, so we had “the talk” about inviting Mommy to the next cooking session, but I have to say…this was impressive.


Under all the comments, I had some ladies ask what skillet I use- so, I thought to post it here. I love it because it doesn’t flake, is easy to wipe clean, and frees up space on the stovetop. Here’s the description:

This Oster Griddle with Warming Tray is designed with a unique and innovative Dura Ceramic non-stick coating that last 4X longer than standard non-stick coatings and won’t flake or peel. The Dura Ceramic surface provides exceptional non-stick performance and lasting durability. The safe and natural ceramic coating is PFOA and PTFE free as well, so you can griddle pancakes, eggs and more without worry. The Dura Ceramic finish cooks up to 20% faster to get you eating quicker and it easily wipes clean! This Oster griddle features a large 10″ x 18″ cooking surface so you can conveniently prepare meals for the entire family and a warming tray to help keep foods at ideal temperature until you are ready to serve. Removable, adjustable temperature control accurately sets cooking temperature to achieve desired results when cooking a variety of foods.

1960199_584514274975819_1837448153_n copy

If you want to learn how to teach YOUR little ones how to cook- I recommend reading my latest ebook, “Comfy Cooking with Kids”. It’s a great beginner book for children of all ages. GREAT NEWS- It’s currently being offered at a reduced price of $2.99 at checkout! 


Mother’s Day Lunch Menu


mothers day lunch

Hi Ladies! If you’re planning a Mother’s Day lunch- look no further! I’ve done all the planning for you. A soup/salad and dessert menu is just the way to go to please the dolls in your life. If you need a helping hand (which we all do), make sure to send invites over from Perfect Potluck and add a link to this page for your helpers!

Best Ever Black Bean Soup

With over 78,000 pins on Pinterest- you know this soup is a winner! This is my mom’s personal favorite :)

Simple Italian Wedding Soup 

A meal in itself, this hearty soup will be sure to please.

Easy Peesy Broccoli Cheesy Soup

My personal favorite! Mmmm….a comfort food I cannot resist.

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Homemade Poppyseed Dressing

Be prepared to be asked for this recipe over and over again! Isn’t it lovely?

Horsefeed Salad (Asian Slaw)

This is such a unique, yet oh so delicious treat! One of my favorite salads.

Easy Fruit Salsa 

Delicious, refreshing and beautiful! This is also being featured on Women Living Well today!

Easy Cucumber Sandwiches 

So simple and elegant! I’ve made these time and time again.

Better than a Hug Cake

Comfy’s “Hot Topic” recipe….it’s so good. Amazingly good.

Nikki’s Lemon Bundt Cake with Pudding and Lemon Glaze

What more can I say?

Happy Mother’s Day! (a little early….because we plan stuff.)




What is Ministry?


Credit to goes to Bless YOU!!!!! 

Do I have any “Wounded Healers” in the room?

You’ve been there- you would have never signed up to have gone there, but it happened and it’s now a part of your life song. You would never, ever choose to go back to that awful time, but because it happened….you know how to better minister to others. 

Whether it was divorce, abuse, neglect, abandonment, drug use, failed relationships, depression, an accident or illness….you have felt pain beyond your coping ability.

It might have been your choosing, or you could have suffered pain from someone else’s choosing. That’s beside the point. You suffered. Big time. 

There was probably a point in time you just couldn’t see through the pain, the struggle, or the trauma -it seemed as though it would never end. You got to the point where you lifted your hands and said, “God, you’ve got a problem here because I cannot ….I mean cannot…cope any longer- take this mess and give me the strength to live day by day.” 

Oh, sweet friends… too? 

Having “been there”, when we see someone who is currently there, let it burden us to move. 

Almost 44,000 people viewed this image that was placed on my FB wall yesterday… I was so taken back by the response, I had to address it. There is so much beauty in this message…and so much scripture that backs it. 

Ministry is…

1. Listening when you’d rather fix the problem.

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” ~James 1:19 

They’ll remember your grace.

2.  Searching for the joy when it’s easier to say “It’s not fair.” 

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” ~James 1:2-4

There is always something left when everything seems to be taken…

3. Helping when you feel like the one who needs help.

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” ~Isaiah 49:20

Sometimes helping others gets our minds off of ourselves. It’s a blessing to serve.

4. Telling God “use me” when you’d rather be rescued. 

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” ~Phillipians 1:6

If you’re sucking air, God isn’t done with you yet.

5. Encouraging, even when you don’t understand God’s reasoning. 

“And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” ~John 14:13 

Lord, let your will be done, but please give them the strength to get through this. They can do this with You.

6. Hugging when it feels awkward.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.” – Romans 12:15 

Sometimes we need human touch, it releases emotions helping us to not feel so alone. 

7. Saying “let’s pray right now”, instead of “I’ll pray for you”. 

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Phil 4:6-7

The best thing you can do for someone is pray for them. Then, ask how God can use you to help.

8. Serving, when you doubt you have anything left to give.  

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” ~Matthew 11:28-30 

If it’s God’s will…He will give you the strength, and the rest.

9. Comforting by being the flicker of light in other’s dark taverns.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”~Matthew 5:14 

His love stands out in us…

Can you think of more, my friends? What is ministry to you? 


Baking Bacon


Hi Ladies! We have our VERY FIRST guest post by a….Dad! Horray!!!!

Do I have any other dads out there cooking? If so, wohoo!!! I’m training up my son to be “comfy in the kitchen” as well. That’s just wonderful- LOVE it.

My friend Matt Bailey has helped me with my blog this past year- his sweet wife Stacey suggested he give me a pointer on bacon. I took his advice, and as usual- he was right on :)

Matt says:

Stacey said that I should recommend my method of frying bacon, as she read that you were fryin’ it up in a pan….

 I’m not exactly sure where I got this from, but I’ve been doing for well over 20 years. I use a cookie sheet covered in foil, with a cooling rack placed on top.  I lay out the bacon on the rack, and pop it in the oven at 425.

 This way, the grease drops into the foil-lined cookie sheet, the bacon is flat and crispy, and I can easily drain the grease into my container of “liquid gold” for later. The spatter is contained in the oven, and clean up is as easy as tossing the foil and pop the cooking rank into the dishwasher.


So, here I go…..I’ve never baked my cooling racks, but I’ll give it a shot, Matt!

IMG_3559Well, would ya look at that….it worked!

Crispy and perfectly baked bacon! Love it! Thank you so much Matt and Stacey!

5.0 from 4 reviews
Baking Bacon
Serves: 5
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 10 slices of bacon
  • Foil, cooling rack, cookie sheet
  1. Pre-heat oven to 425.
  2. Lay bacon on a cooling rack placed above a foil-lined cookie sheet.
  3. Bake for 20 mins or until crispy.

Matt Bailey is the owner of Sitelogic Marketing Consultants, a speaker, author of “Internet Marketing: An Hour A Day“, and trainer.

*A very special thank you to Matt for all of his help on “Comfy in the Kitchen”!!! He has such a sweet Christian family and an amazing business.


He is Risen!




Hi Ladies, just thought I’d share our little family’s Easter photos we took this morning. The biggest blessing in our lives is that we have a Savior. This day is in celebration of the most crucial event that has shaped our lives…..He is Risen!

We are saved by admitting we are sinners in need of a Savior (yes, we all sin!), by accepting what Jesus did on the cross for us (died for our sins and took the punishment-nothing we could possibly do could save us, only the perfect Lamb), and by having faith that He is our Savior.

“For it is by grace by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves- it is the GIFT of God. Not by works, so no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9

What a precious gift…the hope. Thank you, Jesus.

He is the Ultimate Healer, Deliverer, Redeemer, Miracle Worker, Messiah, Father…..

Praise His precious name today, sweet Friends.

Much Love, Janelle 

IMG_3596IMG_3591 IMG_3582


An Easter Brunch


If your prepping for the Easter weekend, look no further for an Easter brunch menu! It’s not only delicious- everything is simple to make. I’m of the opinion that we should enjoy our family and friends rather than be in the kitchen when they’re over. You can make most of this ahead of time and just pop it in the oven an hour before your family arrives.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice-

It’s easy to make and adds a special touch~it’s very worth the extra time! If you have kiddos- let them make it! Mine love helping!

Easy Ham and Cheesy Quiche-

My absolute favorite quiche recipe-it turns out every time and I am always asked for the recipe.

Cheesy Potatoes are always a potluck hit!

Delicious cinnamon chip scones always hit the spot with some freshly brewed coffee…..

And some bunny cupcakes for the kiddos (let them decorate them!)

In Photo Above: Add mixed berries {blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries} to your spread and you will be all set. I love that there is no cutting involved!

He is Risen……Thank you, Lord!


Easter Bunny Cupcakes


I found a photo of these cute cupcakes on the Betty Crocker website a few years ago. As soon as I saw them, I couldn’t wait to make them for an Easter play date we had scheduled! The children at the play date went crazy when they saw them! Ever since, I have made them every year around Easter.
I give each of my children a cupcake, individual ingredients, and I show them step by step how to turn their ordinary cupcake into a cute little bunny…they have so much fun!As you know, I love cooking with kids :)

Make cupcakes as directed on the box. This particular mix used eggs, oil, and water.
I chose Funfetti because of the colors. You can use any cake mix you like.
Place in 12 jumbo cupcake liners or 24 regular cupcake liners. Bake as directed. I baked mine for 18 mins at 350.
When cool, frost all cupcakes with pink frosting, then using white frosting, make a circle for the bunny face.
To make the ears, cut a marshmallow in half lengthwise and cut a slit 3/4 of the way down. Dip sticky side into pink sprinkles like so..
Place ears on top of cupcake
For the eyes I used decorators frosting. However, I have used sugar dots attached to paper in the past…I couldn’t find them this year. The frosting worked just fine.
A jelly bean nose
Twizzler Pull n Peels (you may use black if you wish) for the whiskers
No sneaking into those jellybeans! LOL!
Cut the Twizzlers into small pieces
Here you have it…a cute little bunny
Enjoy and Happy Easter to you.

He is RISEN! Love, Janelle


Free Positive Parenting Webinar Tomorrow, April 15th!



photo*Disclaimer, child is not a professional actor and was paid in popsicles for his performance.
Impressive, (trying not to giggle). 

Is disciplining taking the joy out of your parenting? It shouldn’t be! Learn the most effective ways to communicate with your children to help establish peace and order in your home! 

Hi Ladies! Since we have been talking about kiddos, (and I see how much you love yours by taking time to cook with them!) I jumped at the opportunity to offer you a FREE webinar with my friend Amy McCready. Please take advantage of this opportunity- she has such great wisdom that truly can change your perspective on parenting. My hand is raised that she has helped me!

Tired of the yelling?  Tired of the whining?  Tired of being tired?

 You’re not alone.  From toddler temper-tantrums to teenage talking back, parents wonder what it takes to get kids to cooperate.  If you’re tired of nagging, reminding and yelling to get kids to listen – this session is for you!  Comfy in the Kitchen is excited to partner with Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions & TODAY Show contributor to offer a FREE LIVE training webinar TOMORROW- Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 at 9PM EST.   Discover proven tools for your most frustrating discipline dilemmas including the 5 R’s of Fair & Effective Consequences. This hour-long investment will lead to a lifetime of peace in your home! Janelle (that’s me!) from Comfy in the Kitchen we be joining you live as well to be a part of the discussion!!! 

Join us to learn why kids act out and simple, positive discipline strategies to encourage your kids to listen and do the right thing. If you’re looking to reclaim your calm voice and restore some peace to your home, this webinar is for you!

Please RSVP Here! Space is limited!  

All you need is your computer – no webcam required. You’ll see and hear Amy on your screen, and you can even ask questions and she’ll make them part of the presentation. Parents rave about this session!

 RSVP today and then learn from the comfort of your home. Space in the webinar is limited, so register soon! I hope you’ll join me, Ladies! I can’t wait!

*Please tweet, Pin, and FB this to your friends/family who you think would benefit. I’m praying it will be known to every mom who needs encouraged and empowered. You are doing a great job, Ladies- Keep it up! 

*This FREE webinar is limited. So, again- please sign up now to make sure you have a spot!




Parenting expert and “recovering yeller” Amy McCready is the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and the author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time…The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids toListen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling. Amy is a regular parenting contributor on The TODAY Show and has also appeared on Rachael Ray, CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, Steve Harvey and elsewhere. In her most important role, she plays mom to two teenage boys.

Twitter: @AmyMcCreadyPPS
Pinterest: AmyMcCreadyPPS
Google+: Amy McCready


The Woman in the Well


Photo Credit

Yes, Lord. I will write this. 

Many of you know the story of the woman at the well. Is it one of your favorite stories in the bible too?

She went there at a time other women weren’t there because she was embarrassed about the choices she had made and what they thought of her. The other women went at the same time, chatting away, joyfully drawing water together. But, she was alone.

Does it amaze you as much as it amazes me that Jesus chose to meet her, instead of the crowd?

My aunt was telling me of a radio broadcast she had heard this week. The woman on the radio said she was praying about all the things she wish hadn’t happened to her. Some things she caused, many she didn’t. As she sat there praying, she felt the Holy Spirit press upon her thoughts. While she was rambling on, “If only I didn’t do this, that and the other. Or, if this didn’t happen to me….then…then…”

“I would be perfect”.


So often I picture myself at that well. We all have so many things we would change and we all have so much responsibility. The outside world can be harsh and our inner dialogue can be even more difficult to combat. 

But, I have a question for you. Have you ever felt like the woman in the well? Have you ever felt stuck in a trap,  all alone, uncomfortable, wondering if you will ever get out? Wondering if anyone even sees you?

I sure have. I know it’s hard to believe that I would say that. But, ladies- I wouldn’t have the compassion I have today if I “hadn’t been there”. Please, know that. 

Often times during my life, I’ve pictured myself at the bottom of that dried-up well, looking up, seeing faces peer down at me. Sometimes they are familiar faces of family, friends and even acquaintances… they send down food and well wishes and they make me feel not so alone. When they give in the name of the Lord, I’m reminded of how faithful he is and how he hasn’t forgotten me. Other times I look up and see people peering down, they have a concerned look on their face and yell, “Let me know if you need anything!” and they walk away. Then, there are times when I see a face that overwhelms me with joy because I know…just know, they will help get me out of here! They peer down, shake their heads and walk away. 

Have you been there too?

I don’t know if it’s the desperate situation, or the reaction of the people that hurts worse when I think of this scenario….

There is so much to say about this and so little time. I’m sitting here, at my dining room table with loads of “Cognitive Behavioral Technique” books I need to study….but I wanted to come to  you with my whole heart and say…..

The many times I have spoken of meal ministry and ministry in general, I’m not meaning to minister to you…..I’m using you… minister to the woman in the well.

Remember, where ever you are in life ” Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” Pslam 84:10

I’d rather be in a well with Jesus than anywhere without Him….

Love beyond measure, Janelle


Rhodes Hot Cross Buns and Winner Announced!


Photo credit and recipe are from Rhodes Bread

A delicious and “comfy” recipe for your Easter spread! Thanks again, Rhodes, for being so versatile! Mmmmm…..I can just smell the dough rising now! 

“Comfy” tips:

* You can purchase pre-made frosting if you wish. 
* To make the crosses, place frosting in the corner of a Ziploc bag, twist the top, and cut the corner, you are all set. 

Congratulations to : Sheila Sepulveda who has won the Rhodes Gift Box! Please e-mail me at with your mailing information!

Rhodes Hot Cross Buns and Winner Announced!
Serves: 12
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 18 Rhodes™ Dinner Rolls, thawed to room temperature
  • ¾ cup dried cranberries or raisins
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon cardamom
  • ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
  • ¼ teaspoon allspice
  • flour, if necessary
  • Frosting:
  • 1⅓ cups powdered sugar
  • 1½ teaspoons lemon zest
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1-2 tablespoons milk
  1. Combine rolls and press or roll to flatten.
  2. Combine sugar and spices in a bowl.
  3. Sprinkle flattened dough with ⅓ of the sugar mixture and ⅓ of the cranberries or raisins.
  4. Fold dough over on itself and flatten again.
  5. Repeat the sugar and cranberries process and fold over again.
  6. Repeat one more time.
  7. Knead the dough as necessary to completely incorporate the added ingredients.
  8. If dough becomes too sticky, sprinkle lightly with flour.
  9. Shape into a log and cut into 12 equal pieces.
  10. Shape each piece into a ball and place on a sprayed baking sheet.
  11. Cover with sprayed plastic wrap and let rise until almost double in size.
  12. Remove wrap and bake at 350°F 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.
  13. Let cool.
  14. Mix ingredients for frosting and frost rolls.




Easter Spread @ Women Living Well

Photo: We're getting Comfy in the Kitchen today! Here's our Easter Dinner Menu: </p><br /><br /><br />
OH WOW….Ladies, you won’t want to miss this Easter spread that Courtney from Women Living Well planned out for us! Come check it out -this is so “pinnable”.  
He is RISEN! 

Rhodes French Toast and a GIVEAWAY!!!



My family loves classic French toast. 

When the delicious aroma of vanilla fills the air, my kiddos bolt into the kitchen to pull up their chairs close to the griddle. Their little mouths water as they anxiously watch me flip this batter- soaked bread. We have a system. They’ve gotta have “real” butter, the syrup must be warmed, and I’ve spoiled them with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. 

Because we love this breakfast so much….we are also just a little picky about the bread we use. We can’t just use regular bread out of a bag- oh no, it has to be thick. Our favorite bread to use is Rhodes. I typically let the frozen dough rise and bake the night before, then I slice it in the morning for French toast. 

I hope your family enjoys this as much as mine does! 

In a casserole dish, combine eggs, milk, and vanilla. 

Whisk this mixture together well.     Dip both sides quickly. 

Place soaked bread on a buttered griddle on medium-high heat. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Let toast for approximately 3 minutes per side until nice and golden browned.   IMG_3434 Serve with butter, warmed syrup and a sprinkle of powdered sugar!

4.7 from 19 reviews
Rhodes French Toast
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 frozen loaf of Rhodes white bread
  • 8 eggs
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Syrup
  • Butter
  • Powdered sugar
  • Cooking Spray
  1. The day before:
  2. Spray at loaf pan with cooking spray and place a frozen loaf of bread inside.
  3. Spray the top of the bread with cooking spray and cover with plastic wrap.
  4. Let rise for 3-4 hours.
  5. Pre-heat oven to 350 and bake for 20 mins. Cover until morning.
  6. In the morning:
  7. Slice bread into 8 slices
  8. In a casserole dish add eggs, milk, and vanilla, whisk well.
  9. Coat both sides of bread slices in mixture and place onto a buttered griddle on medium heat.
  10. Toast approximately 3 min per side.
  11. Serve hot with warm syrup, butter and powdered sugar

This is a “Comfy” recipe, meaning a basic/staple recipe that you will use over and over again. However, do you know that you can make hundreds of different recipes using Rhode’s bread? Check out this book Rhodes sent me!  They are the kindest company I’ve ever worked with…Thank you so much Rhodes!

photo 2Who doesn’t love getting surprise packages?!  photo 5 My heart melted when I opened this. A personalized card (who does that anymore?), a blue oven mitt (my favorite color), and an ahhhhmazing cookbook.  photo 4My pleasure! 

photo 3

This book is out of this world! I stand amazed!  Some of my favorite recipes are:

Elephant Ears Scones / Fry Bread / Elephant Ears

Waffle Sandwiches  Waffle Sandwiches Buffalo Chicken Pizza  Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I have great news, Ladies! Rhodes has offered to do a GIVEAWAY for us! I would love for my readers to have a chance to win the same package that was sent to me. Thank you, Rhodes for being so kind.  All you have to do is:

  • “Like” Rhodes on FB
  •  Comment below!
  • For additional tickets into the drawing let us know that you shared this post on FB, Twitter, and/or Pinterest! You can earn up to 3 tickets! 

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Get Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling!

Hi Ladies! Since we have been talking about kiddos, (and I see how much you love yours by taking time to cook with them!) I jumped at the opportunity to offer you a FREE webinar with my friend Amy McCready. Please take advantage of this opportunity- she has such great wisdom that truly can change your perspective on parenting. My hand is raised that she has helped me!

Tired of the yelling?  Tired of the whining?  Tired of being tired?

 You’re not alone.  From toddler temper-tantrums to teenage talking back, parents wonder what it takes to get kids to cooperate.  If you’re tired of nagging, reminding and yelling to get kids to listen – this session is for you!  Comfy in the Kitchen is excited to partner with Amy McCready, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions & TODAY Show contributor to offer a FREE LIVE training webinar on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 at 9PM EST.   Discover proven tools for your most frustrating discipline dilemmas including the 5 R’s of Fair & Effective Consequences. This hour-long investment will lead to a lifetime of peace in your home! Janelle (that’s me!) from Comfy in the Kitchen we be joining you live as well to be a part of the discussion!!! 

Join us to learn why kids act out and simple, positive discipline strategies to encourage your kids to listen and do the right thing. If you’re looking to reclaim your calm voice and restore some peace to your home, this webinar is for you!

Please RSVP Here! Space is limited!  

All you need is your computer – no webcam required. You’ll see and hear Amy on your screen, and you can even ask questions and she’ll make them part of the presentation. Parents rave about this session!

 RSVP today and then learn from the comfort of your home. Space in the webinar is limited, so register soon! I hope you’ll join me, Ladies! I can’t wait!

*Please tweet, Pin, and FB this to your friends/family who you think would benefit. I’m praying it will be known to every mom who needs encouraged and empowered. You are doing a great job, Ladies- Keep it up! 

*This FREE webinar is limited. So, again- please sign up now to make sure you have a spot!




Parenting expert and “recovering yeller” Amy McCready is the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and the author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time…The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids toListen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling. Amy is a regular parenting contributor on The TODAY Show and has also appeared on Rachael Ray, CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, Steve Harvey and elsewhere. In her most important role, she plays mom to two teenage boys.

Twitter: @AmyMcCreadyPPS
Pinterest: AmyMcCreadyPPS
Google+: Amy McCready


The Winner of the Sugar Baby Apron Announced!



(I’m wearing Sugar Baby’s Fancy Floral Pink)

I have a WINNER!!! 
Congratulations to: Heidi Steiner Hohlbaugh!
You get to pick out an apron of your choice at Sugar Baby Aprons .

Please contact me at for further details! Wohoo! 
1960199_584514274975819_1837448153_n copy

Thank you to all of the readers who have purchased and continue to purchase “Comfy Cooking with Kids” – It honestly brought me to tears to see that it was #1 on Amazon this week for “Quick and Easy Cookbooks” and “Children’s Cookbooks“. I don’t deserve to be amongst such amazing authors and books, but I will let God have His glory.

Most of all I am thrilled to pieces that God would use me to encourage parents to raise their children to be “Comfy in the Kitchen” – it truly is a ministry that can last a lifetime. You have all brought me more joy than I can even begin to explain- I wish I could hug you over this screen. Your children are going to make a difference in the lives of others because of YOU!!!! 


“Comfy Cooking with Kids” 24 hour sale ends today! Only 99 cents!



Hi Ladies!

Comfy in the Kitchen is running a special PROMO on the ebook, “Comfy Cooking with Kids” that lasts until the end of today ! You can purchase it for JUST 99 cents over on Amazon or directly (with a coupon code) at Women Living Well!!!

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A HUGE and very special thank you to Ruth at The Better Mom, Angela at Good Morning Girls, and Gina at Real Life Titus Two for also running this promo!

Thank you to all of you who are so devoted and willing to take the precious time to teach your children how to get “comfy” in the kitchen. May your hard work turn into many delicious meals and family get togethers….in your children’s home one day! 



Sugar Baby Apron Giveaway and “Comfy Cooking with Kids” Promo!



(I’m wearing Sugar Baby’s Fancy Floral Pink)

Hi Ladies! I have such great news. Two things, actually!

 First, Sugar Baby Aprons has offered to give one of my readers an apron of her choice! I just got mine in the mail last week and let me tell you….it’s adorable!
The Vintage Darling in mint greenDoes this beauty look familiar? It’s our friend Candace Cameron Bure sporting Sugar Baby’s Vintage Darling in Mint (who’s been watching Dancing with the Stars?!).

The owner of Sugar Baby Aprons says: 

As Far back as I can remember I have always had a fascination and admiration for the homemaker. Growing up I loved to watch shows like

“leave it to beaver” imagining myself as June Cleaver. I loved the way she would keep the household running. I have always looked up to that kind of person. It was admiration for the Homemaker that inspired me to create Sugar Baby Aprons.

In this day and age we can sometimes overlook the value and importance of the homemaker. Sugar Baby Aprons was created to help us remember just how important that person is. At Sugar Baby Aprons we want to put the Fun back in cooking. We want to put the sparkle into housekeeping, the Flare into entertaining and of course….

The Sexy back into the housewife!!

Marla Fortier “Sugar Baby Aprons Creator”

Sugar Baby Aprons is owned and operated by Marla, Georgia-Rae Nelson, and Shannon Jensen ” They are proud to call themselves Homemakers”

That’s not all!

Secondly, Comfy in the Kitchen is running a special PROMO on the ebook “Comfy Cooking with Kids” ! You can purchase it for JUST 99 cents over on Amazon or at Women Living Well!!!

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How to win the Apron: The person who purchases the 15th ebook, “Comfy Cooking with Kids” through the Women Living Well website promo will win!
A special code is offered for you to enter at checkout! 

 I will announce the winner on Saturday, April 5th.



Best Ever Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies



For those of you who have been following Comfy in the Kitchen, you know that I like staying “comfy”. I’m not one to re-create the wheel…in fact, I think we better minister to others when we keep things simple. Good, but simple.

Beloved stories retold about grandma always include the little things like…. the “Kool-aid” she made,  her “homemade sweet tea“, or her “chocolate chip cookies“. I’ve never once heard a person say they missed grandma’s creme brule with raspberry sauce, chocolate ganache, and mint leaf garish :) 

These peanut butter cookies are an excellent example of simple, yet ohhh so good. They’re crispy on edges and moist and chewy in the center….just the way I like them. Best yet, they turn out perfectly every time and are quick and easy to make. Chances are you already have all of the ingredients in your cupboard! Enjoy! 

Combine Peanut Butter, Crisco, Brown Sugar, Milk, and Vanilla.

Beat well…


Add eggs….let the kiddos crack them, it’s fun. 


In a separate bowl add flour, baking road, and salt. Pour into wet mixture and mix well again. 


Most of the time I ask you to refrigerate the dough before baking, but you don’t need to with these cookies. You can bake them right away. 


Roll the dough into small balls, place on  parchment paper (or Silpat), and flatten like so with a fork. Bake in a 350 oven for 8 mins.
*The Silpat is a great option for baking- it’s like parchment paper but is reusable. It keeps cookies from burning and even spreading! I love mine. 

Let cool for as long as you can hold back! Enjoy! 

5.0 from 1 reviews
Best Ever Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies
Serves: 18
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • ¾ cup peanut butter
  • ½ cup butter crisco
  • 1¼ cup brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 1 eggg
  • 1¾ cup flour
  • ¾ teaspoon salt
  • ¾ teaspoon baking soda
  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Combine peanut butter, sugar, milk, and vanilla and beat well.
  3. Combine flour, baking soda, and salt- add to creamed mixture.
  4. Roll cookies into small balls and place on a lined baking sheet. Flatten with a fork.
  5. Bake for 8 mins.
  6. *You can double recipe (I always do)
  7. *Makes apps 18 cookies.


“Time Warp Wife” Giveaway and Discount for “Comfy Cooking with Kids”




Hi Ladies! I have GREAT news!!!

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Why? Because Darlene is such a dear friend and created my book cover out of the kindness of her own heart. Didn’t she do an excellent job?!

Can’t wait to see you there!

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“Comfy Cooking with Kids” Ebook Winners Announced!



Congratulations to the following readers who get a FREE copy of
“Comfy Cooking with Kids” !

  • Tracie Wheeler
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Please e-mail me at by April 1st with the e-mail address you’d like your copy to be sent to! Thank you!

1960199_584514274975819_1837448153_n copy

*Also available on Amazon

and Smashwords!


Comfy Cooking with Kids Ebook GIVEAWAY!!!!!

1960199_584514274975819_1837448153_n copy

Hi Ladies! I am SO excited to introduce to you the ebook
“Comfy Cooking with Kids”!

Today, I will be giving away 10 ebooks for FREE!!!! All you have to do is comment below sharing your children’s favorite recipe. If you share this post on FB or on Pinterest, you’ll be entered twice- just let me know in the comments! 

I pray you’ll enjoy using this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, I will continue to pray for your families and the ministry you’re teaching them ….starting in the kitchen! 

Love to you, Janelle

Congratulations, Parents! You’re about to teach your children all about how to get “Comfy in the Kitchen!”

As you go through this e-book with your kiddos, you’ll teach them how to: Use many basic kitchen tools, incorporate simple cooking techniques, properly set a table, make delicious recipes the entire family will love, and even teach them how to clean-up afterwards! All of the recipes displayed are handpicked to be simple enough for small children to make with a parent and/or older children to make on their own. A variety of different cooking tools and techniques are highlighted to help your children gain cooking confidence.

Because cooking goes beyond just following instructions, “Food for thought” ideas are highlighted under each recipe giving you teachable moments to share with your children. Some examples include: “What is Shoe peg Corn? How do I separate an egg white from the yolk? And, why do we use oil rather than butter when we cook on high heat?” Who knows, maybe you might even learn a thing or two!

Gluten-free options are also available under each recipe to accommodate my allergy-suffering friends (hand raised!). So, here we go…. let those kiddos crack eggs, pour milk, measure, and make a mess. Did I say make a mess?! Ohhh, yes I did, but don’t worry, Mama- as I mentioned above, the kiddos will learn how to clean up the kitchen in the last chapter, they’ll even learn how to make their own cleaning supplies. Last, but not least, when the baking and cooking is done, make sure to sit down and take in those precious moments and indulge in the delicious creations you and your children have made together! 

Example Recipe: Classic French Toast  french toast

Food for Thought: It’s easier to whisk eggs when you break the yolks first! Just poke them, then easily whisk together. *Gluten-Free Option: Use Udi’s GF bread.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~Benjamin Franklin


Table of Contents


  • Getting “Comfy”……………………………………………………….13
  • “Comfy” Kitchen Tools………………………………………………14
  • “Comfy” Kitchen Terms……………………………………………..18
  • The “Comfy” Place Setting…………………………………………..20

Kid “Comfy” Recipes:


  • Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice…………………………………….21
  • Homemade Flavored Water…………………………………………23
  • Homemade Lemonade………………………………………………25


  • Applesauce Pancakes………………………………………………..27
  • Scrambled Eggs ………………………………………………………30
  • French Toast…………………………………………………………..32


  • Egg Salad Sandwiches……………………………………………….34
  • Octodogs………………………………………………………………..36
  • Oven-Baked Chicken Fingers……………………………………….38


  • Homemade Mac n Cheese…………………………………………..40
  • Homemade Meatballs……………………………………………….43
  • Bowtie Pasta with Sausage and Veggies ………………………….45


  • Muddie Buddies……………………………………………………….48
  • Rice Crispy Treats…………………………………………………….50
  • Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies………………………………………….52


  • Homemade Salsa………………………………………………………54
  • Fruit Dip ………………………………………………………………..57
  • No-Bake Power Balls ………………………………………………….59

“Comfy” Clean-Up Tips…………………………………………..……………..61

  • Homemade Cleaners…………………………………………………..62

 (63 pages total PDF) 

1960199_584514274975819_1837448153_n copy

*Also available on Amazon

and Smashwords!



Alkaline Diet (Meal Ministry)



Some important factors about meal ministry many people overlook are diet restrictions, aversions, allergies and intolerances.

Typically, when we make a meal for someone we want to “wow” them with the best comfort food we know how to make. This is great in most situations! However, it’s still wise to ask so that we can best minister to our loved ones. 

This particular meal ministry was made for a dear friend who is battling cancer. She has chosen an Alkaline diet and I was more than happy to make a meal to accommodate her needs. 

Homemade veggie soup

A fresh tossed salad


*Tip. Rather than spend the money on purchasing a throwaway container, buy lettuce that already comes in one! The cost is cheaper when added together. 

Do you have any diet restrictions? What diets have helped you with your health? 


Fruit Rainbow with Fruit Dip


Happy St. Patty’s Day Everyone!

Here’s a fun little treat I made the kiddos today….. it’s a “comfy” little getup of fruit (rainbow), fruit dip (cloud), and Rollos (the pot of gold). Your welcome to use more or different fruits to your liking (these are ones I had on hand). 


Homemade Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream



On the top of all “comfort foods” lies the beloved recipe for good ole homemade mashed potatoes. There is a science to making this recipe, believe it or not. You want them to be creamy, buttery and savory.

(If you’ve had chunky, runny, unflavored mashed potatoes you know what I’m talking about).  


Peel potatoes 

IMG_3494Cut potatoes in half


Boil water and add potatoes. Boil on high heat until potatoes are soft enough for a fork to go through (approximately 20 mins). 


Drain potatoes in a colander 


Add 1 stick of butter, 1 cup of sour cream, salt and pepper to hot potatoes. Mix well. 


Add milk to mashed potatoes until you reach your desired consistency (about 1/2 a cup). 


Whip until… perfect


Homemade Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream
Serves: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 8 Yukon Gold potatoes
  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • ½ cup milk
  • salt and pepper
  1. Start boiling a large pot of water on the stove (high heat).
  2. Peel and rinse potatoes, cut in half, place in boiling water.
  3. Boil for 20 mins or until potatoes are soft enough for a fork to pierce through.
  4. Drain potatoes in a colander.
  5. Place in a large mixing bowl.
  6. Add butter, sour cream, salt and pepper. Beat well with blender.
  7. Add milk until your desired consistency.



Comfy’s Grocery Fund




Hi Ladies, I just wanted to let you know about this new button featured on the side of the Comfy blog.

Please, please, please do not feel obligated ….but it is there for anyone who has benefited from this online ministry, feels led, and has the means to donate to my grocery fund.

This fund will enable to me to continue giving meals to those in need! Thus far, over the past four years, this ministry has been self-sustaining. However, as many of you know, I’m back in graduate school getting a master’s degree in clinical counseling! With that, comes expenses.

I want you to know how much I sincerely appreciate all of you and your continued support. Monetary support is just one way, your prayers, e-mails and FB notes are also so encouraging. I am trusting in God to continue Comfy in the Kitchen and thank you for everything you do for me! It’s such an honor to serve YOU! Love to you, Janelle 

My first day of grad school “in class”! I absolutely loved it. 


Thank you again! 



Easy Shamrock Shakes


One of my favorite childhood milkshakes is the beloved “Shamrock” shake they sell at McDonalds. It had been years since I tried one, and for some reason when I got the urge to try it again,  it just didn’t taste the same as I remembered? So, the kiddos and I decided to try our version.

*I used mint chocolate chip ice-cream so I didn’t have to buy mint flavoring. After all, I’d only use it for this one recipe. 

While I was making the shakes, Sis was busy whipping the heavy cream. Big brother was busy sneaking a taste. It just so happened to be before she added the sugar, lol. 

In a blender (I love my Ninja!) add Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, milk, and green food coloring to your liking. 

Blend well! 


Top with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles! 

Happy St. Patty’s Day! 


Easy Shamrock Shakes
Serves: 6
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 6 cups mint chocolate chip ice-cream
  • 2 cups milk
  • green food coloring (to your liking-the more you add, the greener it will be)
  • Whipped cream
  • Sprinkles
  1. Blend together ice-cream, milk and food coloring.
  2. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles. Enjoy!



Your Ministry and Mine


Photo Credit 

“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” ~James 1:27 

Say this over and over, would you, my sweet friends? 

Typically I cringe at the word religion. I know some of you are thinking “What? That’s why I follow this Chick, she’s religious!” To be honest, the world has taken a hold of that word and has twisted it into “works in order for salvation“. So, I try very hard to drive the words “I have faith”, rather than “I am religious”. 

All that to say…God knew all of this.

He knew we would want to work diligently in front of an audience… as if people could save
He knew that we would want to give to those who could return the favor…as if that’s sacrifice. 
He knew that we would want to control our lives through worldy gain…as if that’s faith. 

Why am I writing this? I’m a food blogger. 
As I was driving to my interview for Grad school (many of you know I’m back in school to be a clinical counselor) I was listening to my praise music. As I was thinking about what this interview would be like, the words by “King and Country” were playing in the background : 

Let my life be the proof, 
The proof of Your love
Let my love look like You and what You’re made of
How You lived, how You died
Love is sacrifice
So let my life be the proof, 
The proof of Your love

If I give to a needy soul but don’t have love then who is poor?
It seems all the poverty is found in me. 

I started thinking about my life as a believer. Its been busy. Its been hard. Its been amazingly miraculous, unlike anything this world has ever given me. 

Through open arms (often times hesitantly open), God has given me opportunities to serve Him.  This blog is more than a food blog because I’m more than a foodie.  I wish I could stay in a bubble, but I can’t and won’t because that’s not where God wants me. He wants me to follow his lead. I’m good with that. 

So, through leading women’s bible studies,  in-person and on-line meal ministries, serving people in the community, public speaking, and now my future in counseling, I have felt a certain calling. 

As I was asked in my interview, ” Janelle, what direction would you like to go in counseling?”. My answer was “in women’s studies”….

When I look at that verse above, my heart includes, “the abandoned and/or abused.” I truly put women (with or without children), who have been left behind, in a category next to “widows in distress”. I know it’s not there. I’m not trying to change the bible. But, look at this fallen world. How could we turn our heads to this population? Does it break your heart as much as it does mine? Have you been there? Is someone you know there right now? Have you ever been to a battered women’s shelter? Did you live in one growing up…was your mom abused? Do you know what I’m saying? 

Jesus sure did.

My eyes are flooding with tears as He just reminded me of this as I have been writing. Please know, this wasn’t the direction of my blog post. Again, He’s guiding me. He’s reminding me of “The Woman at the Well, Mary Magdalene, and the Adulteress” …. He too has a heavy heart for women living under extreme difficulties. Ohhh, thank you Jesus for reminding me. What a comfort. 

Please also know, I love men too. I’m married to one, I’m raising one, there are quite a few in my family. My pastor is one. I’ve made plenty of widowers meals and will continue to do so. But, for some reason, God has me ministering to women and I’m not going to ask any questions. 

It’s so amazing how God can use each and every one of us for His good and for His glory. I just wanted to share with you the way he’s using me now….

How is he using you? 

 A video from the Women Living Well Conference…”Your Ministry”. 


The Best Cupcake Carrier Ever



If you’re a mom of children who are in school, chances are you’ve made a cupcake or two. The thing about cupcakes, is that there really isn’t an easy way to transport them…unless you have a handy-dandy cupcake carrier

My sweet friend, Courtney, over at Women Living Well,  got me this amazing cupcake carrier for Christmas this past year. I absolutely LOVE it! I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve used it. 

It allows space for 36 cupcakes.

It also gives ample room for stacking (no smooshing). The locks are nice and sturdy (no worries about a “party foul” he,he).

Need I say more, or should I add that it’s made in my most favorite color in the world? :) 

Thanks again, Courtney!!!! 


Such a great gift to give the Mama in your life! She’ll love it!!! It even holds cakes! 


Easy Baked Rigatoni



Mmmm….a delicious and easy dinner, what can be better? I recommend using freshly shredded mozzarella cheese as opposed to the bagged stuff….its much creamier.  

GF: Use GF rice noodles (rigatoni or penne) 

In a 9×13 pan, combine 2 (16 oz) boxes of boiled rigatoni noodles and 1 batch of Grandma Ruth’s spaghetti sauce (you may use 2 jars of pre-made sauce if desired/in a hurry). 

IMG_3479Mix well. 

IMG_3480Cover with freshly shredded Mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and garlic powder. 

Cover with foil and bake at 375 for 20 mins, uncover and broil on high for 3 minutes.

Easy Baked Rigatoni
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 2 (16 oz) boxes Rigatoni noodles (boiled and drained)
  • 1 batch Grandma Ruth's Spaghetti sauce (or 2 jars pre-made sauce)
  • 4 cups freshly shredded Mozzarella cheese
  • ¼ cup Parmesan Cheese
  • Garlic powder (to liking)
  1. Pre-heat oven to 375
  2. Combine sauce and cooked noodles in a 9x13 pan, stir.
  3. Cover with cheese.
  4. Cover with foil and bake for 20 mins.
  5. Turn broiler onto high heat and broil for 3 minutes until lightly browned.
  6. Serve hot out of the oven with a salad and crusty bread.



How to Melt Crayons into Molds



My sweet friend, Schelly recently posted this adorable crayon idea to her FaceBook wall. Bless her heart, she was so kind to let me share it with you!

So, the next time you go to throw away those broken crayons….

STOP! Collaborate and bake them. Hehe. 


Pre-heat your oven to 300 degrees. Gather up those broken crayons and place them in a silicone mold of your liking. Be creative! Bake for approximately 15 minutes until completely melted. 

They pop out, like so! 

These cut little guys are ready to create some beautiful projects! 

How to Melt Crayons into Molds
Serves: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • Broken crayons
  • Silicone mold
  1. Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees
  2. Take wrappers off of broken crayons
  3. Fill a silicone mold with broken crayons
  4. Bake for approximately 15 minutes until completely melted.
  5. Pop em out and color!



Eggs in a Bagel


The other day I shared on my personal FB page that I had made “Eggs in a Nest” for the kiddos. One of my friends mentioned that she made the same thing, but with bagels! By golly-how convenient- they already have holes! So, I had to try it her way. I added some cream cheese to the top half of the bagel and made them into sandwiches. Needless to say, they were a hit.

Seriously. So good.  

GF option: Use  Udi’s GF bagels. 

Start off by heating a skillet on medium-high heat.  Melt butter and place both side of your bagels onto the skillet.  Crack and egg and place it in the bottom halves of each bagel. Let cook for approximately 2 minutes. Add salt and pepper. Flip.   

Let cook on the other side until done.  

Add cream cheese to the top sides of each bagel. 

Place on top of the egg slices….Mmmm……

Eggs in a Bagel
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 4 bagels
  • 4 eggs
  • cream cheese
  • butter
  • salt and pepper
  1. Pre-heat skillet to medium-high heat.
  2. Add butter.
  3. Place both sides of the bagels on the skillet.
  4. Add an egg into the bottom half of the bagel.
  5. Let cook for approximately 3 minutes. Salt and Pepper. Flip.
  6. Let cook for an additional 3 minutes.
  7. Add cream cheese to the other side of the bagel and combine into a sandwich. Mmmmmmmmmm


Joni Eareckson- “God is never closer than when your heart is aching.”


photo credit

Late last night I was talking to my beloved cousin Jen (we are more like sisters than cousins…oh, I just love her). Anyways, she was telling me about her weekend spent at the Grand Ole Opry. She was working at a trade show for her company when she spotted a person whom she has greatly admired for years… Joni Eareckson. 

Now, I cannot believe I had not heard this name before, so I asked why she admired her. Then, she told me her story…

When Joni was young, she dove head first into a body of water, misjudging its depth. This caused her to become permanently paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Through this agonizing experience, she has openly shared her struggle with anger, depression, religious doubts, and suicidal thoughts. However, to God be the glory Joni began depending less on her own strength and finding strength in The Lord. 

Joni learned to paint with a paint brush in her mouth, sing, write books, and star in movies giving testimony to her life. 

Here’s a video….

As Jen and I were talking, I was so taken back by the choice this woman made for her life. Because she most certainly had a choice. She could have either let herself waste away in self-pitty, or she could have handed over her life to God and give Him glory.

I’m sure she cried out to God on many occasions to take this heavy burden away. But, He didn’t. I’m sure she wanted to give up. But she didn’t.  

Ladies, how many of us know how she feels? I know I do.  I can’t tell you how many times this bible passage from Paul has played in my mind…

“Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me—to keep me from exalting myself! Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.  Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong. ”
~2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Joni’s pictures and singing wouldn’t speak as loudly as they do if they came from a person who’s body was capable on its own strength. This woman is special beyond words. She has a new admirer…

Whatever it is that we are going through, let us remember this woman. We are all going to face trials- it is promised. But, we have a choice. 


My Favorite China- Chirp by Lenox



Hi Ladies! I get a lot of e-mails asking me about “my favorite things”. Typically, I respond via e-mail, but I will be sharing on here every now and again if I find something “blog-worthy”. Today, I just wanted to show  you my new favorite china pattern- it has me drooling. Isn’t it beautiful?! Better yet, it’s on sale!
They also have  adorable matching Christmas china! Did I mention I’m drooling? 

P.S. Ohhh, I just love birds! 

Lenox Simply Fine Chirp 4-Piece Place Setting

Lenox Simply Fine Chirp Figural Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Lenox Chirp Print 52 by 70, Oblong, 


Featured Post on TWW {Baked Potato Soup}

Potatoe Soup16-2

There’s nothing that can take the chill {of a very long winter} away better than a creamy, cheesy, and delicious bowl of Baked Potato Soup. Come join me over at The Time Warp Wife for this delicious recipe….it’s one of my favorites! 

While you’re there, you won’t want to miss out on Darlene’s newest book, “The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife” available in ebook and paperback form!



Sausage Gravy Over Mashed Potatoes

photo copy 2

photo copy 2Sausage gravy over mashed potatoes, served with steamed veggies.

Today I got a text message from Mom asking me if the kiddos and I would like to join her for dinner at her house. Ohhh…don’t you love getting those kinds of messages?!

Ahhh…no cooking -no cleaning up-what a blessing! And best yet, as you know, my mom is also an amazing cook. Tonight was no exception…

Here’s what she made…a delicious weeknight dinner that my entire family loves. 

{Click here for my favorite Mashed Potato Recipe }
GF Option: Use GF flour 

5.0 from 1 reviews
Sausage Gravy Over Mashed Potatoes
Serves: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 lb Bob Evan’s Sausage (bulk roll)
  • ⅓ cup flour
  • 3 cups milk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • Mashed Potatoes
  1. Cook sausage in a large skillet on medium high heat and crumble with a spatula.
  2. When sausage is cooked through, turn down heat to low.
  3. Add flour and stir to make a paste on the sausage.
  4. Add milk, salt and pepper and stir
  5. Turn heat back to medium high and stir constantly until it thickens into a gravy. (about 5 mins)
  6. Serve over Mashed Potatoes

Thanks for having us over, Mom!



The Girl in the Corner


Photo Credit

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

This was a big week for me. I had a panel group interview at a local college in hopes to get accepted into their Master’s of Clinical Counseling program. It was much different than I thought it would be…in a good way. As the eight of us took seats in a circle, a Graduate Assistant began to ask us questions. The first question was, ” What type of person are you drawn towards?” ….

Immediately, my mind put a spot light on “the girl in the corner.” 

As I sit here and write this, I’m crying. You’re probably wondering why I would be drawn to this girl…she excludes herself, she isn’t joyful, she’d weigh down a light-hearted girls night out, and if I wasn’t looking…I wouldn’t even notice her. 

Why then, would I be drawn to her? 

Because I was her. 

And if I allow it, she comes knocking back on my door, wanting to push me into the corner again. 

Ladies, believe me when I tell you this. During middle school, I was picked on, made fun of, lied to, tormented, and was always the last to be chosen in gym class. I was the girl that boys would “ask out” in order to dump  the next second to see my cry. I had little confidence, a flat chest, frizzy hair, and a big nose. I was labeled “prude”, a cry baby, and told I wasn’t any fun. For those of you who went to school with me, you may not remember this time of my life, but I sure do. 

I remember talking to God  (who I knew very little about at the time) and asking him “Lord, if you could make me prettier, more outgoing, maybe a cheerleader… or just someone more than I am already, I promise to remember what it’s like to feel this way and do something good with it.” 
As I entered High School things did start to change and I became friends with the “popular” crowd. And although I was considered this, I felt very much a part of the outer circle of this group. It wasn’t necessarily their fault at all-  I just didn’t really feel like I “fit in” anywhere, to be honest. I had a few very close friends who were (and are) still so dear to me, but I don’t think even they knew how I felt . I did a good job pretending to fit in. Even when I got voted onto “Prom Court”, I remembered standing there wondering if people would start to “boo” at me when I stood up there with my bouquet of flowers. 

About my talk with God. 

I think God may have taken me up on my offer as a child. He didn’t really make me what I wanted…He made me who HE wanted. He didn’t give me a perfect life-he gave me a broken life, in order for His light to shine through.

Thank God, because it’s hard to tell what kind of person I would have been on my own. 

“Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, caking in nothing.” – James 1:2-4

About my promise….

So, I got accepted into the program. 

photo copy




Comfy in the Kitchen is now a ZipList Provider!



Photo Credit 


Hi Ladies!

I’m so excited to let you know that I’m now an official partner with ZipList!

What does this mean you may be wondering?

Well, it’s a huge benefit to YOU because it helps to save your recipes from ALL of your favorite (participating) cooking blogs into ONE place.

Best yet- It’s FREE! All you have to do is sign up!

You can do this at the top of my web page by clicking on “Recipe Box” . Then, when you want to save a recipe from Comfy in the Kitchen you just click “Save” on my recipe card- it will always be there for you in your online recipe box!

There’s even more that ZipList offers….check it out! 

The maker’s of ZipList say: 

Simplify Your Life

ZipList makes meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze. Create your weekly meal plan, organize your grocery list and get money-saving coupons, all while waiting for your kids to get off the school bus. Sync your list and recipes up with your cell phone and you’re off to the store in minutes. Begin creating lists and finding recipes right now.

Search more than 1,300,000 recipes to add your favorites to your personal universal recipe box, and then quickly add ingredients to your shopping list. It’s never been easier to get in and out of the grocery store (and on with your life).

One Shopping List. Wherever You Get Inspiration

We are integrated with the web’s best food sites, used on favorite mobile apps, working with great celebrity chefs and accessible in many more ways. Your shopping lists follows you everywhere.

You will always have an up-to-date list and recipe box as ZipList seamlessly syncs online and on your phone.Free mobile apps mean you can take your shopping list wherever you go, plus use other cool features – like barcode scanning, which means you can add items directly to your list in a matter of seconds. How cool is that?


It’s Truly A Universal Recipe Box

Whether you find your favorite recipes on Martha Stewart, Pepperidge Farm, Skinnytaste or on any of the other hundreds of thousands of recipe sites on the web, we make it easy to save recipes for later. Simply look for the ZipList “Save Recipe” button to save new recipe to your universal recipe box or shopping list. You can also use our Web Recipe Clipper to clip and save recipes wherever you find them online. 


Plan Meals in Minutes. Make Dinners Your Whole Family Will Love

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Let Money-Saving Coupons Come to You

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Get the Buzz on ZipList

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I Was Caught!!!



Rhodes Double Rolls - Comfy in the Kitchen

cookingWithRhodesBannerHi Ladies!
Did I scare you?! Haha….

I was “caught” on the internet “cooking with Rhodes“. I can’t tell you how much I love Rhodes bread products. Please take a second to come visit me over at their blog where I share some of my favorite recipes using their frozen bread! 

Thank you, Rhodes for making my life a little more “Comfy”! What a blessing. 



Blonde Brownies



Words from my dear friend, *Amy: “Janelle, these are the best things I’ve ever tasted – they are like a cloud of deliciousness. I thought I was going to bite into a chewy bar, but it wasn’t so- it was…. fluffy and….and….. cloud-like! Can I eat the entire pan?”  Bahaaa…I warned her I would quote her.
*An alias has been used to protect the reputation of this “said friend”.  

Beat together softened butter and brown sugar. 


Beat in eggs, milk, and vanilla. 


Add flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. 


Beat well until creamy. Stir in chocolate chips.  


{Behind the scenes}


Batter will be thick. Spread in a greased 9×13 pan and bake at 350 for 30 mins until lightly browned. 




4.8 from 4 reviews
Blonde Brownies
Serves: 12
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 cup softened butter
  • 1½ cups brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 Tbsp milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp baking soda
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 12 oz chocolate chips (you may also add nuts)
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350
  2. Cream together butter and brown sugar
  3. Beat in eggs, milk, and vanilla
  4. In a separate bowl combine flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Add to the creamed mixture and beat well.
  5. Stir in chocolate chips.
  6. Pour into a prepared 9x13 pan and bake for 30 mins until lightly browned

Serve warm. Ohhh YUM. 


The Old, Made New!


Hi Ladies, I felt it would be appropriate to share with you a message that was given at my beloved church, Maranatha on this snowy Sunday morning. Good ole Pastor Bruce was preaching today. He’s a very friendly family-man who loves sports, people, and God. He also has a candid way about him…after he reads scripture (verse by verse -which I appreciate), he then gives a life metaphor to make it even more relatable.

We laugh, we cry, we pray, we ask God to search our hearts. It’s good stuff. 

Today we covered 2 Corinthians 6:17-20:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! All this is from God who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: That God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” 

Then we watched this video:

I wish we could see ourselves through God’s lens.

We were all born into sin, but because he gives those {who believe} a free pass through Jesus, we are as white as the snow currently covering my front lawn. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t look beautiful covered in that blanket of pure grace. But, when we choose to allow our flesh to take over (yes, even as Christians-and I laugh as I write that), it causes us a lot of grief when we are left to deal with earthly consequences….This vicious cycle leaves us with less time to do his work that he has prepared for us to do. Theoretically, we are on the clock-wasting time. 

My prayer today is for every living soul reading right now to ask God to search their hearts. We all struggle with sin in our lives. It could be gossip, sexual sin, gluttony, dishonesty, unforgiveness, jealousy, murder… anything. We all fall so very short of his glory, don’t we? My hand is raised.  But there is so much freedom in following God’s design for our lives. Living within the walls of His perfect word is comforting and delivering. There are times when I feel like I need to figure my life out…but I can’t. I then go to the word and the answers are always there for me. 

Sin isn’t always something we can control. There are times we are effected by the sin’s of others. It’s difficult. It’s not fair. But, just as God has forgiven us, we are to forgive others. God will see us through all of this. 

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,  to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”
~Ephesians 3:20-21

 Do you have a testimony to  share? Do you have a Before and After picture of yourself?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments….


The Most Loving Message We Can Share With Our Kids.


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Typically, on a day like today I would be showcasing some sort of delicious treat or endearing room mom adventure. But, instead, I wanted to share something even more special….

The Gospel told by a dad to his children in under 5 minutes.

This is the most loving thing you can share with your kids. No box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, or card could amount to taking just 5 minuites to explain just how much God loves us and what He did for us on the cross. 

“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

- Romans 5:8 

Please welcome a special guest and a dear family friend of ours, Steve Yoak. You aren’t going to want to miss how endearing it is to hear him explain the most loving message we can share with our kids. 

You are welcome to call your kiddos into the room to watch! 

Thank you so much, Steve!

Too often, we get  sidetracked by concentrating solely on rearing our children’s behavior. This is important, however it’s most important that we teach them The Gospel! What we do, how we do it, and why we do it…. all points to Him. 

Steve Yoak is an Ordained Pastor, is married to the love of his life Melissa, and is the father of 3 beautiful children. He manages his and Melissa’s Christian Counseling Practice, Dayspring Counseling, in Northeastern Ohio.

Although I make Steve my homemade macaroni and cheese, he breaks my heart by telling me he favors Kraft out of the box. Through grace alone, I remain his friend. 

His wife is one of my dearest friends! 



What Men Want For Valentine’s Day & An “All Red” Dinner!


Photo credit

Hi Ladies! My dear friend Courtney, from Women Living Well is here today sharing what many of us are wondering: “What are our men desiring from us for Valentine’s Day?” 

Courtney writes:

This Friday is Valentine’s Day. In a lot of marriages, this day comes and goes without a whole lot of acknowledgement. We women see it on the calendar – we know it’s there, we’ve helped our children write out all their little Valentine’s Day cards…and we cross our fingers that our husband NOTICES it is Valentine’s Day.

If you are a lucky one – you will get a card, flowers, dinner out, maybe some chocolates and some romance. And well – the rest of us…it might not happen and we’ll just have an annoying day lol!

 But rather than waiting around for something that might not happen – how about we use this day to show our husbands appreciation for the blessing that they are in our lives. This day gives us a reason to shower our husbands with some extra Tender Loving Care!!!

Remember – there are no exceptions in the Bible where it says on Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day we have permission to get selfish and self-centered.

Philippians 2:3,4 says “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” 

My husband is thoughtful. It is not uncommon for him to show up with my favorite drink from Starbucks, a late night run to fill my car up with gas, or a timely back rub. But he’s not Mr. Romance. I am 100% secure in his love for me by the way he works so hard to provide, listens to my long detailed stories lol!, protects me and the children and does a whole slew of other things 365 days a year! I don’t want to despise him on February 14th for not coming up with a soap opera type romantic extravaganza. I know it’s not gonna happen and it probably won’t happen for about 90% of us! 
So why not have some fun planning something special for our husbands and making a memory! Do you know what your husband wants? There’s still quite a few days left – so ask him!

 Let me make a suggestion as to what a majority of men want even if they aren’t willing to say it:

1. A great tasting, looking, smelling home cooked meal and home cooked dessert (I plan to make an all red dinner – red drink – red spaghetti – red dessert)
2. You pursuing him for a night of passion (remember you are married – HAVE fun! God created passion for us married folk! lol!) Don’t be afraid to flirt again – wink at him across the table – suggest what is for dessert after the kids are in bed *wink*. Loosen’ up and have fun! Make a memory that neither of you will forget!
3. Write a letter expressing all the things you admire about him. Consider reading it out loud to him at dinner in front of your children. Or if you are going out to dinner – put your list in your purse and then pull it out in the middle of dinner and read it to him. Trust me – he will LOVE it!

 Which of the three does your husband need from you right now?

Thank you so much for your insight, Courtney! I love all of these ideas. I took your “all red meal” idea and ran with it….here we go! 

Strawberry Spinach Salad 
This salad can be made ahead of time and tossed with the dressing when you’re ready to serve! 

Homemade Lasagna
This is an excellent choice to make ahead of time ( the night before) so that you don’t have to clean up the kitchen on Valentine’s day! Add a little extra sauce and wait to bake until you are ready! 

IMG_9328Chocolate Covered Strawberries
These are a classic treat for Valentine’s day and they are SO easy to make! 

Simple Party Punch
Here’s a delicious drink the entire family will enjoy. 

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!!!  

Courtney Joseph is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Evangelism and Discipleship. Courtney is the founder of Women Living Well Ministries and is the author of the book “Women Living Well”. She can be found writing about a woman’s walk with God, marriage, parenting, and homemaking at


Wedding Cake Trends in 2014 (& one of my dearest friend’s weddings)

K&R 081

This is a traditional naked cake, icing sugar dusted and decorated with strawberries and fresh roses.  Absolutely beautiful!
One of 2014′s wedding cake trends: The absolutely stunning  “Naked Cake“.

Ahhh, I just love a wedding. The purpose, the excitement, supportive family and friends, the beautiful gowns, handsome tuxedos, laughter, tears, and delicious meals (not to mention cake!).  

Today, I have a special guest, Halee Gallagher. She’s here to tell us about what wedding cakes are “up and coming” in 2014.
Halee says:

“Close your eyes and think about weddings – your mind most likely jumps immediately to dresses, flowers and dramatic cakes with multiple layers and intricate designs. Yes, these towering desserts are the true stars of the reception, second only to the bride and groom. Just like different bridal gowns have different popular themes from one year to the next, wedding cake designs are subject to trends. Below are some details to look out for in 2014!

Metallic colored cakes were popular in 2013 and will stick around this year as well.  Some will have just one layer in a metallic color such as gold or silver, while others will feature entire, shiny exteriors. Some may choose to have metallic accents on their cake, such as fabulous gold leaves or sophisticated silver beads.  Metallic colors on wedding cakes look ultra-glamorous and are always a favorite because of their elegance; this look works well with art deco décor, as well as quirky, contemporary looks.

 A quirky trend which has been seen before is to have the wedding dress and cake mirror one another. This option is especially apt for Great Gatsby styled events, as every detail of the décor should reflect the era’s opulence. You can incorporate pearls, peacock feathers, gems, bows, fabrics and more into the motif; for inspiration, check out the vintage inspired wedding dresses of David’s Bridal and Demetrios.
mint green and copper wedding cake inspiration   Green-Ombre-Wedding-Cake-with-Copper-FlowersThe elegant “Ombre Cake

 Ombre colored cakes will be a huge hit in 2014. This particular wedding cake style showcases a bold, bright color at the base of the cake that gradually fades to very light color at the top.  Some are covered in fondant, some have a ruffled frosting look, and you might even see a plain colored cake with a trail of ombre colored flowers.  These eye-catching/fun cakes typically feature the main hue of the wedding theme, and are well-suited for summery outdoor weddings, due to the cheerful use of color.

For rustic weddings, naked cakes have become extremely popular. This particular style does not feature the traditional outer layer of frosting, instead relying upon the batter’s natural hue to create a charmingly minimalistic aesthetic. Naked cakes are typically topped with fruits, nuts, sauces or fresh flowers making it simple, yet breath taking.

rustic natural wedding cake LOVE IT fresh flowers leavesThe gorgeous “Nature Inspired Cake

Many brides will be choosing nature-inspired wedding cakes this year.  These deserts feature elements found in the great outdoors such as twigs, leaves, birds’ nests, and pine cones, as well as ocean-themed touches like sea shells.  For an added rustic touch, the cakes are sometimes placed on a natural cut piece of tree trunk instead of the typical stand. While this specific design is obvious appropriate in an outdoor function, it can also be used to strategically bring natural charm to an indoor wedding.

Thank you so much, Halee! It looks as though 2014 will have some beautiful weddings. 

Speaking of weddings….I was recently blessed to be a part of one of my dearest friend’s. Here are some photos. Her wedding (and cake) was absolutely gorgeous too…

K&R 081

A beautiful bride and beautiful gowns

K&R 220


So beautiful…

K&R 239

I was so honored to pray over their marriage. I love them both so much!!! 

*Please share this post with the love birds in your life! 



EASY Sticky Rice (In the CrockPot)



I’m a bit of a “rice snob”- I’m not a fan of rice in a bag, rice out of the microwave, or minute rice.

I do adore “official” sticky rice, but if you’ve ever made it you know it’s a process! Here’s a quick and easy way to make delicious sticky rice in no time at all. Just throw your rice, water and butter in a CrockPot on high heat for 2 hours and it’s done!


You won’t want rice any other way after you try this! LOVE it.

Recipes you may enjoy with this: 
General Tso’s Chicken (Low-Fat)

Cashew Chicken 

Crispy Orange Beef with Broccoli

5.0 from 2 reviews
EASY Sticky Rice (In the CrockPot)
Serves: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 2 cups rice
  • 4 cups water
  • ¼ cup butter
  1. Place all ingredients in a CrockPot.
  2. Cover and set on high heat for 2 hours until done.
  3. When done, set on warm until ready to use.





Peanut Butter Rice Squares (GF and DF)


For the beloved allergy sufferers in your life…here’s a treat that won’t be beat! It’s gluten-free, dairy free and delicious! You and your family are going to love these. 

Disclaimer: You may want to eat the entire pan, please prepare with caution. ;)

Heat sugar and corn syrup to a boil then add peanut butter- stir until melted together.

Add rice crispy cereal

Prepare your pan with Earth Balance. My children LOVE these! 

(PB Rice Squares pictured on right) 

5.0 from 2 reviews
Peanut Butter Rice Squares (GF and DF)
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 cup Karo white corn syrup
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 6 cups rice crispy cereal
  • Earth Balance or any other Dairy Free spread to prepare pan.
  1. Pour corn syrup and sugar into a large saucepan on medium-high heat.
  2. Let boil.
  3. Add peanut butter and stir until melted.
  4. Take off of heat and add rice crispy cereal.
  5. Pour into a prepared (with Earth Balance) pan and press down with wet (washed/clean) hands.
  6. Let cool then cut.


Buffalo Chicken Dip


It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Wohooo!!!! Here is an EXCELLENT appetizer to make for the Sport’s Fans in your life. It’s one of my family favorites….(I could eat this until I get sick).

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Serves: 10
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 2 cans (10 oz) Chicken Breast; drained
  • ½ to ¾ cup buffalo wing sauce ( I like Frank’s-adding more will increase the “heat”)
  • 1 cup of Ranch dressing
  • 3 cups freshly shredded Colby-Monterey Jack Cheese (Cheddar works well too)
  • Scoops Tortilla Chips/ Celery for dipping
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350.
  2. Using an electric mixer, mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.
  3. Place in a 9x13 pan or casserole dish.
  4. Bake, covered in foil, for 20 mins. Take foil off, continue to bake for 15 mins or until bubbly.





Chocolate Dipped Strawberries






With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’ll want to Pin this simple recipe! It’s a great one to make and enjoy with the children (and with your “Special Someone”). 

There are a couple of tricks I share to make certain your chocolate sticks to the strawberry-please make sure to take note! 

*Naturally GF


Place 2 cups of chocolate chips (your choice) in a microwaveable bowl. Add 2 Tbsp of vegetable oil and microwave for 1 min.  


Take out and stir. Microwave 1 min more. 


Rinse strawberries and pat dry. 


Chocolate is done! The vegetable oil gives it a smooth texture….


Dip and done! 


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Serves: 4-6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 Carton (about 15) strawberries
  • 2 Cups of chocolate chips
  • 2 Tbsp vegetable oil
  1. Place chocolate chips and oil in a microwavable bowl. Place in microwave for 1 min, stir, microwave for 1 min more and stir.
  2. Rinse strawberries and pat dry with a paper towel.
  3. Dip strawberries in chocolate. Set on serving dish and cover/refrigerate until ready to serve.



Where is “Comfy in the Kitchen” Contributing Next????



photo credit

Ladies, I’m so excited to let you in on this exciting news! Today is the day that I begin contributing to a blog that is near and dear to my heart. This particular friend helped me, way back when, start my blogging journey…. 

 (Drum roll please)

I’m sure you all know and love her…

Photo: Found this on Google Images... :)

My beloved friend, Darlene from The Time Warp Wife  is who you will find me visiting with each month!

I’ll be over there sharing  “comfy” recipes from my heart to your home. I pray that this will encourage even more women who desire to make their homes a haven for their families. 


So, after all the work Darlene did for me, out of the kindness of her heart….would you like to know what sent to her? Click here to find out.….it’s one of my favorite recipes!!! Come visit me on my first day! 

Love to you, Janelle 


Super Bowl Recipes Around the Blogosphere!




Ohhhh, I’m getting old.

I used to watch the Superbowl for the food, fellowship and the ads.  As the years have gone by, and I’ve become a Mama, my sense of humor has become very G rated. So, let me re-phrase my initial statement: “I don’t watch the Superbowl, I just make food for the people in my home who watch the Superbowl.”

Sound familiar? 

I’m envisioning all of us gathered around my dining room table, while the men in our lives yell from the living room…in full belief that their cheers are heard through the television screen. 

Here are some recipes I’ve found that will keep the football fans (and the ladies in the living room) cheering for seconds!  


I recently shared on the blog how to make cake balls -However, when I saw this recipe for Oreo Cookie Balls -I  LOVED how easy it was. It’s amazing that these little helmets of yumminess only have 4 ingredients. 


Piggies in a Blanket is always a winning appetizer! 


Crab Football Spread Recipe

My son, the seafood lover, will be hooten and hollering over this Crab Football Spread


Ya just gotta have wings! Make sure you have plenty of Ranch dressing to boot. 

Mini Football Subs

How cute and easy are these Mini Football Subs?! 


Have fun being creative…. and serving the football fans in YOUR life! 


Rejoicing with my Bloggy Friends!




“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

-Romans 12:15

Hi Ladies, 

Wow, so much has been going on this week with my friends in “Blog Land” – I wanted to take the chance to clue you all in as I am just thrilled to pieces with the way the Lord is working in all of their lives and ministries.

Today, I am rejoicing with my very special friends…


My dear friend Adina from “Take them a Meal”  featured Comfy in the Kitchen’s Black Bean Soup with Rice. This is an excellent (and naturally gluten-free) soup to make on those brisk winter nights! If you are up for it, make a little extra and share it with a friend…you know I love a meal ministry!

Please be praying for TTAM and for the Spirit to move even more people to be inspired to cook for those in need! 

Best Ever Black Bean Soup

Moving along…

Another one of my dearest friends, Courtney, from Women Living Well is continuing on with her Book Club. You do not need her book to do this study (but who wouldn’t want a copy?)- Just pop on over and be encouraged! Tomorrow, Courtney will be sharing the Comfy in the Kitchen “Your Ministry” part of our WLW Conference. If you’re desiring Christian fellowship from the comfort of your own home, this is the place to be. If you are wondering what God can do with you…this is the video to watch! YOU can be used mightily!!!! 

Book Club header week 2 chapter 5

Oh boy, Oh boy!

It’s time to partaaaay with my amazingly talented, and super fun friend Karen Ehman! She just released,  “Every Day Confetti” , co-authored with yet another amazing woman, Glynnis Whitwer. You won’t want to miss out on this book!

Karen says:

“Got a calendar packed with reasons to celebrate but a brain that lacks ideas? Special people you want to love on but limited time to do it?

Relax. Have I got a book for you! Everyday Confetti, the celebration go-to guide by Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer  of Proverbs 31 Ministries, gives women the ideas and the motivation they need to make such occasions less daunting. You can get that Pinterest feel of perfection without all the hassle and time-consuming steps. They provide creative ideas and menu plans for:

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Special Events
  • Unique Occasions–{like book lovers day, name day or Johnny Appleseed day}
  • Seemingly ordinary days too!”

Sounds right up my alley, Karen! Wohoo! 

(Karen, did you realize that Disney’s “Frozen” is featuring a song about your last book? Hmmm….very, very interesting. I’m reminded of this daily by my little girls, lol) 


Also, my beloved friend Darlene from Time Warp Wife unveiled her latest e-book today! in “The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife“, Darlene discusses 17 virtues which call us to action! She also includes methods of study to meditate on. Buy one for yourself and for a friend and encourage each other in your walk as wives! 


Ohhh…I can’t forget Joy…precious Joy. If you haven’t been over to her site, you simply must  take quick moment to hear her message on The Cross and Mothering. Joy always has a way to deeply inspire me- she is beautiful inside and out. 

As you can see, I have some pretty amazing friends who God has done some pretty amazing things through! I’m so happy for all of them! 

Love to you, 



How to Make Cake Pops





My dear friend Mem loves cake pops. Whenever we go out for coffee, she’s sure to add one of these little balls of goodness to the order. Being raised in Thailand, she didn’t grow up around a lot of baked goods. Which I honestly never thought of until she mentioned it to me! So, the other day while we were talking, she asked if I  knew of anyone who made cake pops because she’d like to have some for her daughter’s birthday. I couldn’t think of anyone, but I told her I’d be glad to make some for her. 

So guess what? 

I had never made cake-pops. 


So, I called my cousin Jen who’s the “Cake-Pop Making Queen” and asked her how she went about this business. She shared her tips and tricks with me, and I have to say I was quite pleased with the outcome…and thankfully so was Mem and her sweet daughter. 

What a blessing it was to serve a dear friend and her daughter! 


Start off by making a boxed cake as directed (folks with gluten allergies can use GF cake mix, however I suggest using 2 boxes of GF mix because they tend to be much smaller ). Make as directed and bake accordingly. 


You can choose any flavor you wish- I chose a yellow cake this time. 




When the cake is cool enough to touch, crumble it in a medium-sized bowl. Add 1/2 container of frosting. I suggest using cream cheese frosting because it’s not as sweet. But, if you have a chocolate cake, chocolate frosting would work great, and so on. 


Mix this with a spoon until it’s in the consistency of raw cookie dough. 


Lay out parchment/wax paper on a cookie tray. Roll balls the size of 1 heaping Tbsp. 


 Melt 1/2 cup of  colored chocolate wafers with 1 tsp of vegetable oil in the microwave for 1 minute . 


Dip sticks into the melted chocolate and place them into the balls. REFRIGERATE for 4 hours. If you skip this step, you’ll be in for a messy time. 


Melt remaining chocolate with 1 Tbsp vegetable oil 1 min at a time. stirring in between times. Lay cake ball on its side and swirl in a circle covering it with chocolate.

(This one was scarfed down by the “taste tester” in the background, lol- he was quite amazed by this recipe. Let’s just say, I was very glad I made extra.) 


If you’re using sprinkles (which is so much easier) now is the time to put them on. If you’re decorating, wait for them to dry, then decorate. The faces will fall if you put them on now. 


Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s sell adorable “flare” made for cake-pops! These were super cute…I used the orange triangles for the beaks and feet and the yellow ovals for the wings and “hair”.  For the eyes, I used a toothpick and the black icing. 


I used frosting to secure the candy pieces and chocolate to secure the little fro on top. 


Wilton’s also makes special boxes for cake balls….love them! 


And away we went…..

These are not only super adorable-they’re amazingly delicious. The cake inside is so succulent and moist! Add “coated in chocolate”, and you just can’t go wrong. Mmmmmm!

[yumprint-recipe id='12']


Saving Money Tips!

business electricity quotes
Hi Ladies!
For those of you who are not on Facebook, I wanted to clue you in on what is happening over at the Comfy page! About three to four times a week I’ve been posting simple (doable!) ministry ideas. Nothing big, just Comfy.
Some examples have been:
  • Take a person who works out in the cold a warm drink. This could be your school’s recess monitor, mail carrier, trash collector, etc. 
  • Text your husband that you love him and let him know how much you appreciate _____.
  • Send a “Thinking of You” card to someone who may be struggling. 
  • Cut out cable and use the money to sponsor a child from Compassion.
  • Send a pizza on a Friday night to a young family with children. There are $10 large 1 topping specials going on at several establishments. 

 This is the most recent ministry idea:

(This is applicable to working and/or SAHM’s)

Our hubby’s are working hard in a world that is full of “fluff”. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of purchasing things we don’t need. Prayerfully consider each purchase you buy as to lessen your husband’s stress level. (I started shopping at Aldi’s and have saved 40% on my grocery bill! That’s $300-$400 a month. YIKES! I don’t need coupons either, Wohoo!) What are ways YOU save money and/or what have you or could you take out of your budget?

Because I felt the answers to this were so valuable, I wanted to share some of them with you! 

“Survivor week! Last week of the month, don’t grocery shop… Get creative with what’s left in your pantry and fridge!” – Shoshanna 

 “How do I save money? I stay home. If I’m not in the stores I can’t spend money. This is easy for me because I like staying home.” – Char  

 “I decided my motto this year is, “I don’t need that.”…Let’s hope it works!” -Patti


 “Thanks for sharing. I lots of times feel ‘not buying’ as something that suffocates me. I never looked at it as lessening my husband’s burden. I hope to keep this in the forefront of my mind as I shop. Yes, Aldi helps us save drastically too.” – Carmel

“I never pay full price for any clothing item, I make all of my own cleaning supplies, use soap nuts, and have most of my paper goods and a few other things delivered from Amazon Subscribe and Save where I save 20% over what I would pay if I bought the exact same items at the store. I also shop at Aldi and always, always plan a weekly menu (though admittedly we go in waves with how well we stick to it). “-Heidi 


 “This month my sister and I have committed to eat from our pantry with allowing a small amount of money for dairy and fruit/veggies and no spending beyond our bills for the home and car.” – Nicole

 “Love this! I shop at Goodwill and love consigning and consignment shops. I also love giving hand me downs to friends that have children younger than mine.” -Suzan

 “I make all our household cleaners and clothes detergent in order to save money. I, also, make our bread and condiments to save money.” -Angela

 “I don’t shop for clothes very often, and I don’t tend to spend a lot on them when I do. I always look for sales every week in the grocery store ads, and tend to stock up when I find good deals. We try to eat all the leftovers (there are just the two of us now).” -Liz

 “Well, I’m a couponer.  Also, I love Aldis! I make and freeze things like waffles and muffins and corn dogs in big batches. I make my own cleaning products. And for clothes and things like that, I go to thrift and consignment stores, garage sales and clearance racks. I’ve always been a bargain shopper!”

 “Instead of using fabric softener and use white vinegar instead – it makes our clothes so soft and smell fresh.
I use 3/4 cup and fill the rest up with water.” -Nicole

Another food for thought:

I am very big on purchasing “needs”. Sometimes our minds can trick us when we shop sales or go to the thrift store for our “wants”. Every dollar spent is a dollar that isn’t used towards needs, saved, or for the needs of others. For example: $100 that is spent at Goodwill is just like $100 spent at Target, or Ann Taylor, or Macy’s.  It is what it is! LOL! 

Thank you to all the ladies who gave ideas. This is such great wisdom! Please comment on this post if you have more thoughts! 

“Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17 





EASY Teriyaki Chicken Wings




Ahhhh wings. For some reason, they are a “big deal” in this house. Watching “the game” and eating wings go hand in hand. I don’t know about you, but there are times I get very disappointed by the wings I purchase from a pizza shop. They’re not cheap and at times, they are a little on the puny side. Here’s a great recipe that will be sure to please the sport’s fans in your home-I know I get plenty of cheers when these come out of the oven! 

Serve with celery, ranch and/or blue cheese. They’re finger licking good, so hold the napkins! Enjoy. 

*Use GF soy sauce for a GF appetizer! 


In a medium bowl  mix ketchup, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, vinegar, brown sugar and oil. 


Place 2 dozen wings in a 9×13 pan.

( I used foil for easy clean-up but you certainly don’t have to if you don’t want). 


Pour sauce over top and bake 



Top with green onions and serve with your choice of dipping sauce! Mmmmmm…..


[yumprint-recipe id='11']


“Short Cut” Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup



For those of you who follow on Facebook , you know that my family has been battling quite a fews seasonal bugs over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday was the day all of us Mama’s dread… Being sick, taking care of sick children. Ohhh…that’s the hardest, isn’t it? 

One thing my mom always made for me when I was sick as a child (along side of toast and hot tea) was chicken and rice soup. Last night, I didn’t have it in me to go all-out, so I cheated a bit. By using a roaster chicken and canned broth, I took a ton of time off of a traditionally made chicken soup. 

This soup was so delicious and was the only thing that the kiddos would yesterday. 


*GF option noted below 


Make your rice according to package directions. I use stovetop rice rather than instant- it’s definitely worth the extra 10 mins. Set it aside. 


Saute chopped carrots, onions, and celery in butter. 


I always have a pre-roasted chicken on hand. These go for about $5-$6 at your grocer’s deli area. They come in handy for soups, tacos, or just slicing and serving with a potato and veggie. 


Tear pieces of the chicken away from the bone like so. Be careful not to include fat, bones, or skin. 



Sauté chicken for 2 mins in the veggies. 


Your cooked rice awaits…



Add 2 large cans of chicken broth to your rice. 


Then add your sautéed veggies and chicken.   


For added flavor I always…I mean always…add this very soup base. I’m not a fan of bouillon cubes and/or granules. 


Make a roux with butter, flour and some of your chicken broth. Add it to your soup as a thickening agent. 


Cover and let simmer for approximately 10 mins. Stir well.   


Mmmmm….nothing tasted better on a day where tummies were grumbling. Enjoy! 


[yumprint-recipe id='10'] 





Chocolate Pudding Delight

photo 2

photo 2

Happy New Year everyone!

I just got home from having a delicious meal over at Mom’s with family and friends. The annual New Year’s Day pork and sauerkraut dinner is always a hit in my family.  Everything was so delicious! Grandma Ruth came strong with her amazing Chocolate Pudding Delight that I thought to share with you! 

Excuse the photo quality as I took these on my phone….

photo 3

Thanks for another yummy recipe, Grandma! Love ya! 


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Sharing our lives with one another…



Men and women, arms around each other in a circle

(photo credit)

” We loved you so much that we were delighted not only to share with you the gospel of God, but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 2:8

Words Paul wrote to his beloved church in Thessalonica.  


Have you ever been in ministry?

While it might seem glamourous to be in the spotlight or given a special task, but for most of us in ministry it’s an uncertain, prayerful, insecure, and ultimately obedient….ummmm, yes? 

From my own experience, I can attest it wasn’t anything I sought out, ever wanted or saw myself doing. I was not prepared for this, raised for this, or born with an outgoing personality for this. Not only that, I struggle with “people pleasing”. For those of you in ministry, nod your head if you agree that ministry is not the place for a person who struggles with “people pleasing”. Are you with me? 

Nevertheless, when we work for the Lord, whether it is big or small in our eyes, we are saying…

Yes, I will love and rave about you, Lord. 

Yes, I will imitate you.

Yes, I will share your word. 

Yes, I will serve you.

Yes, I will love others.

But there is more. So much more….and if we don’t allow the “more”, we are missing the big picture of what God wants us to do. 

Paul says with all sincereity that he loved his church so much that he shared his life with them. 

John 3:16 says:

” For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” 

God loved us so much….he shared his life and ultimately gave his life for us. 

I don’t know about you, but this brings me to tears. 

It also brings me to my knees convicting me that I have been in the position of “self-closure” in order to protect myself from getting hurt. 

I’ll do all of these things Lord, but share my life with others? Really? What if they misunderstand me? Talk about me? Become competitive? Judge? Realize I’m not that awesome? Leave me?What if….what if….what if. 

I’m fairly certain that many people in ministry or even just in general have a difficult time with sharing their lives with others because of the fears that come along with it. It would be very easy to fall into the trap of placing an invisible glass curtain (or in this case, screen)  separating the servant from those being served.  I’m here- you’re there. This is good. I love you, you love me…wave hi!!!

It just doesn’t work that way. 

When we love, we need to love hard, be on the front lines, and leave the “what if thinking” behind us. We need to be “all about it”. 

Going into the new year, I challenge you Ladies to do this….share your lives with others as an act of obedience to God.  Paul loved the Thessalonians without question. In the position he was in, he could have been so easily rejected and forgotten. Not only that, God knew the final outcome when He came here in the flesh- He didn’t have to “what if”, yet He did it anyways knowing ….fully knowing. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts…..

Much love to you, Janelle 




Easy Crescent Veggie Bars



My friend Katina hostesses an annual ornament exchange with all of us girlfriends. It’s always such a great time with friends, food and fun! Here is one of her many delicious appetizers I wanted to showcase- it would make a great New Year’s Eve appetizer too! Enjoy! 


Thank you Katina!! 

[yumprint-recipe id='8']




So, enough about food and stuff…..



photo credit

Let’s talk contentment. 

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “contentment”, it stops me in my frazzled, scattered, insecure tracks. It’s the magic word that calms my spirit and taps me on the shoulder, reminding me to keep my priorities in check. 

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”~2 Corinthians 12:9 

Wouldn’t it be so awesome if we all walked around delighted, wearing smiles, truly grasping that “His grace is sufficient?!”

Let me yell it out-it’s sufficient Ladies! It truly is! He wouldn’t have said it if He didn’t mean it.

 So, the moment we feel guilty for not being able to afford the Christmas for our children that the neighbors can this year, or if we are burdened beyond what we ever dreamed of, or if we are in a mental trap believing  everyone else has it better. Remember, God knew we’d all go through the same thought processes. But, He reminds us that His grace is sufficient. He sees the big picture, we simply don’t. 

Another thing, everyone who is living and breathing is  hurting on one level or the other. Life isn’t easy for anyone. I know, I know…you’ve got this friend who glamorously showboats her perfect life on FB (I could be her!). It makes you almost physical hurt to compare your life to hers. Well, let me tell ya, she’s got issues….I’ve got issues. It’s promised. So, when we’ve got issues…that’s where the “Christ’s power resting on me” comes into play. Flaunt that blanket of comfort like it’s going out of style. Wear it- own it- don’t you let those worldly things get you down.

Not that I speak from want; for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. ~Philippians 4:11-12

 The one thing that always stays the same? Change. So, if you are in a time of prosperity- live it up! There will be a time of change. If you are in a time of anguish, take heart- this too will pass. Are you ill? God will heal you here or there. Is there a relationship that is troubling you? Time will pass, as will your burden. But whatever the case may be, pray for the Lord to help you to be content.

Have you ever heard of Charles Dickens’ famous quote from A Tale of Two Cities?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us.”

I can definitely remember some best of times, worst of times concoctions in my own life. One memory that comes to mind was the year we had our third baby and my husband was unemployed. Ohhh, what a recipe.  That baby was the best, happiest, most joyful little thing…a true blessing! But, what in the world? We had no income!? Oh, and not to mention I came down with the infamous Swine Flu. Let me tell you, that was fun….nursing with a mask over my face and doubled over in pain from a broken rib brought on from coughing. All along, I got the chance to be with this sweet precious newborn baby who loved the very sight of me. I remember how she’d kick, flail her arms and did the wide open Gerber baby smile every time she saw me. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I learned to be content and ride the wave. 

If you are struggling in this area, my suggestion is this (and I’ve done this often). Write down your needs, blessings and prayer requests. Do this every day. We cannot change everything going on around us, but we can alter our thinking. If we lay it out in front of us, we see with our own eyes how God is working. This helps us to give God glory over our lives. At times we need to just shut out our own internal dialogue that keeps us from being content and battle it out with some good old contentment, no matter what is going on. No matter what is going on.

I’ll say it again….no matter what is going on.


Love to you, Janelle



Frugal Holiday Traditions



Everyone has certain traditions that they partake in this time of year, whether if that’s decorating the tree on Thanksgiving Day or volunteering at the food bank to spread Christmas cheer. However, it’s all too easy to take a look at your bank account on January 2nd and cringe with buyer’s remorse. You don’t have to sacrifice a merry holiday season in order to save money; here are four traditions that we do in my household that are not only fun, but budget friendly as well.

Decking The Halls

To add a bit of spirit to every nook and cranny, we remove the labels from jam and sauce jars, wash them out thoroughly, fill them with tinsel, pine needles, pinecones and more, and scatter them throughout the home. Additionally, we utilize solar powered Christmas lights like these to decorate the outside of our home and keep the walkway well-lit. Not only do they operate without an ugly power cord, but they also save money on the electric bill. To add additional glow, employ traditional paper bags and put a candle with some sand inside each one. The sand will hold down the paper bag and secure the candle. Light each one just before dusk to affordably create a whimsical appearance. See if you can get your neighbors to participate as well to make the whole neighborhood gorgeously illuminated.


We are always trying to instill in our children that gift-giving is not just about the tangible present, but the good intentions behind it as well. Although we do give our family some of the things they want, we also use service jars as gifts. We like to decorate jars and put favors each side each jar for each family member. Inside each recipient’s container, we place handwritten slips of paper that outline favors we plan on doing for others. Our children have put down activities like “washing dishes after dinner” and “walk the dog for a week,” and my husband and I have documented ideas like “play tag in the park” and “bake whichever dessert the family chooses.” This is not only easy to do on a low budget, but helps us to further our appreciation of one another.

Holiday Party Treats

When any of our children’s social circles or classes has a holiday party, parents are expected to contribute, no matter whether it’s a fiesta for Spanish class or a party hosted by the swim coach. My husband and I are also invited to more adult get-togethers in which it is polite to bring some sort of dish along. Needless to say, being invited to a series of holiday bashes can be quite costly.

Over the years, we’ve found two signature treats we love making that are also affordable: rice crispy treats and hummus. In order to make them particularly festive, we prepare our rice crispy treats with marshmallows, rice crispy and butter, but instead of cutting them into squares, we’ll shape the mixture into balls, add a little bit of food coloring and turn them into Christmas ornaments like this (SO cute). You can even use a cookie cutter to make them into candy canes or Christmas trees with M&Ms and peppermint pieces for decoration. For “holiday hummus,” we buy the traditional form of the spread (you can make it from scratch as well) and mix it with avocado to make it green. After that, we put red tomatoes or peppers as garnish in the middle, and chips all around the bowl.

Christmas Fun

Going to an opera house or a theatre can get expensive, especially if you have a large family. We love going to Christmas shows but, instead of paying a lot of money per person to go to a formal theater, we’ll visit church performances and community centers for a much cheaper price. Furthermore, supporting these local organizations are a phenomenal opportunity to give back to the community.

We hope these ideas fit into your “celebration” regimen, making your life a little easier, but still festive, and saving you some money along the way. From our household to yours, have a very, Merry Christmas!

~Samantha Cummings


Winter Berry Salad Wreath w/ Lemon Poppyseed Dressing


I’ve gotten SO many requests to post this -it was an original given to Candace Cameron when we had Roomag. So, here it is ladies :) Enjoy! 

This is one of the most beautiful salads you could ever prepare for such a time of year as this. Be as creative as you wish turning this winter berry salad into a beautiful Christmas wreath. The mix of textures along with the sweet and savory flavors make this salad as delicious as it is pretty. Your guests will be ranting and raving all evening. Enjoy!

In a round dish (generally used for chips and dip), add iceberg lettuce.

Lay mixed greens on top of iceberg like so.

On each side, create a circle pattern with spinach leaves (this is for decoration)

Thinly slice pears for decoration ( chop additional pears to place in salad) Add a bunch of grapes and whole strawberries to sides of wreath for additional decoration.

Chop apple and place on salad

Add chopped pears and apples, then strawberries, dried cranberries, cashews, blue berries and gorgonzola cheese. Decorate the sides of the “wreath” as creatively as you wish.

For dressing, squeeze the juice of one lemon ( approximately 1/2 cup lemon juice)

Add juice to a blender or food processor along with honey, onions, prepared dijon mustard, poppy seeds, and olive oil.

Blend well on medium speed until well combined.

Place dressing in the center for serving. Is this not the most beautiful salad you have ever seen? Not to mention delicious AND festive!

Bringing a dish? This one is perfect to wrap up and take! (Everyone will ask , “Who made this beautiful salad?!”)

5.0 from 1 reviews
Winter Berry Salad Wreath w/ Lemon Poppyseed Dressing
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 1 head of Iceberg lettuce
  • 4 cups mixed greens
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 2 bunches grapes
  • 1 apple (chopped)
  • 1 Pear (chopped and sliced for decoration)
  • 6 Strawberries (2 whole for decorating the rest chopped)
  • ½ cup dried cranberries
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • ½ cup crumbled gorgonzaoa cheese
  • ½ cup lemon juice
  • ½ cup honey
  • 1 Tbsp diced fresh onion
  • 1 tsp dijon mustard (Grey Poupon is what I used)
  • 1 Tbsp poppy seeds
  • ⅔ cup olive oil
  1. Place iceberg lettuce around a round plate.
  2. Top with mixed greens.
  3. On both sides of "wreath" make a decoration with spinach leaves, then add bunches of grapes to each side, fanned pears and whole strawberries. Be as creative as you wish.
  4. To the salad add chopped apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, dried cranberries, cashews and crumbled gorgonzola cheese.
  5. For dressing:
  6. Squeeze the juice of one lemon (1/2 cup) and pour into food processor or blender.
  7. Add honey, onion, dijon mustard, poppy seeds, and olive oil. Pulse until well blended.

 Dedicated to my husband Geoff Nehrenz~


The BEST Greek Dip EVER!




My friend Katina makes the BEST Greek Dip EVER! She graciously hostesses an annual ornament exchange that I’ve been blessed to attend for years now. I always…always….look forward to this dip (and “stealing” any ornament with a birdie on it, lol).

Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe, Katina! Mmmmm….I cannot get enough of it! 

*GF use tortilla chips! 


Photo: Had a great night with great friends! @katinamiller @jmnehrenz @kimmya920

From left to right- Me, Katina, Kimmy, and Courtney! What a fun night!  


 With a mixer combine 2- 8 oz packages of cream cheese, 3 tsp of minced garlic, & 4 tsp of lemon juice. Spread in a 9×12 dish. 


Then spread 2 cups of hummus (I used roasted red pepper hummus).


Layer 1 cup diced cucumbers, 1 cup diced tomatoes, 1 cup chopped kalamata olives, & 1/2 cup chopped green onions.


Top with one container of crumbled Feta cheese.


Chill for 2 hours & serve with Pita chips.

Ahhhh…….this is goood. 


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Old Fashioned Linzers @ Glynnis Whitwer’s



If you’re baking Christmas cookies this week…make sure to add this recipe to your list. I don’t know if its because they are beautiful, dainty, nostalgic, or just plain expected….Old Fashioned Linzers are truly impossible to pass up on a cookie tray. Come join me over at Glynnis Whitwer’s from Proverb’s 31 to see how these delicious festive treats are made. Many women get intimidated by the looks of them….but, trust me- they are “Comfy”! 

Glynnis Whitwer

A Gluten-Free Christmas….{Salsa and Chips-Ole!)



“You’ll be doing alright, with your flour of white….but, I’ll have a glu, gluten-free Christmas….” ~Sung to “Blue Christmas” by Elvis (bahaaa!) 

So, are you wondering what to give someone with a gluten allergy for Christmas? That tin full of cookies just won’t do, will it?  Ya really have to know what you’re doing if you bake gluten-free too-it doesn’t come as easy. Soooo…here’s my take. Feliz Navidad it!

The gift above is something I gave to a sweet friend with a gluten/dairy allergy for Christmas last year. This salsa is always a request of hers when she visits and I love the green chips that come out around this time of year! Put the salsa in a mason jar and wrap with a bow- put chips and salsa in a Christmas bag and you are good to go! 




Christmas Cookie Classics



Ahhh…baking for Christmas gatherings is one of my favorite things to do with my children. We get up early, stay in our pajamas, make a mess out of the kitchen and have soooo much fun. I don’t worry about the mess- I enjoy in the moment. These times are precious!!!!

Here are some of my favorite “Christmas Cookie Classics” that are sure to bring smiles to your little ones and guests. They are tried, true, and easy!

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!

Classic Gingerbread

Classic Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

Cracker Toffee




(My hubby Geoff Nehrenz loves the cracker toffee!)


A Friend in Need…




While I was having my “quiet time” the other day, I read something that stood out to me… Something that I thought would really resonate with anyone reading right now. It was about what to do when we have a friend in need. 

I’ve been a friend to those in need. I’ve also been a friend in need. 

The thing is, sometimes friends really don’t know what to do or what say when their friend is hurting…even if they are close. Perhaps they want to do something, they just don’t know what. Often times, they ignore the situation because they don’t want their friend to feel ashamed. That awkwardness (and sometimes even the solitude) becomes an additional layer anguish in a hurting person’s life. Not only is the trial hard- the ripple effect can be even harder on the one who is suffering. 

Have you been there? 

Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce, suffered a death, battled a serious illness, lost a job, or are coping with depression. 

And if you have been there, you know what I’m talking about.

You may be on the opposite side- you are a friend of someone who is suffering and  are overwhelmed with empathy for that person. But again….you don’t want to overstep your boundaries. Well….this is just the thing for you to read. 

Here we go…

A Friend in Need

Friendship gives license to show up at the door of need without asking, “When would you like me to come? ” or “What would you like me to do?” Nor does friendship call out, “Just let me know if you need anything.”

Practiced friendship whispers, “I’ll be there” and promptly steps through the door with sensitivity, respect and understanding. 

But what about honoring the right to invite? Those who wait for parchment invitations wait long, for need rarely throws a party-rarely even has a voice. 

Yet need has its own needs. It needs protection from strangers tromping in with work boots and good intentions. And it needs relief from acquaintences wearing spiked heels of advice and pat answers. 

Need waits with longing for the familiar entrance of dear ones who pad barefoot through the soul on ordinary days. “

~ Susan L Lenzkes 


So there you have it, Girls….friendship isn’t polite, it’s real.

There is a huge need out there for friends….I’m talkin, friends. Go be one!


Dedicated to my husband Geoff Nehrenz




Featured Recipe on WLW ~Snowman Cheese Ball

Hi Ladies! Come join me over at Women Living Well where my dear friend Courtney is featuring one of the “cutest” recipes I’ve ever made…It’s sure to put a smile on the faces of  children and grown-ups alike at your Christmas parties! 



Snowman Trail Mix



This was such a cute idea I got from Pinterest….an easy and kid-pleasing winter snack! Just throw together mini- marshmallows, chocolate chips and pretzel rods….gotta love easy ;) 

*Use GF pretzels if needed. 


Hmmm….looks great, but where are the noses???



Ahhhh Haaa…..

{For some reason “Snowman Noses” sell better than “Carrots”….it’s all in the marketing.}



Praying for Boys Launch!



Attention Mom’s of Boys! 

Each Monday between now and December 23rd, The MOB Society will  be hosting a heck of a giveaway in celebration of thePraying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most launch! They will have a grand prize pack each week that 1-2 people can win (specific number of winners listed each week) AND some freebies EVERYONE can win. Comfy in the Kitchen has a FREE boy-pleasing snack printable over there along with other Freebies! 

Pre-order your copy of Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most and enter to win these fabulous prizes!


Blue Party Punch (with snow!)







We just finished cleaning up after our “Middlest’s” 8th birthday. By request, she asked to have a “Winter Wonderland” themed birthday party. I typically make party punch with red fruit punch, however I saw BLUE Hawaiian punch at Marcs and thought “hot dog!” wouldn’t THAT be FUN! So, here we have it….”Winter Wonderland” punch with snowballs on top….it was a hit! A great addition to a Christmas party and/or boy baby shower! 




1 large container of blue Hawaiian punch, 1 (2 liter) of 7 up and 2 cups of pineapple juice. 



1 carton of vanilla ice cream; scooped. 



….add those ingredients together and get one “Happy Birthday Princess”.  

[yumprint-recipe id='6']


5 Senses of Hospitality@ The Mom Initiative




Hi Ladies,

I know many of us will be hostessing gatherings over the next couple of months. For some, this comes easy…for others hospitality can be a challenge. I’m over at The Mom Initiative sharing simple ideas you can put into place to make your guests feel welcomed!

Remember, don’t stress over it…feel blessed over it. You “get to” open your home to people who want to be with you!!!! 


I thought this website may benefit many of you and wanted to share it! What a great mission! 

Taken from “The Mom Initiative

The M.O.M. Initiative is a revolution of women who are mobilized to experience Titus 2 in real life. We are mothers on a mission to mentor other mothers – changing the world one mom at a time.

The M.O.M. Initiative website exists as safe place to grow as a mother, to gain a better understanding of what a mother is and what a mother does and to foster and support mentor and mentee relationships. Along with practical tips, helpful tools, informative insight on current issues and godly wisdom on just about every aspect of a mother’s life, this website also offers a private chat room where a mom can connect with a ‘virtual’ mentor and find help in times of need.

The M.O.M. Initiative workbook is being developed as an eight week study containing five lessons per week. Every day the mother will be presented with biblical truths as well as mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and developmental needs of a child. She will also gain insight through thought provoking questions encouraging her to implement proactive mothering techniques.

Summed up, The M.O.M. Initiative is a missional mentoring resource that will give Christian mothers an easy, hands on approach to passionately pursue mentor relationships with younger mothers and mothers-to-be, and ultimately impact the next generation for Christ.

The primary vision for The M.O.M. Initiative is that it not only be limited to those who enter the four walls of the church, but that it also be used to facilitate mentor relationships in homes for unwed mothers, in low income housing projects, apartment complexes, homeless shelters, prisons, juvenile shelters, schools, hospitals, the mission field and anywhere young mothers can be found. Planning guides for each of these venues will be available in the back of the book.

The M.O.M. Initiative is not just a book. It’s not just a website. IT’S A REVOLUTION!


Let It Snow with Candace!




Hi Ladies! Just wanted to let you know to set your DVRs to the Hallmark Channel on November 30th, 2013 at 8/7 C!  

Oh, I just love a “Comfy” Christmas movie. The kind that makes you want to  put  your pj’s on, dim the lights, start a fire and cuddle up with the family. This year, my Christmas movie choice of the season will be even more special because I’ve had the pleasure of working along side of (in blogland) and knowing, one of the sweet actresses, Candace Cameron Bure. I am so grateful I had the chance to meet her this Summer and yes, she every bit as genuine as she seems on camera. I love how she shines for Christ, embraces family values and is open in testimony…helping and encouraging many.

I hope you will join me in watching this movie that is sure to be a blessing!  




What is it about ?

(Per Hallmark)

When Falcon Resorts acquires family-owned Snow Valley Lodge from retiring owners Karla (Gabrielle Rose) and Paul (Dan Willmott), driven executive Stephanie Beck (Candace Cameron Bure) must spend the week before Christmas in Maine preparing a proposal on the property’s renovations. Determined to impress Falcon’s president, her detached father Ted (Alan Thicke), Stephanie reluctantly departs her warm Arizona home to immerse herself in the lodge’s property and decide how to change it to fit the hip, young Falcon brand. While preparing to rebuild the Snow Valley Lodge from the ground up, Stephanie butts heads with her property guide, Brady Lewis (Jesse Hutch), Karla and Paul’s son, who has decided to leave his family’s business over creative differences with his dad. 

A self-defined Grinch, Stephanie begins her stay at Snow Valley Lodge immune to Christmas sentiment. But as the lodge’s festive traditions provide the Christmas Stephanie never had growing up with her distant father, Stephanie finds herself enjoying every minute. To complicate her professional duties even further, the combative feelings she felt toward Brady turn into romantic ones. With Stephanie’s newfound Christmas spirit and unexpected holiday romance, she begins to question Falcon’s overhaul. As her Christmas Eve deadline approaches, she’s faced with a decision: should she transform the lodge into a new winter hot spot or embrace tradition and let it snow?


****Ministry Idea*****

Invite your friends/neighbors over and have a potluck! Every woman needs a night away! It’s easy to do with Perfect Potluck!

*This is not a paid advertisement 


The “Comfy” Thanksgiving Meal Plan!



Comfy Meal Plan

Dear Lord, 

 Thank you for the loving hands that will prepare the millions of Thanksgiving meals this year. Thank you also for the gift of fellowship whether it be with our own families, friends, churches, and/or soup kitchens. Please help us to focus on You and all You have given us. Stir in us a desire to love, care and give to others, in Your precious name. Amen

 Ladies- Keep it “Comfy” and promise me you will SIT and EAT with your guests! You will have worked hard for a little rest! 

I hope you’ll enjoy this FREE PDF to help plan your Thanksgiving menu! 

Love to you, Janelle


Click BELOW for your FREE PDF! 

Comfy Thanksgiving


ALSO be sure to check out “Comfy in the Kitchen on Thanksgiving” on my sidebar! 


Whipped Cream Fruit Salad (Waldorf Salad)


 This is a staple on my family’s dinner table every Thanksgiving and Christmas! I hope you enjoy :) Mmmm….I just love homemade whipped cream.

4.5 from 4 reviews
Whipped Cream Fruit Salad
Serves: 20
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 3 lbs seedless red grapes (cut in half)
  • 8 bananas (sliced)
  • 6 red apples (peeled and chopped)
  • 2 cups chopped walnuts
  • 1 bag (10.5 oz) small marshmallows
  • 4 pints of whipping cream (liquid, by the coffee cream in the grocery)
  • cup sugar
  • 3 Tbsp vanilla
  • Prep all of your fruits..halve grapes, slice bananas, peel and chop apples..and place in a large bowl. Add marshmallows and chopped walnuts. In a separate large bowl pour in whipping cream and beat it with a mixer on high speed until it forms soft peeks. Add sugar and vanilla and beat. Combine whipping cream with fruit mixture and serve along side of your meal. Delicious! (I love the leftovers too!)
  1. Prep all of your fruits..halve grapes, slice bananas, peel and chop apples..and place in a large bowl. Add marshmallows and chopped walnuts.
  2. In a separate large bowl pour in whipping cream and beat it with a mixer on high speed until it forms soft peeks.
  3. Add sugar and vanilla and beat.
  4. Combine whipping cream with fruit mixture and serve along side of your meal.




Church Hoppers on Church Rescue! (Review on Comfy)




Keep Hoppin, Church Hoppers! Wohoo!

Hi Ladies! I wanted to let you know that there’s a great new reality show out called “Church Rescue” on National Geographic. My hubby and I were very blessed to get an advanced “sneak peak” copy of one of the shows last week. I have to say, it is thoroughly entertaining, we love the mission, and give it two thumbs up! 

What it’s about:

 Church Hoppers is a  consulting company made up of three Christian men who have a heart for helping churches grow. Their mission statement says :”Church Hoppers consulting works with your team, identifies your areas of strength and weakness, and works hand-in-hand to sharpen your focus to do what you do best, positively impacting your customer.” 

Grace Hill Media along with National Geographic saw how interesting these guys were and thought  they would  share their stories with all of us, thus began the show “Church Rescue”!

Doc, Glandamere and Rev Kev make up the Church Hoppers, a church-rescuing recon team that travels the country to help struggling parishes.

 Who are these guys? 

What I love most about this show is how God is using three men with different talents to make up the Church Hoppers team. From left to right: Jerry (Doc) is an ordained minister, has a Bachelors in Theology, Masters in Religious Education and a PhD in Christian Counseling (woot!), Anthony (Gladamere), is an ordained minister and expert marketer and sales professional, and Kevin (Rev Kev) is an entrepreneur and business guru. These men are taking the verse, “Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17) very literally as they help each other… help others…help others! You will see these guys help those from Southern Baptist churches, to cowboy churches, to biker churches!

 Curtis stands next to New Hope Church's old sign.

When’s it on?

You can find the topic, dates and times here. 


*Please note that Church Hoppers help churches regardless of a church’s position on religious doctrines, salvation or denominational lines. Comfy in the Kitchen strongly encourages you to seek out a Bible-believing church with sound doctrine- big or small! 




EASY Roaster Turkey (Courtney from WLW)



Hi Ladies! I have some special guests today….Courtney from Women Living Well and her sweet sisters are showing us a simple, yet delicious method on how to roast our Thanksgiving Turkey~in an actual roaster! I love it! 

Courtney says:

I love my portable roaster oven!  There are 2 great reasons why it’s perfect for roasting your Thanksgiving Turkey. 

1.  It opens up oven space for all your side dishes.

2.  You are guaranteed a moist turkey!

Here’s how I make mine:

 Chop the veggies, apples, herbs and butter


Rinse the turkey

Stuff the turkey with yummy things and spread butter all over it. 

Place it in the roaster and salt and pepper it. Roast according to your Roasters instructions based on per pound. 

When the button pops – it’s ready!  


Thanks, beautiful girls! This recipe will be sure to come alive in many kitchens this Thanksgiving season because of you! It’s so fun swapping recipes with friends! 

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Seeking Christmas WINNERS!




5. Melissa

43. Emma

45. Lisa 

Congratulation Ladies!

I hope you’ll make lasting memories with this precious book! 

~e-mail me at with your addresses~



Seeking Christmas Giveaway!!!


It was the first snowfall of the season today in Northeastern Ohio and my, oh my, was it ever a joyous occasion. My children came downstairs in a typical manner, looked outside, looked at each other in amazement and quickly ran upstairs to find their snowsuits, boots, hats and gloves. All of that garb may have been a little bit of an overkill for today, but there was no sense in raining on their parades. Precious. Just precious.

 Photo: Can't keep her away from the snow... She's soooo happy today!!! :)

Photo: Sooo excited about the snow lol

As I walked them into school, their physical education teacher was directing traffic. He looked as if he was freeeeezing- I told him I appreciated him being out in such cold weather! He said with a huge smile, “This is the day I’ve been waiting for! It’s snowing!” What a neat guy and what a great perspective. Then, as we walked into the school building, Christmas music was playing and there was cheer and happy faces all throughout the hallways. 

I said good-bye to my 2 big kids and walked my youngest to preschool. Her student teacher, who is a foreign exchange student from China, came running through the hallway towards the room we were standing in front of…she was laughing, crying, and hugging people along the way….. because she got to see snow for the first time. Ohhhh, that made my day! 

All of this made a very cold day….very warm. To think, I didn’t even want to get up this morning! lol. Brrr!

It’s that time again. 

I’m not one to enjoy decorating for Christmas and I’m not one to even enjoy shopping …for some reason it makes me anxious. I love giving, I just don’t like buying anything unnecessary. I’m an experience gal…I love to do things, make memories, bake, spend time with people, help those who truly need it, go places…make traditions. Is anyone with me on this? Sometimes I feel alone! lol. 

So, anyways….I am preparing a little before-hand to consciously take time to make memories with my children this Christmas season. One thing I’m going to do is read and apply this sweet book “Seeking Christmas” By: Renee Robinson. It’s a seven day resource for parents who want to be intentional about creating lasting memories with their families.

Each day asks you to :

  • Remember a special memory from your childhood  
  • Read a portion of the Christmas story from the Bible
  • Reflect on the meaning of scripture
  • Rejoice with family while praising God
  • Research the roots of the classic holiday tradition

Renee also offers FREE ornament ideas and downloads on her website



*****I  have GREAT NEWS! Renee has so graciously agreed to GIVEAWAY 3 copies of her book Seeking Christmas! Just comment below and let me know what some of YOUR favorite Christmas traditions are! Share on FB and Twitter to get entered twice! *******


EASY Turkey Cookies {The kiddos will “gobble” them up!}



Aren’t these little turkeys cute? The best part… they’re super easy and quick to make. Simply use pre-made sugar cookie dough and add a little flare. Your kiddos will be sure to gobble them up this Thanksgiving! 


Roll out sugar cookie dough onto a floured surface. Use a cookie cutter (I used a tart cutter) to make circles. 





Bake according to package directions. Place cookies on a cooling rack. When completely cool, put pre-made frosting in a ziploc bag and cut a small hole in the corner ( this will give you a pretty little design on your cookie).


Place 4-5 candy corn on the top for feathers.




Use white frosting for eyes and orange for the nose. I put edible pearls that I had on hand in the white frosting- but edible eyes would be adorable! You can get them at Jo-ann’s or Michaels. Super cute! 

Gobble, gobble! 

[yumprint-recipe id='4']






WINNERS of “My Favorite Things Give-Away” ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!


And the Winners of the Comfy in the Kitchen “My Favorite Things” Giveaway are….

Suzanne-Congratulations on your NEW Wok! 

Jenna Morris- Congratulations on your NEW Hot Rollers- Wohoo!!!! 

Nikole-Congratulations on your NEW Hand Held Mixer! 

Ladies, e-mail me your addresses at 

A HUGE Thank you to 

and Darlene from Time-Warp Wife for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!!!! 




“My Favorite Things” GIVEAWAY to celebrate the Women Living Well Conference!




Thursday, October 31st is a BIG day for Comfy in the Kitchen!

(it’s 2 out of 3 of my kiddo’s birthdays and…….)


Part 6 out of 7 of the Women Living Well Conference !!!!!!!!!

Please join me then (Thursday, Oct 31st) at 10 pm EST / 9 pm CST at (this webcast is only available for 24 hours, so you won’t want to miss it!).  I’ll be sharing about God, a little about my life,  my ministry, and how YOU can minister to others.

I’m praying that you will identify with what I share and that God has used me to motivate you in love.  

To kick off this big night, Art Bookbindery is sponsoring Comfy in the Kitchen’s “My Favorite Things” Giveaway!!!!

In a nutshell, Art Bookbindery is a self-publishing company that guides you through the entire process of preparing and printing your book. They do self-published novels, children’s books, poetry, family histories, etc. 

*By the way, my dear friend Darlene from Time-Warp Wife is married to this very generous sponsor! 

My Favorite Things
1. Kitchen aid 7-speed Hand Held Mixer

This stylish Architect Series hand mixer features a 7-speed electronic digital control that includes three slow stir speeds and one high whip speed.  A $79 value! 

2. Non-Stick Anodized 6 -Qt Wok with Glass Lid 

This great non-stick anodized wok will become an essential part of your cookware collection! It also looks great on the stove top. Heavyweight, quick- and even-heating anodized aluminum cookware is mirror-finished outside. Super-durable, triple-layer Xylan Eterna non-stick finish inside for flawless food  and a vented tempered glass lid and riveted stay-cool handle. A $39 value.  



3.  Conair Jumbo Ion Shine Instant Heat Soft Hair Setter

Beautiful, soft, and bouncy curls will never again be a distant dream. The Conair Jumbo Ion Shine Instant Heat Soft Hair Setter gives you lovely, elegant curls with much ease. It includes four 1 ¾” super jumbo rollers and eight 1½” jumbo rollers, each of which heat up in 2 minutes to give your hair that instant make-over. The Conair ion shine hot rollers stay cool end rings make sure you get your desired curls the easy and safe way. The ready dot indicator tells you when this instant heat jumbo roller is ready to go, whereas the 6-foot cord adds to the convenience. So forget bad-hair days as long as you have the Conair ion shine hot roller at your disposal. A $16 value. 

Conair Jumbo Ion Shine Instant Heat Soft Hair Setter, 12 Rollers*What do rollers have anything to do with Comfy in the Kitchen? Bahaaa!!! Well, for some reason I get asked about how I do my hair almost as much as I get asked how to cook. Here is my hair tutorial. 

The goal of the webcast is to encourage you in your walk with the Lord. This week’s topic is ministry.


AFTER the webcast – Come back here to Comfy in the Kitchen and comment below what you might have gained by watching the webcast. Please be sure to tell me which item you’d enjoy most!

For a bonus entry to win – share the link to the webcast on Facebook, email, a blog post, Twitter, or Pinterest and say “I shared” in your comments!!!

Please note. You will be asked a question when you go to claim your prize. To ensure that you have actually watched the webcast, I’ll ask you: While I was on stage, which one of my relatives was in the audience who ended up getting aplause? 

* Open to residents of Canada and the US only (due to shipping).

*I’ll choose one winner and announce it here on Saturday.


There’s MORE! Join me on  MY FACEBOOK PAGE for a party AT 9 PM EST (AN HOUR BEFORE THE WEBCAST) for more giveaways! 

1. 3 copies of “Women Living Well“, By: Courtney Joseph 

Women Living Well: Find Your Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids, and Your Home  -<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
        By: Courtney Joseph</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

2. 2 copies of “A Life That Says Welcome” By: Karen Ehman


3. 10 FREE copies of “The Ultimate Marriage Vow” by: Darlene Schacht 


4. A Comfy in the Kitchen “Keep Calm and Get Comfy in the Kitchen” T-shirt! 


5. A beautiful engraved heart necklace from New Lily 

  Engraved Heart Pendant Necklace

6. Stunning pewter “Tree of Life” earrings from New Lily.

Pewter Tree of Life Hook Earrings



 These gifts are Ahhhmazing! But, do you want to know what gift is always free and is the most amazing?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are times when we get wrapped up in talking about Jesus, that we don’t actually talk about the “Good News” ….the BEST news. Jesus came and lived a perfect life, he died on the cross for our sins and rose from the grave. He did this to reconcile us with God. He also left a “helper” , the Holy Spirit that will work within those who believe in Him. In order to be “saved” we must acknowledge we have sinned and realize we are in need of a Savior…this is called “repentance”. John 3:36 says, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them.” How could I not share this? 


Hospitality for Kids Continued…




{Writing children guest’s names on the sidewalk leading to the door is, like, the “coolest” way to make them feel special without costing any money}

“Kids, do you know how special you are? Do you know how much Jesus loves you? Do you know that I love having you here in our home and spending time with you?”

Anytime there is a child in our home, it’s a blessing…that parent is handing over the “umbrella” of trust to me- I can’t think of a greater honor than to care for another person’s child. 


We had a little “get together” with some girls to celebrate how much they are loved by God. My daughter also has a servant’s heart…she’s helping set the table. 


This was a very inexpensive dinner with minimal decorations. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to make a little one feel special…or anyone, for that matter. Those chargers were from my Christmas bin and we used plastic plates and plastic cutlery from “Deals”. 


We don’t have cable, but we do have an awesome thing called an apple TV. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve use the “You Tube” feature for music! Britt Nicole has about an hour’s worth of songs on there. We jammed to “You’re worth more than gold”.

I also play this song in the car with my son and explain to him that girls/women are so valuable and he is to treat them better than gold :)


I purchased $1 princess crowns at the dollar store for them…


…and had every mom right down on their little girl’s place card what they are good at doing and a special prayer for them. Each girl read it out loud. Again, they are worth more than gold…


“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up” ~ 1 Thess 5:11 




Sundae time! 



Such a cutie pie.  


There doesn’t have to be a special occasion…just special people. Opening your home to children will give them lasting memories. They cherish these kinds of things more than us grown- ups do ;) Love those kiddos! 


A Vegetarian Soup that Will Chase Away the Chill…Kale/Lentil/Tofu Soup




Hi Ladies, I have a special guest today sharing a recipe that will be sure to warm you up on these chilly fall days….Mmmmm….

By Tricia Drevets

As soon as the leaves turn and the days start to get a little shorter, I think about making soup. There’s something so comforting about coming home to the smell of soup on the stove — or a crockpot as the case may be.

I serve soup as an entree about once a week in the colder months.  I have experimented with many soup recipes over the years– sometimes with success, sometimes not – but I can tell you that the kids’ favorites seem to revolve around what they call “Mom’s Soups.”  Here’s one our favorites:

Kale/Lentil/Tofu Soup

My eldest daughter decided to become a vegetarian when she was 16, so I have become adept at substituting vegetable broth for chicken broth or leaving out the meat and adding tofu to certain recipes. Usually those changes leave the meat-lovers in the family cold, but this is one vegetarian recipe I morphed from a chicken soup recipe that we all really like. In fact, my meat loving boys usually get seconds. It’s really healthy too, so you can’t beat it! If you have yet to discover kale as a soup ingredient, hopefully this recipe will introduce you to it. Kale’s taste and texture is a wonderful addition to many soups and stews.

The soup we like tends to be hearty and filling, but we like to make enough for more than one meal.   We suggest investing in a large soup pot like the Belgique ones found here. After that, all you’ll have to do is re-heat the soup, and add bread and a salad to complete the meal.  Happy Cooking!

Tricia Drevets is a freelance writer, a community college instructor and the mom of six. She enjoys acting, gardening and keeping up with whatever her kids, who range in age from sixth-grader to college graduate — are up to. She lives with her family in beautiful Southern Oregon.

Thank you, Tricia for sharing with us today! So many readers ask me for vegetarian recipes- this one sounds amazing! Not only that…it’s “Comfy” :)

Tip: Tofu is often sold in big blocks. If you are short on time, grab a tofu knife like this one from Tmart that will help you cube your tofu in minutes


[yumprint-recipe id='3']


Hospitality to Children



IMG_3008God’s little Princesses…


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

-Matthew 19:14


Can you even envision how excited children were to see Jesus? I can only imagine that their encounter with Him stayed in their memory banks the rest of their lives…


There isn’t a typical day that goes by I don’t have an extra child in my home. I remember after we had our third child, people would ask if we were going to have a fourth-my response was, ” I think I’ll just borrow, there are always people willing to lend a child”.

IMG_0818Fun with our neighbors!

IMG_1491A break from the Summer heat!

In all seriousness, my heart longs to be with children. Not as a career, but as a personal ministry. Being a part of someone’s childhood is an honor and a blessing. I love hearing their conversations, making them cookies, playing games with them, tucking them in next to my own children at night and praying with them…. I could go on and on. I just love children. My home feels very empty if there aren’t pitter patters and laughter of little ones. 


After I took this photo I was asked: Ms. Nelle, why do you always have us kids over at your house? My answer,” Because I like kids, I used to be one you know”


I remember what it was like to be a child. I also remember the adults, other than my parents, who offered to be a part of my life. Their time and effort was voluntarily woven into my life song…not because they had to be there, but because they wanted to be there.

 Aunt Patti and Uncle Roger made a special effort to shower me with love and attention. Oh, those memories are priceless. They made me feel so loved, accepted, and safe. We’d go to Chuck e Cheese, play Old Maid and Yatzee on the living room floor. Aunt Patti would even let me make brownies …all by myself. Uncle Roger would let me paint mini masterpieces in his hobby garage, we’d go swimming, eat jell-o with fruit in it, sled ride down their driveway, and climb trees. I could tell they loved being with me…I wasn’t an inconvenience. I wasn’t a niece they had to babysit. They loved me and I knew it. They even let me sleep “in the middle” when I would spend the night.

 When children feel love, it’s a big deal. I can’t think of a better way for children to gain confidence and be able to love others than for them to receive love first.  I think the reason I love children so much now is because I remember being loved and how much it meant to me.

 As I got older, my grandparents took on the huge responsibility of taking in my mom and I. My parents divorced and both were emotionally drained. My Grandma Ruth was a safe haven for me. If I was with her, I felt like everything was going to be okay. Her home was always immaculate, she did the “warsh” like nobody’s business, and her cooking…well you know all about that. Having order in a very chaotic time in my life gave me a sense of security. I am indebted.

 As I approached my senior year of High School, my mom remarried a wonderful man who had such a welcoming family. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for Jeff at 40, who was never married nor had any children, to take on a woman and her 17-year-old daughter. But, he did. He did not serve as a replacement for my dad and made sure to let me know that he wasn’t my dad. But, he would take on “Step-dad” as seriously as he could. He, in turn, would introduce me as his daughter. My life became as normal as a child who went through a divorce could be because of him. Now, he is my children’s “Stampa”…but he introduces them as his grandchildren. His love and playfulness with my children are a gift.

What about you? How do you extend love and hospitality to the little ones in your life? Were there any special grown-ups that helped shape who you are other than your parents?

And some extra shots…lol, I’m the one behind the camera ;) 

IMG_8635Our backyard and pond have given so many kiddos great memories. 

IMG_3669Oh, how I love cooking with them- they are so fascinated and so willing to learn. 

IMG_3659Playing games!

IMG_1180Making crafts in the garage…

IMG_2246Going out to the ballgame…

I can only pray that I have made the children in my life feel loved, accepted, and pointed toward Jesus. That’s what it’s all about! 





The “Comfy” Meal Plan -Week 5

Comfy Meal Plan

Comfy Meal Plan


Hi Ladies!

Thanks for joining me for another week of “Comfy” meal planning…here is your menu for the week.  I pray that you , your family, and friends will enjoy sweet memories around the table together. You are such a blessing to those around you. 

Click below for your FREE PDF ! 

Comfy week 5


Comfy Ts Winners Announced!!!




The Winners of the “Keep Calm and Get Comfy in the Kitchen” T-shirts are…..


Misty Raley




Congratulations Girls! E-mail me at for your shipping information, color preference and size! Wear these shirts and know that you could be inspiring others to “get comfy” in their kitchens! 

Thanks to all who participated!

Remember you can purchase one of these cute Ts on my sidebar if you did not win! Thanks for spreading the joy of “meal ministry” to those around you! 

Much love, Janelle 



Keep Calm and Get Comfy in the Kitchen Ts GIVEAWAY!







Hi Ladies! I have exciting news!

I’ve teamed up with the wonderful people over at “I am a Woman of God” to create a very meaningful and official “Comfy in the Kitchen” T-shirt! I hope you’ll like it as much as I do as I also have a story to tell…

I  pray that those who purchase these Ts will be able to encourage those around them to “Get Comfy” in their kitchens for their families and for others. Perhaps they may even spur a conversation about God :)  

These Ts come in 2 colors and can be ordered on the right side bar labeled “SHOP“. 





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and in Light Pink

in sizes S, M, L and XL 

Orders are shipped via United States Mail.
Standard delivery is available to customers located in the continental United States only. Orders will be shipped pending availability and credit card approval.
Orders are processed and shipped within 2-7 business days.
Oh friends, I have had quite a year. I won’t go into detail, but I did write a bit about my inner thoughts a little while ago. Though this difficult season of my life, God has revealed how deep some of my friendships are…I cannot express enough how many amazing people God has surrounding me and showing me love. This was the first card I got during this trying season. My sweet friend Cheryl actually made it. Beautiful, isn’t it? I refuse to take it down from my mantle.
So, then my dear aunt { who knows I love coffee } gives me this mug…
And then, I’m reading “You’ll Get Through This” by Max Lucado and this phrase stands out to me…along with a story. 
Would you mind if I share it?
“In the days leading up to the war with Germany, the British government commissioned a series of posters. The idea was to capture encouraging slogans on paper and distribute them about the country. Capital letters in a distinct typeface were used, and a simple two color format was selected. The only graphic was the crown of King George VI. The first poster was distributed in September of 1939:
soon a second poster was produced
These two posters appeared up and down the British countryside. A third poster was made yet never distributed. More than 2.5 million copies were printed yet never seen until nearly 60 years later when a bookstore owner in northeast England discovered one in a box of old books he purchased at an auction. it read:
The poster bore the same crown and style of the first two posters. 
It was never released to the public for it was held in reserve for an extreme crisis, such as invasion by Germany. The bookstore owner framed it and hung it on the wall. It became so popular that the bookstore began producing identical images of the original on coffee mugs, postcards, and posters. Everyone, it seems, appreciated the reminder from another generation to keep calm and carry on… “
~Max Lucado “You’ll Get Through This” p. 148-149
EVEN BETTER news! I am GIVING AWAY 2 FREE Comfy in the Kitchen T-Shirts THIS weekend!!! 
All you have to do is SHARE this link on your FB page (or tweet) and write a comment below. I want to know what has helped YOU get comfy in your kitchen or what helps you “keep calm and carry on”… ;) 
God Bless you, Friends!

A Catered Event



Does the phrase “party planning” get you anxious?

So many times we  over -analyze planning gatherings. It truly can cause us to loose the joy of the purpose of the main event.

Our minds can get into a frenzy, can’t they?!

We feel it takes tons of people, time, and it has to be “just so”.

Not true.

I wanted to show you a little gathering (vow renewal) I catered that took literally took 2 days to plan…yes, two days. The only communication was: “I’ll take care of the food-check” , a family member offered “I’ll provide the place-check”, and another family member said “I’ll decorate- check”…

Here’s how it turned out :) 


I prepped the food the night before…dicing, cutting, making the dips but not baking, etc. Here’s my van loaded up. 


 I used throw-away containers for quick clean up. I get mine inexpensively at GFS…. love that the trays come with lids. 


 Love that fake silverware :)


 The decorations were beautiful…she used table clothes, vases and flowers that she had on hand. They truly looked naturally stunning. 


I made a fruit tray with fruit dip


Pigs in a planket for the kiddos (but adults love em too). 


Hot ham and cheese sliders with poppyseed dressing. 

*If you want to save time for a casual outdoor party, you can have the main sandwiches catered.  Subway , makes a delicious subway club that is a hit with adults and children alike! Fill in your spread with homemade appetizers and you’re done! 


 Buffalo Chicken Dip ( I will be sharing this recipe shortly).  



A veggie tray with spinach dip


My dear friend Melissa and I…she and her hubby were re-newing their vows that evening.What an honor it was to serve them on this special occasion.  


It may look fancy…but it’s just “Comfy”! 










Nutella Bread Sticks {Oh, yes I did…}




 Nutella Bread Sticks: Piping hot pizza dough covered with melted Nutella, chocolate chips, and mixed nut topping then cut into rectangular slices. Best dessert under the sun. 


When the girls and I were at the villa for the Women Living Well Conference, we splurged and ordered their famous “Nutella Pizza”. Being together was a dream come true in itself, but eating this insanely amazing dessert made our night even sweeter. The girls asked me to guess what was in this heavenly dessert, so I did and promised to try to create it at home.

This recipe is honestly just as good as the pizza we had at the villas. I made my recipe into sticks because I used a loaf of Rhodes bread dough that I had on hand- but you are more welcome to use any pizza dough and shape it into a pie instead. 

Thank you for the inspiration Gervasi Villas

*They do serve this GF at this restaurant – for a GF option at home use Udi’s Pizza Crust!  


Set out 1 loaf of Rhodes frozen bread dough (they also have pizza dough), spray the top with Pam and cover with plastic wrap. Let thaw and rise about 5 hours. 


Place on a floured surface and cover with flour. Roll out like so…


Make little indents in the dough (this will prevent it from puffing up).


In case you ever wonder how I get my cooking and baking done “alone” (hehe)…here is a little window into my world, lol. I do a lot of cropping when I take recipe photos.

But, honestly- they are the best part. 

That little guy of mine is going to be a chef one day-he is very into helping me in the kitchen. The girls are just trying to steal chocolate chips- hehehehe!!!! Ohhh, how I love each one of them.  


Spread Nutella topping over top. Then, sprinkle with milk and white chocolate chips. Bake in a 375 oven for 25-30 mins.


Garnish with some nut topping.




[yumprint-recipe id='2'] 


The “Comfy” Meal Plan-Week 4

Comfy Meal Plan


Comfy Meal Plan

Happy Friday Ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful week of “Comfy” cooking! Here is your 4th week -wow, has it been a month?! Great job everyone! How has it been going? Please keep me posted. 

Just an FYI, I added a tab above called ” The Comfy Meal Plan” for your convenience.   

*A comfy tip for mom’s with babies…I used to make dinner during my children’s nap time. I would simply make it, cover and refrigerate. When it was time for my husband to come home, I would warm everything up and serve. It helped me to not be so frazzled in the evenings and clean up was done! 

*Click below for your FREE PDF

The Comfy Meal Plan Week 4


Creamy Cheese and Pepper Fettuccine



This is such a simple recipe for a great reward. The sweet peppers balance deliciously with the savory garlic and cheese sauce. It looks fancy….but alas, it’s just “Comfy”.

My Aunt Kelly gave this to me at my bridal shower nearly 12 years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s a wonderful meal to serve for company …just add add a dinner salad and garlic bread. Mmmmm…

So, to my vegetarian friends-keep this one pinned. For my GF friends, use rice noodles ;)


Got to love those family recipes!


If you can’t find Mascarpone cheese, you can use cream cheese as a substitute. The recipe says 1/2 cup, but I just threw in the entire container- I didn’t have any use for the remains and I lika the cheese :)


In a medium bowl, combine your Mascarpone and Parmesan …mix well.


Sauté your sliced peppers in a medium pan in olive oil for about 5 mins. Add garlic and sauté an additional 2 mins.


Boil your fettucini by package directions. When noodles are done, pour into strainer and reserve 1/2 cup of starchy water for the sauce. This will serve as a natural thickening agent.


Add water and cheese mixture to the peppers.


Stir on medium heat.


Add your noodles to the pan and stir well. Season with salt, pepper and if you want a little more garlic you can add some garlic powder.


Serve with a sprinkle of parsley! This is honestly soooo delicious.

[yumprint-recipe id='1']


The Comfy Meal Plan {Week 3} and Winners Announced for WLW!

Comfy Meal Plan

Comfy Meal Plan

Hi Ladies! It’s another week of “Comfy” meal planning! Thanks for all of your kind e-mails and comments. I hope this week’s plan will help you just as much. I know it always helps to get ideas (hand is raised).

Click Below for your FREE PDF!

Comfy Meal Plan Week 3

NOW….for the WINNERS of the book “Women Living Well” by Courtney Joseph!

(((drum roll please)))


 please e-mail me at so I can get your addresses to give to

Courtney to send out your signed copies…

Monique Condon

Denice Adrian

Congratulations Ladies! 



Women Living Well Book Give AWAY!


Hi Ladies, I have the exciting opportunity to GIVE AWAY 2 autographed books of

Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph!

Courtney says,

” Are we thirsting for Jesus or have we made ourselves so busy that we don’t even know our souls greatest need- solitude with God? 

Do you want to be a better wife? Study your Bible.

Do you want to be a better mother? Study your Bible. 

Do you want to be a better homemaker? Study your Bible. 

So let’s begin our hike toward being women living well by drinking from the living well of God! “

In her book, Women Living Well, Courtney helps us dig deeper into the bible. As a modern day women, Courtney understands the pressures that we all share. She understands how overwhelmed  our lives can become and that by the end of the day we can become weary, burdened, and discouraged. This book is an excellent guide that points us to straight to the source- the living well, the Truth…. the Lord’s word.  After reading this book, I felt so encouraged…I’m not alone on this journey! I have sisters-in-Christ who feel the same way I do! Not only that, but there is joy through this journey and most importantly God is with us! 

So, Ladies- what aspect of this book are you most excited about? Leave a comment BELOW to be entered to win YOUR FREE copy

*If you do not win, don’t fret! You can still be a winner! By pre-ordering your copy today, you will 10 ebooks free! Do you have friends or family who could use some encouragement with “finding joy in God, their man, their kids, their home?” This is a great opportunity to share with them a free gift! 


“Comfy” Place Cards





“I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me.”~John 10:14

He know’s us by name..isn’t that amazing? The God of the universe, the All Mighty King, The One who keeps our hearts beating and lungs breathing…knows our names.

That makes me feel special…Think about it. If Elvis, Justin, Michael, whoever it is that just melts your heart in a most  silly (and yes, idolizing way) yelled out YOUR name in a large audience- wouldn’t you just be giddy beyond words? I bet it would be your Facebook status , you would tell people next to you…you’d call your moms,  daughters, neighbors and friends. I know it because I sure would!

Well guess what Sister- the most powerful, loving, true, honorable, Maker of all things knows YOUR name- brag about it. You are something. It’s true.

The reason I bring this up is because sometimes it’s nice to remind your loved ones how special they are. One way I’ve done this is by making very inexpensive place cards at their table settings. Nothing fancy…just “Comfy”. The above place cards are simple index cards – I typed in “Word” the names of my friends and taped them on the cards. You can also write a note , a prayer for them, or encouraging bible verse inside. Those of you who are “Comfy crafters” could probably give us  more ideas ;)

In some instances it’s also  nice because it gives ladies a specific place to sit. They don’t have to worry about offending anyone – They were assigned a seat and  can blame it on the hostess (haha). It’s also nice because, as a hostess, you can predetermine conversation by place settings.  It’s comforting to sit next to a person you know well, and with and a person you don’t know as well but may have something in common with. This could encourage a bond and possibly another friendship. That’s what it’s all about. Loving and connecting people to Him and to each other!

So, just a comfy little tip on hospitality. I hope you will take the baton and pass it along! Much Love to you! ~Janelle


The “Comfy” Meal Plan – Week 2

Comfy Meal Plan


Comfy Meal Plan

Wow! What a great response I got last week after posting the first EVER “Comfy Meal Plan”. Thank you to all who commented and shared! 

Below is a very typical meal plan for my family and I. There are many gluten-free options listed (a shout out to my intolerant friends!), but they are naturally gluten-free- not the weird stuff you have to get at specialty stores and spend tons of money on…I don’t cook gluten-free for my family all of the time, there are times I cook a “glutenous maximus” entree then I make myself something gluten-free from the ingredients I used for them. 

Love to you, Janelle 

P.S. Friday’s meals are typically more “Kid-oriented”, but yummy for the entire family.



Comfy Meal Plan Week 2


It’s almost time….The WLW FREE Webcast starts NEXT WEEK!


Couldn’t make it to the Women Living Well Conference in August ?  NO worries! Mark your calendars Ladies, because it’s coming to your home FREE next week for 7 weeks straight! I sure do hope you’ll join us! 

Starting next Thursday, Sept 26, at 9pm CST/10pm EST and the following 6 Thursdays, you’ll be able to tune into to each one of our discussions… which included parenting, our walks with Christ, ministry, health, marriage, and much more. 

WLW Conf couch

{I did not get the “wear blue” memo-stop laughing at me guys, you’re supposed to be my friends, hehehe!!!}. 

1 speaker photo

{From left to right…Jen from Good Morning Girls, Clare from Peak 313,Ruth from The Better Mom, Courtney from Women Living Well  (woot!) ,
Whitney from Good Morning Girls, Darlene from Time Warp Wife,Karen Ehman from Proverbs 31 Ministries (and Karen Ehman dot com),
Me, from Comfy In The Kitchen (lol), and Angela from Good Morning Girls}

I cannot wait to re-live this amazing weekend ….we had so much fun serving God as a team. We love Him, each other and you so very much. 

So, tuck the kiddos in bed, put on those comfy pj’s , make yourself some mint tea, and tune in- We are thrilled to share  what God laid on our hearts that weekend, all over again – and for the first time, with YOU! 


I {Love} Fake Silverware



By the looks of this photograph, who would guess that the silverware is “fake”?

I’m all about it…I just love “fake” silverware. Honestly, I am all about anything that can look nice, cost little, and be lost without a fret. Do you know what I’m sayin, Ladies? I know you do…

It’s called being “Comfy about it”. 


I purchase my “fake” silverware for parties at a store called “Deals”-it costs $1 for 4 knives, spoons and forks. Not bad hu? I’ve also seen Target carry it.

Personally, I think it looks much better than the plastic colored kind. What do you think?


EASY Breakfast Pockets (Freezable!)



Mmmm…these breakfast pockets are absolutely delicious. My children LOVE them. Best yet, you can eat them piping hot out of the oven, then freeze the rest overs to bake in the oven for a later time. Enjoy!


Place 8 frozen Rhodes large dinner rolls in a prepared 9×13 pan. Spray the tops with Pam and cover with plastic wrap. Let rise for 4-6 hours until  frozen dough looks like so…


Start making your filing…I chose cheese, eggs and bacon. You can put anything you like in these little pockets- eggs, ham and swiss…veggies, anything goes!


For 8 pockets I used 4 eggs to scramble. I simply add 1 Tbsp of water, whisk together with a whisk or fork.


Add 1 Tbsp of butter to a pan, on med/high heat scrape continuously with a plastic spatula until they are done. Add some salt and pepper as desired.


Fry 8 slices of bacon and let drain on paper towels. Crumble.


Take a roll and on a floured surface roll out as far as it will go in a circle.


Like so…not to thin, not too thick…


Add your cheese, eggs and bacon. Any other ingredients are a bonus ;)


Fold up into a pocket


Line em up!


Brush with butter and place on a baking sheet. Bake in a 350 oven for appx 20 mins or until lightly golden in color.


Serve hot out of the oven with some fresh berries


Mmmmm…..I do love Rhodes dough, the aroma of it is ahhhhmazing. The mix of the hot bread,  gooey cheese and savory bacon and eggs make this a winner for the entire family. We’ve even had these for dinner!

Again- freeze the leftovers individually for a quick/on the go breakfast! 

5.0 from 4 reviews
EASY Breakfast Pockets (Freezable!)
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 8 Rhodes frozen large dinner rolls
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 Tbsp water
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • salt/pepper
  • 1½ cup freshly shredded cheddar cheese
  • 8 slices of bacon; cooked and crumbled
  • Butter for brushing
  1. Place 8 frozen rolls in a prepared 9x13 pan, spray tops of rolls with Pam and cover with plastic wrap, let rise for 4-6 hours.
  2. Pre-heat oven to 350 when dough is done rising.
  3. Scramble eggs with water. Add butter to skillet, scramble eggs- add salt and pepper as desired. Set aside.
  4. Roll out each dough ball onto a floured surface into a circle.
  5. Add fillings: eggs, crumbled bacon, cheese.
  6. Make into individual pockets by closing up all sides.
  7. Place every one on a baking sheet and brush with butter.
  8. Bake for appx 20 mins or until lightly browned.


“The Comfy Meal Plan”- Week 1

Comfy Meal Plan

Comfy Meal Plan


Hi Ladies!

So often I get e-mails asking me to create a weekly meal plan. Well, here you go, my dear friends! This is a very typical meal plan for my family and me. There are many gluten-free options listed (a shout out to my intolerant friends!) but they are naturally gluten-free- not the weird stuff you have to get at specialty stores and spend tons of money on…I don’t cook gluten-free for my family all of the time, there are times I cook a “glutenous maximus” meal, then I simply make myself something gluten-free from the ingredients I used for them.


I hope this helps you this week-if so, let me know and I will continue to make meal plans for you on a week basis.  I would plan to post a meal plan on Fridays so you could gather up your ingredients at the store over the weekend.


Love to you, Janelle

***Click the link below to download the PDF file. This PDF file has active links that will take you to each recipe! ***

Meal Planning 101 -week1