Take Them a Meal Blog- Raising a Family and Meal Ministry….

Raising a family and a Meal Ministry

Hi Ladies!

Have you ever wondered how I manage a family and a meal ministry? I know what you’re thinking:” I can’t even keep up with my own family’s meals let alone another’s, Janelle!”

Trust me, I am NO Super Woman {In fact, I’m extremely human}. 

Join me over at Take Them a Meal where I’m sharing some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up throughout the years…like any ministry, it’s a live and learn situation. 

Keep serving!

Take Them A Meal Blog



  1. Love your tips! My mom often took meals to otehrs when I was a kid (I learned so much from her) but often, she would be taking this big, yummy meal and we would end up eating leftovers or sandwiches, so I make sure I double a meal or at least save some for my family before I deliver to another family. I love disposable pans and that’s one less thing for people to worry about. I try to double or quadruple casserole recipes and freeze them so I have meals ready, just add in a veggie side, a dessert, and have a simple meal ready for when I have short notice. Thanks for you ideas- I should do better prepping in the morning- we are usually rushing to get everyone to school then, so I do most of my prepping when the baby is napping. Love your blog and Take them a meal- we have used their site many times for church friends.

  2. Mem Luton says:

    Thank you Jenell you encourage me agian my sweet friend love Mem

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