Gettin “Comfy” with the Waffle Iron!!!


Waffle iron’s are just for making waffles anymore, Ladies!!! Here are some delicious recipes shared by my beloved fellow food bloggers. What great ideas they have! You must check these out….who would have thunk?

Cinnamon Roll Waffles with Cream Cheese Glaze

 Mmmm…These Cinnamon Roll Waffle’s with Cream Cheese are SO EASY to make! Simply place a Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon Roll  in each square of the waffle iron, shut and let bake! Don’t forget to pour on the frosting…ahhh!

Love this idea for Waffle Hashbrowns with cheese from “My Favorite Things“! Again…so simple, so clever.


Amy from Amy’s Cooking Adventures has got the right idea…”Waffle Iron Eggs n Biscuits“- The egg is IN the waffle! I can totally see my kidos running out the door for school with one of these in their hands- Genius! A meal in itself! 

Cinnamon Waffle Iron Cookies - might try with my new waffle maker!

For a yummy change, swap those regular oven- baked cookies out for these delicious Cinnamon Waffle Cookies! What a great conversation piece over coffee with the Ladies…These look awesome, Jen

Laura, from Come Together Kids has such a fun idea here…Ice Cream Sandwiches made with cake mix and ice-cream! I honestly want to take a bite through this computer screen!


Have you been getting “Comfy” with your waffle iron? If so, what are some things you’ve been cooking/baking up?! Would love to see more recipes!   



  1. Love waffles! I would love it if you would share a few of your recipes on my new blog party! I’m trying to expand my blog circles and would love it if you would share!

  2. OMG looks delish I love me some waffles.

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