“The Comfy Meal Plan”- Week 1

Comfy Meal Plan


Hi Ladies!

So often I get e-mails asking me to create a weekly meal plan. Well, here you go, my dear friends! This is a very typical meal plan for my family and me. There are many gluten-free options listed (a shout out to my intolerant friends!) but they are naturally gluten-free- not the weird stuff you have to get at specialty stores and spend tons of money on…I don’t cook gluten-free for my family all of the time, there are times I cook a “glutenous maximus” meal, then I simply make myself something gluten-free from the ingredients I used for them.


I hope this helps you this week-if so, let me know and I will continue to make meal plans for you on a week basis.  I would plan to post a meal plan on Fridays so you could gather up your ingredients at the store over the weekend.


Love to you, Janelle

***Click the link below to download the PDF file. This PDF file has active links that will take you to each recipe! ***

Meal Planning 101 -week1 



  1. Love this and going to do it for next week for hubby, just tweak it for my kids (picky eaters) and me (vegetarian). Might do a post about it if that is ok?

    Also not sure if it’s just me or what but when I click the calzones I get taken to apple.com??



    • Absolutely! and yes- it’s fixed 🙂

    • Ashley Hoilman says:

      I would love to see how you tweak it for a vegetarian diet (me) and picky eaters (my daughter). Always looking for new ideas!

      • Thank you Ashley! Just off the top of my head- you could turn those tacos into nachos with a salad, and have spaghetti without meatballs…fried rice with beans instead of chicken and calzones with no meat. 😉

      • for the tacos I will make lentil/black bean tacos for me, picky eaters cheese quesadilla

        Chicken Fried Rice will become fried rice for me and chicken nuggets and fried rice for picky eaters

        Spaghetti and meatballs minus the meatballs for me, everything ok for picky eaters

        Calzones will turn into pepperoni calzones for picky eaters, roasted veggie calzone for me

        Pot Roast with Veggies will be a totally different meal for the girls and I probably spaghetti leftovers.

        Meatball Sub 1 picky eater will eat that, the other will have a leftover pepperoni calzone and I’ll have a leftover veggie calzone.

        Leftover night will be: the mexican we will turn it into quesadillas.

  2. I have been following your blog for years. Love these meal plans and all your continued inspiration! Thank you Janelle!!

  3. Thank you for posting this!! I look forward to more meal planning ideas. I was so diligent about meal planning in the past. Inspired to begin again. It is really helpful during a busy week. Thanks again!!

  4. Janelle~thank you so much! These are meals my kiddos will actually eat. I’ve been off gluten for 6 months and it’s challenging at times. I appreciate you giving us gluten~free people those tips and options. God bless you! ~Lyn

  5. Just saw your other comments~YES…this is extremely helpful…I would love weekly plans and recipes. : ) ~Lyn

  6. You spell our name right!

  7. mary sawyer says:

    Newly GF so this is a HUGE Godsend. I would love if you continued them!

  8. Yay, so excited about this!!! Something I need to help me prepare quick, easy, and delicious meals for my family! Thank you, thank you ~ Norma

  9. Thank you for this lovely plan! I would definitely love to see more!

  10. Terrie Taylor says:

    I’m so excited! Thank you very much!

  11. I love your recipes! The meal plan is great!

  12. This looks amazing!

  13. This is awesome! Thank you so much. We had our first meal this evening.

  14. Janelle,

    Love your menu planning….and so glad you have time to blog more…..so missed your blogging over the summer:)


  15. Thank you for taking the time to create the meal plans! I love it! God Bless


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