The Best Cupcake Carrier Ever


If you’re a mom of children who are in school, chances are you’ve made a cupcake or two. The thing about cupcakes, is that there really isn’t an easy way to transport them…unless you have a handy-dandy cupcake carrier

My sweet friend, Courtney, over at Women Living Well,  got me this amazing cupcake carrier for Christmas this past year. I absolutely LOVE it! I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve used it. 

It allows space for 36 cupcakes.

It also gives ample room for stacking (no smooshing). The locks are nice and sturdy (no worries about a “party foul” he,he).

Need I say more, or should I add that it’s made in my most favorite color in the world? 🙂 

Thanks again, Courtney!!!! 


Such a great gift to give the Mama in your life! She’ll love it!!! It even holds cakes!  



  1. Cupcake are a PAIN to transport; I will have to look for this.


  2. Charlotte Moore says:

    Love these cupcake carriers. I ordered one from Amazon in PINK. My favorite color of course. It was cracked around the lid and I never got all my money refunded from them. Was afraid to order it again. I sure wish I had one though. If I ever find one at a store in PINK I will get one.

  3. TOTALLY agree! I got a white one from Costco a couple years ago, I only wish they’d had the blue! :0)

  4. I got my daughter a really cute cupcake holder this past Christmas. It’s in the shape of a large cupcake and holds exactly 24 cupcakes without being smooshed or overly crowded. 😀

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