Where is “Comfy in the Kitchen” Contributing Next????


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Ladies, I’m so excited to let you in on this exciting news! Today is the day that I begin contributing to a blog that is near and dear to my heart. This particular friend helped me, way back when, start my blogging journey…. 

 (Drum roll please)

I’m sure you all know and love her…

Photo: Found this on Google Images... :)

My beloved friend, Darlene from The Time Warp Wife  is who you will find me visiting with each month!

I’ll be over there sharing  “comfy” recipes from my heart to your home. I pray that this will encourage even more women who desire to make their homes a haven for their families. 


So, after all the work Darlene did for me, out of the kindness of her heart….would you like to know what sent to her? Click here to find out.….it’s one of my favorite recipes!!! Come visit me on my first day! 

Love to you, Janelle 



  1. You know what I love the most about your blog? It is just seeing God lifted up through each posts as He guides you. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to run over to her site after I finish this comment… She was such a precious spirit in the WLW conference webcasts, I can tell God has a plan through you both. 🙂

  2. LOVE the cookie recipe…the photo of Lucy is perfect representation for your shock!!….appreciate you and all you do. =) Always exciting when another sister in Christ gets to expand her horizons. Congrats on being a monthly contributor to Darlene’s website. I know you are doing to do us all proud! Thanks for being such a godly woman and inspiration in my life.

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