Back to School Lunch Box Ideas! {Kabob LOVE}

School is BACK in session…what a bittersweet time for us moms. It’s SO hard to let go of those warm summer days, sleeping in, going swimming, not being on a schedule, and the list goes on. But, it’s so exciting to see another year come knocking…. reuniting with school friends, new learning experiences, projects, field trips… I just love seeing my children grow!

With back to school, comes back to packing lunches! This year I want to add some healthier varieties.

Here are some “Comfy” lunch ideas that I will be making in my children’s lunch boxes this year! 

I suggest using coffee stirs or popsicle sticks for kabobs so not to cause injuries!


Club Sandwich Kabobs

 {Turkey, bacon, ham, cheese, pickles, and bread on a popsicle stick}

Courtesy of Family Corner

kiddie kabos, banana with sprinkles

Banana Bites

{Bananas dipped in vanilla yogurt and sprinkles}

Courtesy of Parents Magazine


hot dog kabobs

Hotdog Kabobs 

{Grapes, cubed cheese and hotdogs- you can also use trail bologna for the lunch box!}

Courtesy of A Southern Fairytale

Fruit and Cheese Kabobs 

{Watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, cheese and turkey}

Courtesy of Fun Family Crafts



Sandwich Sushi 

{Bread, cucumbers, carrots, cream cheese}

*I know, I know- not a kabob, but SO worth sharing. 

Courtesy of Martha Stewart


Have a GREAT start to a new school year everyone! 



  1. Those are beautiful, and such great ideas for lunches!! Hope the sticks aren’t considered weapons these days. I’m mostly kidding, but it’s getting kinda crazy out there with their zero-tolerance stand in some schools. Stranger things than that have been confiscated.

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