Classic Green Beans

This is my classic recipe for green beans. It is tried and true in my family 🙂
When I started this ministry I felt very led to help ladies who didn’t have the blessing of growing up around someone who cooked (a mother, grandmother, etc). I take for granted the many recipes that I have in my head just from observation…I feel so blessed to share them with you.
 If some recipes seem obvious, please be patient and know that this is where God wants me to be.
 I will and have shared more intermediate recipes, but none of my recipes will ever be “expert”unless the Lord leads me in that direction.
To the sweet mom out there with a toddler hugging her leg while she attempts to cook, to the newlywed wife who is overwhelmed by all there is to learn, and to the wife and mom who has always lacked confidence in the kitchen…I am all about you.
To the ladies, like me, who are COMFY- Spread it, give it, embrace it! I love you too…iron sharpens iron! I pray I can give you new ideas and recipes that you and your families will love. I am honored and humbled to have you as my readers.
Blessings and love to you!

In a skillet heated on medium- high heat, fry bacon and sliced onions. (here, I cut the bacon in fourths)
When the bacon is finished cooking, add 2 bags of frozen green beans (any cut you like- this is french cut), stir,  add salt and pepper and 1 cup of water. Turn down heat to medium-low and let simmer for an hour (this will allow the flavor of the bacon to soak into your beans). The water will evaporate some, make sure there is always water at the bottom to prevent from burning. 
A delicious side to your meal!Classic Green Beans(Serves 6-8 sides)
2 bags frozen green beans (any cut)
6 slices of bacon (you may cut or leave in tact)
1 onion, sliced
plenty of salt and pepper to taste
1 cup of water

Fry bacon on med-high heat in large skillet on both sides-add onion and saute. Add green beans and stir. Lower heat to medium-low. Add salt and pepper. Add water and cover. Let simmer for an hour, stirring occasionally. Water will evaporate some- make sure there is always water in your pan so the green beans do not burn.



  1. ~Lindsey says:

    Thanks for your recipes Janelle!! I'm certainly no expert in the kitchen but your blog has brought a new excitement to my family's kitchen. Its fun trying new recipes and I've even baked your Crescent Chicken for a Mommy home with a new baby boy! I am also sharing your blog with my Mommy friends, and family members!! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thank you so much Lindsey! YEA!

  3. Jackie Koll says:

    I appreciate your recipes – I have yet to try one that is not good and they are fairly simple as well as have ingredients I have on hand most of the time. Currently, I'm focusing on trying to get more veggies on our plates but lack recipes to make them more than just a bag of veggies – I was just thinking about green beans today so this was perfect timing!

  4. Janelle, occassionally you seem to have a "sweetness" that comes through your posts. Bless you for ministering to others with food. There have been times that I would have SO appreciated a meal when everyone has been sick for days or I had a baby.

    I wish I had a few friends just like you, IRL, lol:) And of course, I'd cook for them too:)

  5. I forgot to add, that THIS is one of those posts that your "sweetness" is shining through (can you tell I'm from the south?).

  6. Melissa Albright says:


    Thanks so much for your ministry and the time you put into your blog. I was in such a cooking rut and now have almost a weeks worth of meals planned just from your blog. (chicken and dumplings were awesome tonight!) Your fire for god and your passion for sharing the word through your ministry is inspiring. You have really lit a fire under me as well. Thank you!
    Melissa Albright

  7. Kim from Canada says:

    Janelle, I am a frequent visitor but have never commented before. You should know that your recipes have brightened our supper table lately. I am always looking for new ideas for our menu. Most recently, your grandma's crescent chicken has received rave reviews!

    Now this green bean recipe isn't new for us – it is the only way to get my husband and kids to eat this vegetable! The bacon goes a long way to sell it!


  8. I never really learned how to cook and am learning now so I thank you for these recipes and lessons. I find them extremely helpful and inspiring.

  9. MommaKristi says:

    I'm here from Courtney's post this am and I think I have a new favorite blog!!! Looking forward to perusing this weekend!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    As a "southern mom" I found this recipe for green beans to be the easiest and quickest. This works great with crowder peas, speckled butter beans, and lima beans. You're doing great! Keep up the good work!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this post. Although I'm older, I'm at the beginning level and need much encouragement.

  12. I am not a green bean lover, but I tried these this week & your simple steamed ones last week. Both were so good! They will be added to my menu frequently! I made these with your Marvelous Meatloaf & it really was marvelous! My husband & I have 2 very different tastes in meatloaf so I’ve been trying to find a compromise & finally, this was it!! Thanks!

  13. I needed this recipe! I just found your blog and I can’t tell you how warm and wonderfully encouraging it is to me!! I’m a single Mom and I need simple recipes…. I love to cook, but I am just learning 🙂

    I’m just so grateful I came across your blog — thank you! 🙂

  14. Sharon says:

    I have never heard of cutting up bacon prior to cooking it – I love that idea! I LOVE bacon, but hate to cook it. I’m excited to try this recipe. And, I am definitely one who did not have anyone to watch making homemade meals, so I’m thankful I can begin to learn from you how to make meals for my family. And, of course, teach my daughters to do the same.


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