Low-fat Grape Salad with Pecan Topping

I tried this amazing dessert for the first time at a recent family gathering. I took my first bite with a bit of caution because I didn’t really know what it was…to my surprise it was one of the most delicious treats I have ever tasted!!!!! In this recipe, I scaled down the calories and used low-fat sour cream and lite cream cheese. If the thought of putting sour cream over grapes makes you question this recipe…think of old-fashioned cheesecake. Trust me you are going to love this one….I just made this for guests at our house and we all had seconds around the table!!!!! I am SOOOO excited for you to try this…..it is DEVINE! (no pun intended! haha)

Red and Green Seedless Grapes, Low-Fat Cream Cheese, Lite Sour Cream, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Chopped Pecans

In a medium bowl add cream cheese, sour cream, white sugar, and vanilla

Beat with mixer until well combined and smooth

Remove grapes from stems and rinse…aren’t these beautiful?! MMmmm!!!!!

Combine brown sugar with chopped pecans

Place over top of grapes (you may also place on the side if you desire) Note: While I was at the store I looked at the calories on the 1/2 Splenda 1/2 brown sugar box and regular brown sugar has less calories.

Stir cream cheese mixture with the grapes and place in a serving dish

Low-Fat Dessert – Grape Salad


1 ½ lbs green seedless grapes

1 ½ lbs red seedless grapes

8 oz lite sour cream

8 oz low-fat cream cheese

½ cup granulated sugar

1 tsp vanilla


¼ cup brown sugar

½ cup chopped pecans

Remove stems from grapes and rinse. Beat sour cream, cream cheese, granulated sugar and vanilla with mixer. Stir grapes into the mixture and place in a serving dish. Combine topping ingredients and sprinkle over top.



  1. My mother in law made this for a girls’ lunch with my sisters in law on Monday – she said she got it from you. 🙂 YUMMO!

  2. Yum! Have you ever had pretzel salad? Well that’s what we call it. It has a pretzel crust, cream cheese type filling, and the top has strawberries and jello. It sounds like it would be awful but it is sooooooo good! I cannot make it but for a pot luck etc because I could easily eat the entire 9×13 pan! Now I have to try this one 🙂

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

    • Oh have I ever! Strawberry Pretzel Salad is another one of our favorites! I am sure it will be added to Comfy’s site 😉 It is a similar concept yes…you got it! Sounds odd, but the sweet and savory getcha every time! Thanks Mel!

  3. We have a single guy in our small group…this is his speciality. Every time we have a potluck we tell him bring your yummy grape salad. I’ve never made it, but I love eating it!

  4. My recipe is very similar except that it uses chopped apples in addition to the grapes. Yummy!

  5. Do you have to serve immediately? Is there any harm in preparing the night before?

    • Great question! If you are making the night before, I would suggest keeping it all “separated” then combine all the ingredients when you are ready. Keeping refrigerated for 4-6 is just fine. If you keep in overnight, I would fear that water from the grapes would make it “runny”.

      • Mine keeps for a week. I make it on the weekend & put it in my husbands lunch all week. Just make sure that the grapes are really dry. I also use plain Greek Yogurt (6oz) instead of the sour cream (more protein), about 10 packs of Ideal Sweetener instead of the sugar and 1 -2 Tbsp of powdered sugar.

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