Signed, Sealed, DELIVERED, I’m YOURS! (my meal ministry testimony)

When I was 12 a neighbor invited me to church with her. I went up to an “alter call” and asked the Lord into my heart. I don’t think I completely knew the commitment I was making at the time…but I knew that the Lord wanted me and I certainly craved His love.

Throughout my teenage years I felt the Lord’s protection and the holy spirit’s convictions and managed to stay on a fairly straight path (praise you God!).  But little did I know I had SO much room for growth…I hadn’t grown at all spiritually. I was still that 12 year old little girl in a young woman’s body. After college, I started craving things of this world….

I wanted the degree…the husband….the high powered job…shnazy suits…the Mc mansion…the beautiful children…the fancy car…the spa treatment….success…the envy of my friends…I wanted it ALL.

And guess what? For the most part, God gave it all to me.

Then…..he took it all back for a while and humbled me in a very hard way….My husband lost his job for a year and a half during a hard economic time…bills, phone calls, embarrassment, pride crushed, ugh.

Why? Because as as Hebrews 12:6 says “Because the Lord disciplines those He loves, and He punishes everyone He accepts as a son.” He wanted more for me than I wanted for myself. He wanted me to have true happiness that can only come from Him. 

It was during this time that I started growing in Christ. I decided to TRULY open my arms and say “Ok, I am done with this world, you are right God! Use me how YOU want to use me and help me excuse myself!!!”

That is when He spoke to me and told me to start cooking for a man with MS. I had a hard time understanding why God wanted me to give to someone when I had nothing extra. But, I submitted to this request….and there began my “meal ministry”. I cooked for Kevin for a year, visited him, and prayed for him….I remember him telling me (as he sat in his wheel chair)  “You don’t have to look very far to find a person who has it worse than you do.” God used this man to help ME while I thought I was helping him.

I got hooked….

“God, keep using me please!” I would pray at night. The more I served people the closer I felt to God. The more and more I submitted to His will on my life…the better my marriage got, our financial situation turned completely around, and my spiritual life grew leaps and bounds. God blessed me with a church family, friends, many ministry opportunities, and this blog!

What would I have done if I hadn’t given it to God? I would have continued to desire what only God could give me and would have accepted a subpar world to fulfill my needs.

People think I am crazy that not only do I not make money off of my ministry…it costs me money.  But, I am God’s and everything that I have is God’s…and it feels so good and freeing to live life this way. I don’t have to even the score…I just have to submit to Him!!!!

Me and my sweet hubby bringing in food for the church
Signed, Sealed, DELIVERED I’m Yours (His)!
Love to you, Janelle

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  1. A Day in the Life... says:

    I just started following your blog and love it! It is such an encouragement! Thanks for sharing your heart 🙂

  2. My husband and I experienced 3 job losses over the past few years due to corporate restructuring and downsizing. It's enough to go through 1 in a lifetime! Difficult to understand how people get through life without FAITH during these tough economic times. We certainly would not have made it without our shared faith and leaning on each other.

  3. becca banana says:

    Beautiful story! Thank you.

  4. WOW! I never would of guessed that was the path you walked down. You don't strike me as the "want it all" kind of girl. God really must of changed you inside and out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Ingrid, I didn't grow up with a ton of "stuff" , so I thought it might make me happy! lol…SO glad I got checked 😉 I am not that kind of girl…..God is good. Love ya, Janelle

  6. Marcy Rachiele says:

    Beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is a blessing to me!

  7. The Every Day Extraordinary says:

    So far all the meals I've made have been during certain times in someone's life–their circumstances usually pass and I am able to serve others. Two weeks ago our neighbor passed away. She had three kids: 11, 7, and six–dad is struggling. Making them a weekly meal feels like what I should do. Do I do it, or ask first? I helped him regularly when his wife was sick and he was always very appreciative, I just don't want to upset him or intrude. What had your experience been? Thanks!

  8. A beautiful testimony. What's a test without a testimony?

    His, too,

  9. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Karen, I completely understand…my husband lost his job 3 times as well..every time he was able to find another very quickly, but this time felt like forever. It ended up being our biggest blessing. We could have chosen a different path (bitterness, anger, frustration, etc), but thankfully God didn't let that happen. Everyday- I would ask him what night would be most appreciated or make a meal that could easily be frozen…what a huge blessing you are to this family. God bless you for sharing His love. Awesome. Kelley- Amen! Love to you, Janelle

  10. Grammy Blick says:

    What a wonderful ministry. I am so enriched when I stop by here. You fill our spirits as you fill their needs. God bless your ministry.

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