Hostessing a 4th of July Party!


The 4th of July is a special day indeed. Haven’t we been such a blessed nation? I know we don’t fully understand the faith, desire, and commitment it took for our forefathers to get us our freedom. But, I do know that we bathe in it as we go freely to church each week, hold bible studies, and have the sweet fellowship we do right here online! Praise God.

I pray that you are able to celebrate this beloved holiday with your family and friends this week.

If you are gearing up to hostess this blessed celebration, I’ve put together some helpful tips for you that will be sure to make it a great day! I love a reason a celebrate!!! Wohoo!


I know this is a given, but some of us clean too much- some not enough {Why clean when it’s just going to become a mess when guests come over? Have you heard this too?} The reason we clean is to gift our guests with a welcoming and relaxing environment.

The night before– Clean bathrooms, put away toys, windex, and dust. My husband typically will pick up the garage and mow the yard that day as well.

The day of- Sweep and vacuum. If your floors are decently clean you do not need to wipe them as they will get dirty pretty quickly. Put the least amount of your cleaning efforts into the children’s rooms- the kids will go in there and play soon enough.

Lock any doors of rooms you don’t want guests or little one’s going into. We typically do this with our bedroom because of past makeup/jewelry incidences with little ones {lol}. So, honestly if I have to choose anything not to clean that day…it will be my room {gasp}!

Plug in air fresheners throughout your home. Ahhh…


The night before– Make salads {don’t add dressing}, desserts, iced tea, and lemonade. Marinate meats. Don’t forget to check that the propane tank is full!

The day of-For a 4th of July party I recommend the hostess also provide the meats {burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, grilled chicken, etc} and ask guests who are closest to you to bring a warm side dish {in my experience, guests enjoy bringing something in hand – they are thrilled that they have a home to celebrate in! Do not feel bad asking for help}.


Play “music of the season” softly in the background to set the mood. Silence is never a good thing at a party.












{photo credit: The Style Sisters}


Plant a few flowers, hang a wreath, post your flag, purchase some helium balloons, Holiday and inspired tablecloths {paper plates, utensils and napkins are just fine}.

You do not have to go overboard, just a little flare will remind your guests it’s a special occasion! Take a trip to your local party store, craft store or super store {don’t purchase these items at the grocery store-they are incredibly marked up there}.


Children and grown-ups alike enjoy being entertained. Have options laid out in front of them so they don’t have to search.

For children– Have slip and slides, pools, and/or sprinklers ready {Have towels set aside}. Get sandbox toys, balls, gloves, and bats out.

For adults: Bocce, corn hole, horseshoes, cards and board games are always fun.

Don’t be afraid to ask friends who have these items to bring them!


Place small bowls of peanuts and candies throughout the house where conversations may start. Place bowls of chips and pretzels on outside tables.

red white blue kiddie cocktail1 223x300 A patriotic mocktail for the kids!

{Red,white, and blue Mocktail}


Have a designated area for these. Fill pitchers with ice and drinks-set out cups. If you are serving canned soda/water bottles place them in ice in a cooler outside.


Have  trash cans easily accessible to guests {one inside and one outside}. I recommend paper plates for picnics so that clean-up is easy! Tidy up the kitchen a bit and cover food….but LEAVE anything out that won’t go bad! Guests may still eat a little here and there… You don’t want to make them feel forced out.

{photo credit}

Make Coffee:

Even if it is HOT, there are guests that LOVE coffee after dinner! It’s a comfort drink no matter the season or the reason. Have it ready before the gathering so you simply have to press the start button.


The seemingly simplest task will probably be your biggest challenge. Your guests will feel so much more at home if you can sit and relax with them. This is not a life or death event- chill Girlies. There are plenty of hands that are willing to help- ask! Don’t get anxious…enjoy, you worked hard.

I hope this helps organize some of your thoughts while planning for your guests this week! Have a GREAT time and a very blessed 4th of July!

For 4th of July Recipes visit my previous post.  



  1. Hi Girlie!
    I LOVE this post! Sounds like you’re an amazing hostess with some good advice!! I’ll have to remember these tips when I plan my next party. Please continue to post great suggestions you have. 🙂

  2. Thank you, thank you!
    You are just so sweet in your tone and very practical. I know at least half of your tips were things I needed a reminder of….we are hosting friends & family with lots of kiddos this 4th!
    We are planning on a kiddie pool, bubbles, chalk, and lots of sparklers for the kids. 🙂 Should be fun. I saw the dipped ice cream sandwiches you posted last week and have GOT to do that! 🙂

  3. What nice organizational tips! 🙂

  4. Just another little tip to add…..for outside parties/graduations, my family always fills a hard plastic kiddie pool with ice to set food in that needed to be kept cold. Then you can leave the cold salads and whatever out too. 🙂

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