Easy Clean-Up Advice for an Outdoor Party!

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I know for some of us (hand raised) it is still snowing and we are awaiting for the ground hog to come out and pray he does not see his shadow. However, in some parts of the country (and in different countries right now) Winter  is over and Spring is beginning to show its face!

One of my favorite ways to spend time with friends and family is to hostess a  barbecue. There is something about it that is so inviting, relaxing and comforting. Ohhhh, I can almost hear the children playing and smell the aroma of freshly grilled meats and veggies right now.

However, once the party is over, there is clean-up to be done. Here are a handful of great tips that will make it easier on you to clean up after a barbecue.

Use A Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are the best household cleaning equipment that you can have in this situation. An all day party on the deck or patio can be a breeding ground to all sorts of mishaps and spills.

Having a good quality pressure washer to blast away any lingering stains turns an potentially arduous task into a rather fun one! If you don’t feel the desire to buy your own pressure washer, there a plenty of rental companies that offer great service and great rental prices.

Use Disposable Plates and Cutlery

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to clean dishes! This problem can be easily solved by bulk buying paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups for your guests to use. This option means that you’ll not have a tower of dishes waiting for you at the end of the day and that there’s no risk of your dishes breaking outdoors (and little feet being cut! ouch!)

Provide Plenty of Trash Bags

In an outdoor situation some people find the temptation to throw their trash on the floor too irresistible, leading to a much bigger and unwanted clean up situation for the host. By placing conveniently-placed trash bags (putting them in trash cans is even better) at certain locations on your deck or patio, you will encourage your guests to be more respectful and to dispose of their used plates, cups and bottles in a much tidier manner.

Filling up these trash bags means that you are cleaning as the party is still going, which leaves you with less of a job when the barbecue is over, and means that you can kick back, relax and clean the grill for the next party.

Soooo….tell me, what is the temperature like where you live? Ohhhh, I cannot wait for warm days and Barbecues! For those who are in warmer climates- I hope this post helps you! 



  1. Jenny Rutan says:

    Hi Janelle, sounds like a fun day with the kids. Love it! We live in the southeast (North Carolina), we don’t get a lot of snow, but when my family makes snow cream we add a can of condensed milk…It taste like homemade vanilla ice cream! Yummy Have fun in the snow and God bless!

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