Alkaline Diet (Meal Ministry)


Some important factors about meal ministry many people overlook are diet restrictions, aversions, allergies and intolerances.

Typically, when we make a meal for someone we want to “wow” them with the best comfort food we know how to make. This is great in most situations! However, it’s still wise to ask so that we can best minister to our loved ones. 

This particular meal ministry was made for a dear friend who is battling cancer. She has chosen an Alkaline diet and I was more than happy to make a meal to accommodate her needs. 

Homemade veggie soup

A fresh tossed salad


*Tip. Rather than spend the money on purchasing a throwaway container, buy lettuce that already comes in one! The cost is cheaper when added together. 

Do you have any diet restrictions? What diets have helped you with your health? 



  1. Great idea about the throwaway lettuce container!

  2. Love all of these fresh ingredients!

  3. Rebecca Daniels says:

    I too am most comfortable in the kitchen! I love cooking and especially cooking for others. Love seeing people around my kitchen table. Always helping in the kitchen at church too. The older ladies like having a young’un (almost 45) like me around!

    I appreciate you taking the time to mention the importance of food allergies. I found out in March 2011 that I can not have gluten, corn and other foods too. It has been completely isolating for me. In a nutshell … an identity crisis. I no longer have lots of people over. Cooking like this is so expensive and much of it doesn’t taste like “MY” food. I’ve tried to tweak and it’s just not the same. I do what I can when it comes to events, by bringing something safe to eat for my family hopefully something everyone would like. I don’t like bringing attention to it. I don’t have too.. it obvious to everyone. It’s just been sooo hard on me. I could see myself in meal ministry. Seems like a natural extension of me. But how can I do that now? I’ve went to the Lord about this many times. I don’t understand because it was my gift and it feels like it’s been ripped away from me. Please pray for me. Because I have the same heart you do for this. And I don’t know what to do.

    • Rebecca, I have so been there. I went through a little bit of depression over it, actually! However, I was still able to make things for others and tweak them a bit for me. For example, I would make spaghetti and meatballs- I would use processed gluten-free bread for the bread crumbs (no one can tell), then I would use regular noodles for them and boil a side of GF rice noodles for myself.

      It takes a while being creative.

      After 2 years of being GF , but doctor told me I could try adding it back to see if I had an asthmatic response and I did not. I was shocked. So, I am able to eat gluten in moderation now. However, it could come back and I am willing to get rid of it again if my shortness of breath came back. It’s so worth it.


      • Rebecca Daniels says:

        Thank you for responding to me so quickly! I am sorry I abruptly ended my message. I didn’t even say thanks or sign off. I was crying at the point.. had a mini meltdown. So I got off the computer and went to go do something else. 🙂 I appreciate your encouragement so much! I watched your testimony and love your site! I felt I had an instant friend. So I just let it all out.

        I should say that everyone has supported me tremendously! They still want me in the kitchen too! Recently found out that instead of getting a caterer for our missions banquet in October they’ve requested my friend Stacey and I to make the meal! So we’re making Italian Beef, Chicken Alfredo from scratch, big salad, broccoli, and another side. Bread and desserts of course. But the main meal is easily GF! Super excited!

        I am learning to convert my mom’s recipes too! I think the idea of letting those go had hurt the most. But I know she’d want me to do the right thing so I hope to honor her memory with the changes. And keep the recipes in our family.

        Good news that you are feeling better! I pray you can tolerate gluten and it is manageable for you. I can relate to feeling depressed. It happened to me. But God is so good. And He is more than enough. If everything were perfect all the time we could slip into forgetting how much we need Him. I grew up knowing Him. But life distracted me and I didn’t walk with Him. And like you, as an adult I have given everything completely over. I am so grateful that He is always there. Never giving up on us. Like you, I have committed to spending the rest of my life in His service. He created me, He saved me and the Holy Spirit has my back until I see Him. My life is no longer mine He owns it. Bought and paid for. With the highest price.

        I had no idea you had struggled with this as well. Thank you for writing me back. I look forward to exploring your site and may God richly bless you.


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