Chocolate Pudding Delight

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Happy New Year everyone!

I just got home from having a delicious meal over at Mom’s with family and friends. The annual New Year’s Day pork and sauerkraut dinner is always a hit in my family.  Everything was so delicious! Grandma Ruth came strong with her amazing Chocolate Pudding Delight that I thought to share with you! 

Excuse the photo quality as I took these on my phone….

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Thanks for another yummy recipe, Grandma! Love ya! 


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  1. Happy New Years!That was always my families traditional New Years Day dinner also!Love it..Lovely picture of you and your grandma..Some of the best recipes we get are from them!!!

  2. Tracy Barton Niles says:

    Well. this is awesome! My Nana Cora had a similar recipe! we called it Chocolate Delight…and a holiday supper was not done until we had this dish! thank you for sharing it! God Bless,

  3. Karole H. says:

    I would love to try this some time but my hubby can’t have nuts. Would a gram cracker crust work, or do you have another suggestion?

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I’ve known & loved this dessert for years, but the only name I’ve ever known was “That Chocolate Dessert. Everyone in my hometown in California knew exactly what you were talking when you asked for it, or said you were bringing it to a church dinner!! I had lost the recipe years ago, now I have it again, and can start making “That Chocolate Dessert” once again!!!

  5. Karole H my husband hates nuts to, I would just leave them out.

  6. That looks amazing, thanks for sharing the recipe!

  7. This was a HUGE hit at church today! Thank you. It’s so yummy!

  8. I would love to have this recipe, but am not seeing it. Is it deleted? Thanks!

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