A “Recycled” Party Idea!

As you ladies know, my friend Mem is VERY comfy in her Thai kitchen. Here she is at it again with a great tip for us moms!

She recycles her Starbucks bottles for entertaining company. Don’t they look adorable? This particular event was her son’s birthday party. 

She simply saves the bottles, tears off the labels and washes them in the dishwasher. Here she filled them up with fruit punch and lemonade, served them on a tray and topped them with a silly straw. Love!

Thanks for sharing this adorable, yet economical tip with us today Mem! We had so much fun at the party!

{Thank you so much for understanding that Mem and I are pro-family, lovers of Christ and people. Any comments made about Starbucks will be removed. Every entity is imperfect in this fallen world. Which reminds me how much we need a Savior. Prov 15:1} 



  1. LOVE! And Love MEM!!!

  2. Wow!!! What a cute idea!!! I’m going to have to try that for my daughter’s upcoming birthday!!! Great idea Mem!! 🙂

  3. This makes me so happy!!! 🙂
    I just did this!!
    Though it took FOREVER to get the labels off…
    And I had them in my pantry for a month or so until I came up with a good excuse to use up the Starbuck’s contents–Teacher-appreciation-day-iced-coffee 🙂
    They look just like the “milk jugs” that I almost bought for a lot of $$$.

  4. This is the second mention I’ve seen today about not ‘judging’ about Starbucks. Am I missing something? Just curious….didn’t know there was controversy about them, maybe I live under a rock 🙂

    BTW, this is a great idea. I love, love, love upcycling whatever I can.

    • Hi Nicole! This company supports some liberal ways of life. With that being said, I know many Christians who work at Starbucks who are not in support of this. As Christians, I believe we need to make a decision on fighting about things like this {which gives little glory to God} or about taking our time to spread love and the Word. I do not believe we can spread the true message by hating, pointing fingers, and condemnation. Sharing and living out the truth is so important and so much more effective. In my humble opinion, holding a bible study with friends at Starbucks would do more good than egging it. {Ok, lol- I said I wouldn’t talk about this and I did, yikes- no more talk about Starbucks!}

  5. I love the idea of recycling bottles like this. Given a little thought there are a lot of things that can be reused. If you have trouble removing the glue from the label you can use a product called Goo-Gone or even simple alcohol will take it right off.

  6. I am envious of Mem that she had an idea in mind for those glass bottles and use them in such a fun way while mine took the complete recycling journey from my house, to the recycling bin, to the curb. I will try, try, again! Thanks for passing the idea along Janelle!

  7. Katherine says:

    Great idea! I love those cute bottles and I think my kids would feel really special to get to have one with a fun straw. Thanks for the super idea!

  8. I don’t drink Starbucks but I bet there is something similar that I could do. Awesome idea!

  9. Hi Janelle. We have a few Starbucks spattered here and there in Australia but I don’t frequent it at all, and when I do its just for coffee. What are in these bottles? Are they plastic or glass? I’m not sure if we have them here in Australian Starbucks stores!! But awesome idea! I was just thinking I could do the same with juice bottles, but then I don’t even buy them, lol. I love the look!! I’m guessing plastic is the way to go with children though?

    • Hi Nat! These bottles contained Frappacino – Starbucks typically sells them where they sell the milk and juice. We also have them in our grocery stores. They are a very thick glass- they were used for a 4 year old’s birthday party and not one was broken, not to say it couldn’t happen though! You could get a similar effect using mini mason jars – Ive even seen the lids on and holes drilled in the tops to place straws so not to spill- super cute.

  10. Love this idea. It helps me not feel so bad to splurge on these coffee drinks , when I can reuse the bottle. Lol

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