Let It Snow with Candace!



Hi Ladies! Just wanted to let you know to set your DVRs to the Hallmark Channel on November 30th, 2013 at 8/7 C!  

Oh, I just love a “Comfy” Christmas movie. The kind that makes you want to  put  your pj’s on, dim the lights, start a fire and cuddle up with the family. This year, my Christmas movie choice of the season will be even more special because I’ve had the pleasure of working along side of (in blogland) and knowing, one of the sweet actresses, Candace Cameron Bure. I am so grateful I had the chance to meet her this Summer and yes, she every bit as genuine as she seems on camera. I love how she shines for Christ, embraces family values and is open in testimony…helping and encouraging many.

I hope you will join me in watching this movie that is sure to be a blessing!  




What is it about ?

(Per Hallmark)

When Falcon Resorts acquires family-owned Snow Valley Lodge from retiring owners Karla (Gabrielle Rose) and Paul (Dan Willmott), driven executive Stephanie Beck (Candace Cameron Bure) must spend the week before Christmas in Maine preparing a proposal on the property’s renovations. Determined to impress Falcon’s president, her detached father Ted (Alan Thicke), Stephanie reluctantly departs her warm Arizona home to immerse herself in the lodge’s property and decide how to change it to fit the hip, young Falcon brand. While preparing to rebuild the Snow Valley Lodge from the ground up, Stephanie butts heads with her property guide, Brady Lewis (Jesse Hutch), Karla and Paul’s son, who has decided to leave his family’s business over creative differences with his dad. 

A self-defined Grinch, Stephanie begins her stay at Snow Valley Lodge immune to Christmas sentiment. But as the lodge’s festive traditions provide the Christmas Stephanie never had growing up with her distant father, Stephanie finds herself enjoying every minute. To complicate her professional duties even further, the combative feelings she felt toward Brady turn into romantic ones. With Stephanie’s newfound Christmas spirit and unexpected holiday romance, she begins to question Falcon’s overhaul. As her Christmas Eve deadline approaches, she’s faced with a decision: should she transform the lodge into a new winter hot spot or embrace tradition and let it snow?


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