Packing Lunches for the Entire Week {Made Easy!}

Packing lunches
Our mornings were getting very stressful…

With the busyness of life, the cold weather, the time change, the snooze button- you name it… packing lunches got placed on the back burner. There was barely enough time for breakfast, let alone time to pack lunches, so off my children went with money to purchase their lunches at school. I was very grateful to have that option, however my heart’s desire was to pack for them.

So Monday, I turned a new leaf. I prepared in advance for the entire week and now packing lunches in the morning is fun! I’ll show you how…

After I went to the grocery store, I took an hour and prepped the above. I made sure to have different sized ziplock  bags and I went to to town rinsing, dicing, cutting and portioning out all of the lunch items I purchased.

I cubed cheese, cut carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers and hard boiled eggs.

I cut up strawberries and portioned out grapes. I made salami and cream cheese tortilla rollups and bagged them up too.

I rolled up just salami and cheese and made them into rollups and bagged up snack mixes.

I portioned out sunflower seeds, animal crackers and trail mix.

And banana chips…

Then I placed them in containers with like attributes. This was my veggie container.

My fruit container…

The proteins…
Then I placed the dry snacks in bowls and put them away in the cupboard.

Storage in the refrigerator was simple.

Now morning time lunch packing is fun! The kiddos (and Dad) get to choose what they want from each container and all is good in the world 😉

I hope this helps my fellow Mama’s!