Finger Jello -This is how ya make it…..

Have you ever made the Jell-o Jiggler recipe on the back of your Jell-o box only to be disappointed because it just wasn”t solid enough to cut?  Well, here is secret you all have been waiting for…..drum roll please! (lol)

I posted this recipe back in December, but because I have made this SOOO many times this Summer…I thought I would share it again with more photos. My children LOVE when I make finger Jell-O. I am officially a very cool mom just because I bring finger Jell-o to play dates. That is all it takes girls…

Making finger Jell-O for the masses….lol.

My son’s buddy enjoying a good ole fashioned kid lunch at our playdate.

Finger Jell-O

3 small boxes of Jell-O
4 envelopes of Knox gelatin (the secret!)
4 cups boiling water
Whisk all together in a 13×9 pan (no cleanup) and refrigerate until firm. Before cutting, dip the bottom of your pan in warm water.

 (Thanks Grandma Puppies!)



  1. Finger Jello…one of my favorite summer “foods”! My Mom used to layer all the different colors so the cubes looked like rainbows….yummy!

  2. Marcy Rachiele says:

    I ended up making finger jello for the cookout we attended a few weeks ago. The kids LOVED it! My girls have been requesting it ever since! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  3. The only person I’ve ever known who could make finger jello according to the directions on the package was my husband’s Auntie Violet. She was amazing! My family will love this!

  4. I needed a finger jello recipe for my daughter, Chloe’s, first grade Easter party tomorrow. I found your blog and I’m so glad I did. What a great blog! I feel “comfy” here and I’ll definantly add you to my favorites! I hope at some point I’ll be able to feature you at my blog,

    Blessings, Renee

  5. Hey, stupid question for you: will all three boxes of jell-o go in same 9×13 pan ? seems like a lot? could be totally wrong.

  6. Lindseyz says:

    Going to be making these tomorrow for my daughters 2nd birthday this weekend and I remembered you posted about this. Lucky to remember in time because they need to be cut into the letter D and number 2 for the sesame street theme 🙂 thanks for sharing your tip!

  7. If I make this with Sugar-Free Jello, do I still use 3 packets/boxes?

  8. stephanie says:

    I can’t wait to try it! I’ve been struggling with finger jello forever and need to make it for the volleyball team!!! thanks!

  9. Carrie Kwiatkowski says:

    When you say “small box” of jello…it’s the 6oz box, right? I’ve never seen a large box. Hope it’s the right size.

  10. Do you know how long will they keep in a fridge/out of a fridge? thinking about making a head of time for my sons second birthday. Thanks in advance!

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