Adorable Snowman Cupcakes

To think with just a few ingredients you can turn ordinary cupcakes into….drum roll please….the most adorable little snowman cupcakes you ever did see! I had such a fun time making these with my children’s classmates. These would make adorable gifts in tins, a family craft, or as pictured~ for a child’s class Christmas party.

**Inspiration from Taste of Home** I revised how to make the top hat to make it easier for little hands.

My little girl…she loves crafts!

What a blessing it was to spend this time with her and her classmates.

So sweet!


Here are the simple instructions…





  1. Marsha Householder says:

    Love this! Thank You!

  2. These look great!
    Amazing how different schools are. We are not allowed to have any home-baked goods or cupcakes. All food brought into the classroom needs to be approved on our school district level!
    I will have to make these at home with the children. Thanks!

  3. So adorable!! How fun it is to decorate a cupcake and then eat it!!!

  4. It seems you had a great time and these snowman cupcakes are no doubt really adorable. In fact, I’m going to make a bunch of these cupcakes and place them on my most beautiful cupcake stand.

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