Product Review of T. Marzetti Apple Crisp

apple crispJust wanted to give a little shout out to T.Marzetti because I love their “Apple Crisp Easy to Bake Mix”! I’m not getting paid a single cent to say it ūüėČ I simply enjoy giving credit where¬†credit is earned and this really is great “go to” item to have stocked in your pantry for when guests come over unexpectedly. It is unexpectedly delish!¬†

Photo Credit: Marzetti’s Kitchen

Serve warm out of the oven, topped with caramel, a la mode. Autumn¬†in a dish….¬†



  1. I am sooo glad you posted this. I have had this in my pantry since last fall. I was so excited to make but then I read the directions and it said to use a pastry blender to cut in the butter…..and I don’t have a pastry blender:( I am not a real experienced cook and did not know how to improvise….or do I need to go buy a pastry blender?

    • the back of a fork will work, but take a bit longer, in blending the butter throughout the dry mix. Remember to keep slipping butter that accumulates on the fork back into the mix. To minimize sticking, toss the butter cubes in the dry mix prior to blending, as the dry coating will help minimize butter accumulation on whatever you’re blending.

      This technique is a useful one to master if you wish to take on other crumb toppings, or making a homemade pie crust.

  2. Charlotte Moore says:

    I thought it was ready for the oven or microwave. Ha!!! Oh well!!!

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