The “Tidbit Tray”

There’s just “something” inviting about a tidbit tray….it helps congregate, holds ya over, and is a great way to offer hospitality. I make tidbit trays all the time- For family, guests…even for lunches! I use whatever I have on hand and it always seems to work…nothing fancy, just “comfy”.

If I know the children are really hungry around “almost” dinner time {while I am busy cooking!}, I’ll make them a tidbit tray and skip making a dinner salad. Again, I simply scour the refrigerator and cupboards for fruits, cheeses,crackers, pretzels, veggies….you name it. It’s SO worth the extra couple of mins to avoid “Maaaaaaaa……when’s dinner going to be ready!!!!!???”

Here they are… all in one place, easing those hunger pangs, talking about the cutest things. “Dinner’s almost ready kidos…don’t get too full!!!!!”



  1. This is a great idea, Janelle! I don’t have children yet, but my husband would love this! Also, I have friends and family over a lot, and this is a simple welcoming tray for them to munch on and gather around! Personally I love munching on olives, cheese and crackers so I always have those on hand! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. This is such a great idea. My kids start asking for snacks about 30 minuts before dinner but, if I put things out that are healthy (or kinda of HA) like fruit, pretzals, and cheese, it’s ok if they eat less dinner at that point. I think I will start incorperating this starting this week!!

    • Thanks Jackie! Yes, it’s one of my “Mama’s lifesaver” techniques, lol.

      • I actually did this today and the kids loved it – they had the freedom to pick what they wantd from the tray and I didn’t get the “I’m hungry” cries while making dinner!

  3. That looks so good, Janelle! One of my old Food and Family magazines had a section on these. They called them cold plates. Perfect for just a snack or a meal a hot summer day!

  4. Samantha says:

    This is a staple in my house. I will set one out after lunch and my kids will munch on it until dinner time. Since they are home all day they seem to be always hungry. The hardest parts are having enough for me to grab a few bites and making sure to keep my refrigerator stocked with great choices. It seems to be the best way to keep my kids from “starving” and from the constant begging for food though.

  5. I’ve never heard it called a tidbit tray but I know what you’re talking about. I could live off them myself and never cook an actual meal. 🙂

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name “tidbit tray” – so cute! What a splendid idea for those hot summer days…

    Thank you for sharing – added some things to my shopping list just for Tidbit Tray’s – Would be great for lunch with a smoothie…oh, yum!

  7. great idea!!!

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