Strawberry-Orange Water

Hi Ladies, the other day I posted on the Comfy FB page that I’ve been having a hard time drinking enough water. Many days than I care to admit I drink more coffee and diet pop than I do water. This has to stop.

Not too long ago when I was a guest at my sister-in-law’s house, she had this refreshing strawberry-orange infused water sitting out -I literally drank 4 glasses in a row because it was so delicious.

That’s all that it is…sliced oranges, sliced strawberries, water and ice. I recently started making this in a large water pitcher so to add more water into my daily routine.


When I was browsing the web, I realized Bembu also shares many more infused-water recipes that help not only with hydration, but also with detoxing! Place infused water in mason jars with lids to have refreshing and healthy drink options readily available in your fridge!

Here’s a quick video from the Doc that I’d like to share about how much water we should be drinking. Gulp. He even mentions for us to try to water our plants with coffee and see what happens. That put things into perspective for me and encouraged me to drink more H2O!

Drink up! 

Dear Lord, Thank you for supplying so many of us with water in abundance. I  know that I personally take this for granted. In turn, many people in third world nations have to walk miles in dangerous terrain to get a bucket full of unsanitary water. Please help us, in fortunate places, see how blessed we truly are and give us the means to help those who don’t have water that is easily accessible. In Jesus name, Amen. 


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