My Gluten-Free Story on Roomag

Is it all in my head? This persistent shortness of breath, migraines, forgetfulness….everything my doctor has tested me for has been fine….what is wrong with me?!!! 

Come join me at Candace Cameron Bure’s Roomag today where I share the journey that led me to a gluten-free life-style. I pray that my story might help some of my readers who could be suffering from the same symptoms I was.


*Please note: For those individuals who are not gluten intolerant {a simple blood test can rule this out}, moderation is typically just fine. For this very reason, I do still incorporate gluten into my recipes. I personally cannot eat gluten in moderation because the side effects are so uncomfortable for me. 

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  1. I tested negative for celiac, but severe intolerant for wheat and gluten in food sensitivties testing. You will need to see a funcational Dr. or naturopath or check out If I had relied on my regular MD – it would have gone completely missed.

    • Yep…me too Stephanie. I went through a lot of doctors and …..20 years of shortness of breath before someone thought to do blood work on food allergies! Something so simple has made my life so much more enjoyable

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for this post! My 11 year old is gluten intolerant and my 9 year old struggles with shortness of breath at times. I struggle so much with trying to go gluten free in our home. I already have a hard time begore coming up with meal plans without the added trouble of making them gluten free :-(. Your post really encouraged me and I am, (dare I say), thrilled you are dealing with allergy issues too. Please keep posting allergy friendly meals, I am so desperate to get a plan together! Blessings to you and your family!

  3. I have not had the same symptoms you speak about but others and also worry about future health issues like prediabetes etc. and just eliminated gluten 2weeks ago. I feel amazing like someone flipped a switch. I feel -0 years younger. Nothing else was working. I would love to see more glutten free recipes. I saw someone complaining on another post but I love it. It is healthier for everyone. There should be a gluten free day for everyone.

  4. Janelle,
    It is good to see other’s posting their gluten free journey. With your website being so popular this will help so many. Going through the trial and errors of what tastes good, or what flour mixes work. This will help so many people, and save them the crazy trail and error stage.
    I wish I could have had something like this when I was diagnosed 4 years ago, it would have made the change that much eaiser.

  5. I had constant digestion issues that were so bad, I was afraid to take a plane trip or a long trip in the car for fear of an “episode”. At first I thought I might have an issue with lactose, so cut out dairy. It didn’t help. After doing some internet research I kept coming back to gluten intolerance. And then I remembered that my sister is gluten intolerant. I just didn’t put two and two together because she didn’t discuss her symptoms.

    At the same time, I started low carbing on the South Beach diet, so I had double the reason to cut gluten from my diet. Not only did my digestive problem go away, the constant intense pain in my neck and shoulders subsided, and my adult acne calmed down.

    I had a lot of problems find alternative foods at the beginning, but our local grocery started carrying a lot of GF products. I just wish they weren’t so gosh darn expensive. Fortunately the kids have grown up and moved out, so it isn’t as expensive as it could be.

    I love finding blog sites like this that offer GF recipes. I found a really good crock pot blog site that I adore. GF takes a lot of work and perseverance because for some reason our society has been brainwashed that we must have bread etc. to live healthy. Hog wash.

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