The Judgement Seat of Christ

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to share a very near and dear post I wrote for Overcomer Outreach. It was so bittersweet to write because as I wrote it I have faith she is in the very place she wondered about….in heaven. Ohhh…how I long to be there.

Here is a snippet, and I hope you’ll join me over there.

Much love, Janelle

We were in the lower level of my mother-in-law’s split level, sitting next to her on the ottoman pulled up to her hospital bed. She had such a distraught look on her face when she looked at me and asked,

“Janelle, how do I know for sure I’ll go to heaven?”

“What do you mean, Kathy?” I asked, knowing she had put her faith in Christ.

“Well, I just don’t feel good enough.” She said crying.

I looked up at my husband with tears in my eyes and nodded, he replied, “Mom, none of us are good enough, that’s why Jesus had to die for us.” She nodded, closed her eyes and exhaled- I could feel relief run through her weary body.

He could have told her all the amazing things she had done, the wonderful wife she was…loving mother, devoted friend, beyond excellent grandmother, and the list would go on. But he didn’t. He told her the truth…and that truth set her free.

Nothing she did or didn’t do could convince her she was going to heaven. What convinced her were those words, along side of God’s truth in which we read….

Read the rest of the story here. 



  1. You have such a sweet, encouraging spirit. I am praying for you, sister, and your sweet family.

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