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You girls have been so kind! Let me tell you, I was so embarrassed to post my hair tutorial video! But, you have all been so encouraging!  I honestly believe I have the most kind- hearted readers ever…I just do. God has really blessed me with you…I am so thankful.

I have received some e-mails asking me what products I recommend. To be quite honest…I have  “inexpensive” products that I really like and use for a typical day (which is most days!) and I have “moderately priced” products that I love, but only use them for special occasions. The “moderately priced” products make my hair feel and look just a bit better, but I don’t feel comfortable spending the money on more expensive products when I know my hair is going to end up in a pony tail during a busy weekday. Being respectful with money is very important to me -even with little things like hair products…it all adds up!!!  (I would much rather take that additional money and sponsor a child !).

As far as hair color-I do have “golden” high-lights and brunette low-lights put in about every 4 months (3 x a year). I go to a very sweet girl who does hair in her basement.

My “Inexpensive” line-up:

Shampoos and Conditioners-

Finesse 2 in 1 (love the smell and have used this since I was a child)

Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions (Shampoo and Conditioner)





Color “extender” (so I don’t have to highlight as often)– I use this when I have “roots”. I LOVE it!

Beyond the Zone-Glam Street Glze Sizzl’n Brunette

My “Moderately Priced” line up: These are my absolute favorites, but they come with a cost that I am not willing to pay for “every day” hair. 


Biolage Volumatherapie Shampoo and Conditioner


Biolage Volumatherapie


Big, Sexy Hair (I know, the name….lol. But, this honestly is the best hairspray out there in my opinion!)


There you have it Girls! I have had a lot of fun with your e-mails and comments….thanks so much!





  1. My daughter has very curly long hair. I took her to the salon to get her hair done for her 1st Communion when she was 7 since I wasn’t sure the best style for a veil. After washing it, the beautician put a curl lotion in my daughter’s hair, pinned it up loosely so the curls fell down softly. Her hair looked fabulous, so I asked the name of the hair cream. The beautician said “Big, Sexy Curls”. I gulped at the name but the beautician said it’s one of the best products because it doesn’t weigh hair down or leave a sticky finish. I ended up buying a tube of the product & have been sold on it ever since. While I’m not too keen on the name (especially when using it on a 9-year-old), I haven’t found another product that works as well & it’s not too expensive considering the tiny amount we use.

  2. So glad to know that you have fine hair and like Finesse! I was thinking of buying it because of the price, but I was reluctant because I have very fine hair that gets weighed down easily. I think I’ll give it a try!


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