Church Hoppers on Church Rescue! (Review on Comfy)



Keep Hoppin, Church Hoppers! Wohoo!

Hi Ladies! I wanted to let you know that there’s a great new reality show out called “Church Rescue” on National Geographic. My hubby and I were very blessed to get an advanced “sneak peak” copy of one of the shows last week. I have to say, it is thoroughly entertaining, we love the mission, and give it two thumbs up! 

What it’s about:

 Church Hoppers is a  consulting company made up of three Christian men who have a heart for helping churches grow. Their mission statement says :”Church Hoppers consulting works with your team, identifies your areas of strength and weakness, and works hand-in-hand to sharpen your focus to do what you do best, positively impacting your customer.” 

Grace Hill Media along with National Geographic saw how interesting these guys were and thought  they would  share their stories with all of us, thus began the show “Church Rescue”!

Doc, Glandamere and Rev Kev make up the Church Hoppers, a church-rescuing recon team that travels the country to help struggling parishes.

 Who are these guys? 

What I love most about this show is how God is using three men with different talents to make up the Church Hoppers team. From left to right: Jerry (Doc) is an ordained minister, has a Bachelors in Theology, Masters in Religious Education and a PhD in Christian Counseling (woot!), Anthony (Gladamere), is an ordained minister and expert marketer and sales professional, and Kevin (Rev Kev) is an entrepreneur and business guru. These men are taking the verse, “Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17) very literally as they help each other… help others…help others! You will see these guys help those from Southern Baptist churches, to cowboy churches, to biker churches!

 Curtis stands next to New Hope Church's old sign.

When’s it on?

You can find the topic, dates and times here. 


*Please note that Church Hoppers help churches regardless of a church’s position on religious doctrines, salvation or denominational lines. Comfy in the Kitchen strongly encourages you to seek out a Bible-believing church with sound doctrine– big or small! 




  1. I’m jumping up and down in my chair! My hubby and I have ‘caught’ a few episodes of this A.MA.ZING program…each one blessed my socks off!!! What a God-thing to bring those 3 special men together and mesh them so perfectly, to be able to help grow churches. WE ARE SOOO IMPRESSSED! I plan to share a link to this post so others can read your lovely right-on preview. Thanks ever so much for sharing!!! These are exciting times when we can see God at work like this on a non-Christian channel.

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