Shout out to Relevant 11 for Food Allergies! Wohoo!

Were you wondering what I ate at Relevant? lol…

We were in HERSHEY, PA and I couldn’t eat CHOCOLATE! EK!

But, let me explain myself here…I am SO ok with this. I will not embarrass God and complain…I will see the glory in this and all will be perfect through His ways.

I had plenty to eat. I was blessed beyond belief! There were times when the meals were not food allergy friendly and the hotel accomodated those of us who couldn’t eat off the menu- how thoughtful and compassionate. It really was

Here we have grilled chicken, rice and green beans. Perfect! I could eat it all!

Gluten free pasta with veggies and chicken made especially for me  and the other food allergy ladies. It was really good!

And my personal FAV- Taco Day!!! No cheese and sour cream for me- but I loaded up with Jalps and salsa. (I went back for seconds..Shhh…)

SEE, This being allergic thing isn’t all that bad!

My girls with food allergies- please let this be an encouragement to you. I am a down home cook and lover of food…I am taking your hand with a smile and saying “We can do this!”



  1. Janelle, I LOVE your attitude!!!! You encourage me in my faith (not just in my food!). Keep on sharing your love for Jesus in all ways. God bless your day! Love, Jenny C.

  2. You are a true blessing. It is very sweet to be an encouragement. Things happen to us sometimes and often times our flesh cries out. You have been a light to this world, in not allowing your flesh to get in the way of what God has in store for you. I pray that God will bless you 10 fold in this journey. He will never leave you nor forsake you!

  3. Thank you – this was such a great encouragement! I also have foods that I cannot eat. It took a long time for me to realize that complaining and grumbling about this was sin and that I needed to confess that to God. I am so very thankful for all the allergy awareness that is out there for people like myself – but also for my girls (who also cannot have certain foods).

    What a blessing that this hotel was so accomodating!!

  4. I like to give a shout out when an establishment can handles the allergies. I am allergic to allium (onions & garlic) far less known and nearly impossible for most kitchens to deal with unless they use fresh proteins & have a knowledgeable chef actually in the kitchen.

  5. There’s a way to reverse food allergies with the GAPS diet! We have seen huge changes in the health of our family, praise God!

  6. Way to go! Honestly, when looking at the photos of you ladies at Relevant, I did think “I wonder if Janelle has to eat stuff that isn’t good for her?” Thanks for showing us the positive side of things!

  7. I’ve been having a HORRIBLE time with food intolerances (mostly refraining from eating those foods that hurt me) and my attitude about the whole thing hasn’t been right. I NEEDED to read this today! Thanks!

  8. I’ve seen your posts on Courtney’s blog and on The Better Mom and had no idea that you had food allergies! All the recipes you’ve shared sound amazing! I had no idea you had any restrictions.

  9. I was looking for a recipe and come upon this post (God)… My son has dealt with food allergies all his life (even while I was nursing him I couldn’t eat certain foods). Today we went in for allergy testing to see if now that he is 5 if he had grown out of any of them. Not only did he not grow out of any, but now there are new ones (and environmental ones) to deal with. Even though I had been dealing with this for 5 years and it has become a normal part of life there was always the hope that he would outgrown them. The doctor said today that most likely he would have these allergies for the rest of his life. I needed your positive outlook today… I was feeling like I had just been handed a life sentence… Thank you!

    Oh by the way instead of making your homemade applesauce (the recipe I was looking for)… we are making Rice Milk Chocolate Ice Cream… Some days you just need some ice cream.

    • Jozana, thank you for that sweet note! Yes, I know that feeling…ugh. But, it is going to be just fine. Guess what…I am making icecream too- but I am only using frozen bananas-I will post! All ya do is freeze bananas and blend for a couple mins, add peanut butter and whala! MANY blessings to you and your son…God put him in the right hands…you are taking great care of him with his allergies. Love to you, Janelle

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