“Comfy Cooking with Kids” 24 hour sale ends today! Only 99 cents!


Hi Ladies!

Comfy in the Kitchen is running a special PROMO on the ebook, “Comfy Cooking with Kids” that lasts until the end of today ! You can purchase it for JUST 99 cents over on Amazon or directly (with a coupon code) at Women Living Well!!!

I have GREAT news! Praise be to God that “Comfy Cooking with Kids”  is currently the #1 top selling Children’s Cookbook on Amazon! 


A HUGE and very special thank you to Ruth at The Better Mom, Angela at Good Morning Girls, and Gina at Real Life Titus Two for also running this promo!

Thank you to all of you who are so devoted and willing to take the precious time to teach your children how to get “comfy” in the kitchen. May your hard work turn into many delicious meals and family get togethers….in your children’s home one day! 


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