Guest Post on WLW

Happy Friday Everyone!

Many of you have been so sweet to e-mail me and ask about my hubby. He is healing up just fine! He’s going to Physical Therapy throughout the week and doing his exercises at home. In just a few weeks, he will be driving again {PTL!!!!!}. Right now, he’s still in a walking boot… But, it definitely beats the cast and crutches 🙂 A small price to pay for all the fun he had being a baseball catcher for HS and KSU, right honey???? Bahaa!


Moving along..

My very dear friend Courtney from Women Living Well is featuring my Lasagna for a Crowd! Ohhhh what a blessing this day was for me, cooking for the new members at the church! You won’t  want to miss “me in a hairnet” lol!

{Courtney’s sister is one of the beautiful girls serving punch at this event!} 




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