How Dining Room Colors Make Us Feel…

You might not have ever given thought to this…but, did you know that the color of your dining room set’s a stage for how people will feel in it? Many of us choose paint colors and accents that appeal to us, never thinking of the mood they will set in our home! Here are some examples of dining room colors and the psychology behind them….very interesting.

* Information about colors was gathered from Fresh Home.


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The color red raises a room’s energy level, draws people together and stimulates conversation. Red has been shown to raise blood pressure and the heart rate. Red also is known to *increase our eating habits and promote hunger {which is why many restaurants paint their dining rooms red!}. 


Pastel Color Scheme 

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The color yellow {when used in moderation} is uplifting, welcoming and cheery. But be careful…too much yellow has been shown to do the opposite effect! Studies show that babies cry more and people are more likely to loose their temper in a yellow room.


blue by PIWOW1 

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The color blue is relaxing, calming and serene…it brings down blood pressure and the heart rate. However, dark blue does the opposite effect giving a feeling of sadness. Stay with lighter shades to bring out the best mood in your guests! Blue may result in slower eating and give fewer feelings of fullness. 



{My dining room!} 

Green in the most restful color for the eye, encourages unwinding, promotes comfort and togetherness. I had no idea when I was choosing paint colors that green had this effect…but it sure is good to know.


Purple dining room.  Would be very pretty with only the one wall dark purple and the rest a kind a pale silvery grey or palest shade in the dark's family.

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The shade of purple above is rich, dramatic and sophisticated ….it sends off a restful message.


dining room  

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Orange brings out excitement and enthusiasm! This color also may stimulate appetites making over-eating more likely. This is similar to the color I first had in my dining room.

What color is your dining room???




  1. Very interesting! You have a very cozy and elegant dining room. I love the flowers at the center of the table. Gorgeous! My dining room is a boring white. We live in an apartment, but this info will be good to keep in mind when we buy a house and I can do whatever I like to my walls:).

    • Thank you so much! Geoff and I lived in an apartment when we were first married….there are times I miss those days 🙂 Don’t rush it, enjoy those less expensive utilities and someone else fixing things!!! Love to you, Janelle

  2. Love this post! Our dinning room is teal and brown. I’m ready to change the paint color though!

  3. I love the picture of your dining table with those pretty placemats and gorgeous flower arrangement! I have a soothing neutral tan/grey color is ours with accents of warm colors. I hope it’s a good color for a dining room…we definitely like it! 🙂 This was a fun post to read!

  4. Uh oh – a lot of my house is yellow! haha. This was a neat post!

  5. What a fun post Janelle! My DR is a very light lavender, but your post makes me want to take it up a notch so it’s a little more saturated (reminiscent of the walls in the blue photo). Must be that time of year – last night I was trying to talk my son into letting me repaint his room. Our spring break is in two weeks – I see a painting project in my near future! Thanks for the inspiration. Now if only someone could inspire me to stop browsing and finish writing this final exam! 😉

  6. Ha ha! So this is my problem! My Dining room is RED! And I take medication for high blood pressure and am ALWAYS hungry lol! But at least the conversation is lively and the energy level is high in our house! lol!

    Interesting post Nelle! Love ya,
    Courtney 🙂

    • Cracking up, LOL!!!!! You need to paint that room blue or green and get off the medication, BAHAAAA!!!!! I should totally be a doctor….lol- love you too 😉

  7. My dining room/living room/kitchen is a light blue. We chose it because it is a calming peaceful color and it reminds me of water. I love the color of your dining room too. I had always heard about the red and orange making people want to hurry and eat more and that’s eating establishments use those colors alot. I do NOT want those in my dining room. haha:0)

  8. Our dining room actually has striped wallpaper that includes most of those colors! 🙂 BUT if I ever get around to painting it, I’ve always wanted yellow. I like what “yellow” says, however, I kind of like the way the light blue looks and how its described.

  9. So interesting!! I have a red wall and red subway tiles in my kitchen. The other walls are a sunny yellow color. Too funny!! My living room is the sunny yellow color with a blue wall. We have an open concept so our colors are yellow, red, blue and green…a little bit of everything. No wonder we are sometimes confused. Our eyes don’t know which color to focus on…lol!!!

  10. Amy Dietz says:

    I love your dining room color! Do you happen to know the name?

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