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I’ve become very empathetic to other’s needs over the years that I’ve served in meal ministry . I didn’t always have this empathy-it’s definately been a learned experience. Even through bringing a meal to someone in need is a blessing…. there are ways we can “bless them best”. For example,  nursing moms, mourning families, those with food allergies, etc…all have different needs. How can we, as servants, tune into what would be of most help to our neighbors? 

Please take a moment to visit me over at my favorite meal ministry blog, Take Them a Meal, where I am sharing ideas on how to “Bless them best”. I hope this helps you to help others! Keep serving, my friends! 

Love to you, Janelle



  1. Janeell, this post was really informative and full of things I’ve never thought to do! The only time we’ve ever received food was after the graveside burial of our baby girl. 🙁 It was such a hard time because we obviously thought it would be in celebration of her birth. Anyways, (The Lord is faithful to sustain us!) we were given some wonderful prepared food and alsos a lot of groceries/prepared meals from our favorite specialty grocery store!! That was such a sweet blessing to us! I can very much understand why the cooler option outside the door is a good idea, too.
    I hope I can be more giving with my cooking skills this year. Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Opps! Sorry for the typo in your name!

  3. What a great post! I do some of the things on your list but I had not thought of the others. I think the best thing to remember is to use disposable containers. I am pinning this so that I will have it to reference! Thanks!

  4. Wow! What great ideas, Janelle! I keep seeing your meal ministry and wishing I could do something like that. All these tips put me that much closer to giving it a try one of these days. What an inspiration you are!

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