A "Bistro Lunch" at Home- French Onion Soup and Club Roll-Ups

I am very fortunate that my husband’s business is so close to home, but hasn’t always been that way. Years ago, I remember all the long hours he spent at work, commuting, and traveling. If you have been or are in those shoes you probably would agree that the best sound of the day is the noise of the garage door opening! Long hours for a husband equals long hours for a wife!

Because I know it is such a blessing to be just a mile away from my husband, I encourage him to come home so I can make him lunch. It’s a great time to talk about how our day is going, for him to unwind a bit, and for the children to see him.

This is my version of a “bistro lunch” made at home…It is one of my husband’s favorite lunches when he eats out…so I thought it would be a nice surprise!

( I do not do this every day, so please don’t feel pressured! I am still a fan of grilled cheese, bagels, and egg sandwiches! lol)

*Revised from my Southern Living Cookbook

Onion Soup: 2 cans of beef consomme, chicken broth, beef stock, thyme, bay leaves, salt and pepper
(and ONIONS and butter! they are sauteing on the stove) 
In this recipe we are just going to add the herbs like so, do not take Thyme off of stems. These will just sit in the soup to give it flavor, then we will take them out before serving.  
Saute onions in butter until lightly browned and softened, add sugar


Add all other ingredients and stir. Let simmer for about 20 mins, then take out herbs


Ladle soup into a bowl and top with a slice of baguette (or english muffin)


Cover with a slice of swiss cheese


Broil for appx 5 mins until the cheese is lightly browned and bubbling


Sprinkle with parsley and serve.French Onion Soup
3 onions sliced
1/4 cup butter
1 Tbsp sugar
32 oz chicken broth
2 cans beef consume
1 cup beef broth
3 thyme sprigs
2 bay leaves
salt and pepper
baguette or english muffin
swiss cheese
Melt butter on medium high. Add onions and saute until golden- add sugar. Add consume, broths, herbs, salt and pepper. Let simmer for 20 mins and take out herbs. Ladle into oven safe bowls, top with a slice of bread and cover with cheese. Broil in oven on high for appx 5 mins until golden and bubbling.


Club Roll-Ups: Spread Mayo on a soft flour tortilla shell


Add cheese 


Add ham, turkey and bacon


Add tomatoes and lettuce (and any other toppings you enjoy)


Simply roll up! 




My children prefer meat and American cheese only. Club Roll-Ups

4 flour tortillas
1 lb oven roasted turkey- thinly sliced
1 lb honey ham- thinly sliced
1 cup smoked provolone (or any cheese you prefer)
1 tomato diced
8 bacon slices cooked and cut up

Spread mayo over tortilla, layer on turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Roll up and cut at an angle. 



  1. Becky@Organizing Made Fun says:

    I love french onion soup….this would even be yummy for dinner, too!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Jackie Koll says:

    French Onion Soup is one of my favorites! And those roll ups look so good – I love making roll up sandwhiches since I am not a bread lover 🙂

  3. Becky @ From Ministry to Motherhood says:

    What a nice lunch idea! I love French Onion soup and have an easy cheater version I use for quick dinners. I think I'll have to make some this week! MMMM.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Could you clarify how much chicken broth, please. Thanks

  5. auuu this is too yummy. great blog

  6. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    32 oz of chicken broth! Thank you 🙂

  7. LOVE this! I am always looking for stuff to make for lunch as my husband comes home from work as well. Thanks!

  8. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    We are lucky girls Kathryn! (oh, and our hubbies are pretty lucky too, lol)

  9. A Little R&R says:

    I am giving this a try this week. I linked up to this post on my blog.

  10. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thank you R!

  11. French course says:

    Very nice pictures. I love French onion soup and your own recipe is really inventive 🙂


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