Crescent Chicken

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This delicious recipe comes from my Grandma (or “Nana B” as we call her)…I have wonderful memories coming home from college to this delicious home cooked meal. It has become one of my husband’s favorites too. I like serving it along side of mashed potatoes …. the cream of chicken soup serves as a delicious gravy. Enjoy this simple yet delicious meal! 
Crescent rolls, chopped and cooked chicken (I simply boil chicken breasts and cut), cheddar cheese, cream of chicken soup (milk).
Make soup in a medium saucepan using milk according to directions.  
Lay out one crescent roll at a time and place appx 3-4 bite sized pieces of chicken and appx 1Tbsp of cheese in the center of each triangle. 
Gently roll up
Seal edges by pinching the dough. (You will not get perfection, just make sure the filling cannot leak out)
Place all of your rolls in a 9×13 dish (I love my Pyrex 9×13- this brand lasts forever) and pour soup mixture over top ( salt and pepper as desired).
Bake at 350 for 30 mins until crescents are golden brown
Serve with mashed potatoes and your choice of veggies! 
A combination of buttery crescent roll, melted cheddar and juicy chicken…Mmmm…
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Crescent Chicken
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 (8 or 6 jumbo count) package refrigerator crescent rolls
  • 2 cups chopped cooked chicken
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1 can of milk (using soup can)
  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Prepare soup using milk and set aside.
  3. Separate crescent rolls.
  4. Spoon chicken and cheese onto each crescent; roll and seal to enclose filling.
  5. Place in a 9×13 baking dish.
  6. Pour soup over rolls.
  7. Bake at 350 uncovered for 30 mins.

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  1. Nichole H says:

    Oh my goodness this looks so yummy ! I am making it tonight !!
    Thanks Janelle 🙂

  2. Oh! My! Gosh! They're like mini chicken pot pies (sorta). I am so going to make this. Thank you for sharing this one!

  3. Saved by Grace says:

    Oh wow, that looks yummy and easy. I'm trying that soon!

  4. Ooh this looks SO good. Too bad cheddar cheese makes me sick. 🙁

  5. def now low in carbs 😉 but this looks awesome! im making it 2nite, thanks!


  6. goodgirlgonehome says:

    Looks great! Yummmy comfort food. Reminds me of chicken 'n dumplins!

  7. Darlene Schacht says:

    Wow!! That looks delicious!!

  8. AZPartyMamma says:

    ok, I think I did something wrong … the bottoms of my crescent rolls tasted raw 🙁

    • Mine too! My crescent rolls were raw! Not sure how this could be fixed … higher temp and cook longer? Would love to hear what others have done!

      • Kelly, try covering with foil first, then uncover the last 10 mins.

      • I did not have that problem at all. My recommend is to use Campbell’s cream of chicken (not the reduced fat/healthy request version) because it’s not as thick.

        Try these tips also:
        1. Use a little non-stick cooking spay in the bottom of your glass casserole before adding the rolls.
        2. I used skim milk and a little less than a full can of milk (about 6oz)
        3. Mix the soup and water together in a sauce pan and heat through before pouring over the chicken rolls.
        4. Make sure you preheat your oven. Sometimes yoy can skip that step, but not when baking pastries. they HAVE to go into a hot oven.

      • I made this tonight and it was too doughy on the bottom to eat. Next time I think I will cook the rolls first and then add the soup. I also added sauteed mushrooms, onions and chopped garlic to the chicken and cheese. I used some pepper jack cheese with the cheddar. I will definitely try it again….:)

      • To solve the raw dough I first for 5 minutes before I pour the soup over them, Just when the dough starts to change color, then I pour the soup on. Hope that helps.

        • 10 min. I just cooked these, and I cook the stuffed rolls for 10 min. before putting the soup over them, then I cook and additional 10 min and put more cheese over the top of them, and cook for another 5 min. Hope that helps

    • I must of did the same thing you did since my bottoms were doughy too on the bottom. but my family loved the recipe. making it again mow and cooking them first some and them putting the soup over the top so the botom will get cooked more

      • I also cook a little more chicken and put that in the soup with some frozen mix veggies so it was more like a pot pie. It was great

      • I’ve read from other posts to not pour the soup mixture on it at the begining. We did this the other nite, I lightly buttered the bottom of the pan, then halfway thru, flipped each one. We heated the soup mixture, and ladled it on top as we served it. This is a good recipe – a keeper! (and yes adding veggies is a great idea to boost the nutrition)

      • i cook my chicken wrapped rolls for about 5 minutes take out of oven then pour soup around the rolls,, this gives the dough time to cook and you still have some flaky crust on top.. i also use cream of potatoe soup….. 🙂

    • i made this and because of the feedback about the rolls being soggy,i baked the pockets as directed alone and than i heated the soup and added chicken to it and served it as a gravy instead of pouring it over the rolls.was very good.

  9. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    AZ did you preheat your oven? The soup will make for a softer bottom, however it shouldn't taste raw.. Let me know!

  10. Jackie Koll says:

    I am working on my menu for next week, today and try to make one new recipe a week – I come to your site first to look at what you've posted and this is perfect 🙂 Looks yummy!

  11. teachermomof2 says:

    That sounds delish! I will definitely add this to my menu for next week.

  12. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thanks Jackie/Teacher! This is one of my favs!

  13. Thanks for the recipe! It was soooo good! It is a new favorite!

  14. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    So glad you liked it June!

  15. I SO can not wait to try this. I tell you your recipes are SO easy and yummy at the same time!! Thanks for sharing girl!! love ya

  16. Janelle, My family is loving all the new things I am trying from your blog so thank you so much and so far ALL of them are keepers all 9 of us LOVE every recipe yummo I am gonna make this one next week thank you for sharing!! <3

  17. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thank you Sonya and Cindy!!!

  18. Oh my gosh! That looks sooo yummy! I'm going to have to make that soon. Crescent rolls are on sale right now at our local grocery store I think.
    I've made a few of your recipes and they are always a hit and requested more than once 🙂

  19. Ammie @ says:

    This looks so yummy and hearty. Definitely a "stick to your ribs" kind of meal. I'll have to make sure my portion is super small, though. this is like, CARB CENTRAL. LOL. (as are all good things!)

  20. Mrs. Gertha says:

    That looks soooo good!!! I am making this recipe next week(:

  21. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Enjoy Mrs. Gertha!

  22. Making this as we "speak." 🙂

    Have you ever made taco ring with crescent rolls? Its awesome! Def a crowd pleaser at our house…

  23. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Carr..would love your recipe for a Taco Ring! Sounds great!

  24. 🙂 I need to start signing my first name when I comment!

    Taco ring is super easy…you take a package of crescent rolls and separate them into a wreath pattern on a baking sheet, with the bottoms overlapping (the edges will hang over the baking sheet initially). Then you spoon taco meat on the rolls with a sprinkle of cheese and fold the top of the crescent triangle into the center…which by the end, will form a ring that looks just like a wreath…but stuffed full of taco goodness. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes and top with your favorite taco toppings!

    Btw…the crescent chicken was a HUGE hit this evening. I had to bake it at 375 because I think my oven temp is off, but it was delicious! Thanks for the new idea!!


    • Was just reading your taco ring and I wish there was a pic of this. Not sure how you put the cresent rolls to make a ring. I does sound really good though.

  25. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Meg, that sounds delicious!!! Sounds like a blog to me, lol!!! Thanks for trying the glad you liked it!

  26. Janelle, I'm making this for Valentine's dinner for the fam. I'm using boneless skinless breasts-about how many will I need to use? Also, how long do YOU boil boneless skinless breasts? My oven tends to cook a little "cool" do you think I should try 375 like someone else mentioned (don't want the bottoms to not be cooked through especially since I got the "jumbo" rolls like you suggested). I'm a rather "insecure" cook so thanks for your help! You're the best. Happy Heart Day! P.S. I love the valentine poem you included 🙂

  27. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Anon- What a wonderful meal to cook for tonight! If you have a "cool oven" then yes, I would set it at 375 and check it before hand…if the tops brown fast, than you can always cover and put it back to 350. For my family of 5 I use 4 breasts. Happy Valentine's Day!

  28. I prepared this last night for a special Valentine's Dinner along with the Molton Chocolate Lava Cake. My family was so impressed saying that it was the best dinner they had ever had. Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

  29. My family LOVED this!!! They wanted me to make it the next night too 🙂 It was sooo easy to make & what a joy to hear all the compliments at the table 🙂 Thank you!!! Kim B.

  30. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Yea! Thanks Kim!

  31. teachermomof2 says:

    Just made these for dinner! I loved them and so did the family! This recipe is a keeper! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thank you!! So glad you liked it! Love, Janelle

  33. I made this recipe tonight! It was amazing!!! All the recipes that I have tried from your blog have become family faves!!! Thanks 🙂

  34. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thank you Frances!

  35. Kim from Canada says:

    I realize this is an older post – but the recipe was very much appreciated in our family! Even the picky eaters liked it!

  36. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thank you Kim!

  37. did you seperate the crescent or use both triangles together? THanks

  38. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Tara, I separated the crescents, but used the Grands. Hope this helps 🙂

  39. Yes, thank you!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I would like to say Thank You for your chicken crescent recipe. I tried it for the first time and took the dish to our Women Fellowship potluck luncheon at church. Everyone loved it! Several of the women asked for the recipe. I really liked how simple and easy it was to make. Thank you for sharing the recipe!
    God Bless,

  41. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Brenda, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know that! What a blessing! You are VERY welcome 🙂 Love to you, Janelle

  42. Emily @CreativeDisaster says:

    This looks so good! I live in Mexico City and the very few places that carry crescents or any type of "bread in a tube", they cost about $8! Do you have a recipe for crescents or is there something comparable that I could try? Thanks!

  43. Virginia says:

    I'm making this tonight for dinner, thanks for the recipe! I just went to the market yesterday and I got ingredients for a few of your recipes and I'm excited to try them! As a fellow Christian and stay at home mom, what a blessing it's been to have found your blog! God bless you 🙂

  44. Oh wow, my mouth is absolutely watering, just reading this recipe & looking at the pics! As soon as I get back to the grocery store, I am picking up some crescent rolls & trying this out…thanks for sharing!

  45. Can this be frozen? do you bake it and then freeze it? or freeze before baking?

    • Hi Deb!
      I would make the crescents with the chicken and cheese and freeze. When you are ready to bake, then pour soup mixture over top and bake. I would cover and bake for half the time, then take foil off and bake uncovered the rest of the time. Enjoy!

  46. When making this to deliver to a family, how soon after baking does it need to be delivered for it to not get soggy? Just wondering if it be best to take it frozen with baking directions and let them decide when to finish baking it? Loving your blog! Just found it tonight. 🙂 I am helping start a Meals Ministry at my church and am getting some awesome recipes and ideas here!

    • Hi Kelly! That is so great you are starting a meal ministry! Wohoo!! When I make this for a family, I typically bake-then deliver. You could also make it up…put the soup mixture on the side and give baking directions.

  47. Rebecca W. says:

    A hubby favorite!!

  48. Found you on Pinterest tonight and I’m already scheduling this recipe for this coming week! Your chicken n’ dumplins one, too! 🙂 Thanks!

  49. Delicious & easy! Got rave reviews from hubby, thanks Janelle!!

  50. I made these Saturday at MIL’s and the dough wasn’t cooked all of the way through (I added more pouches to the dish) and I’ve made these before perfectly. I thought this through and since I don’t want to repeat the issue, if you have to add more to feed more people, cook the pockets for a bit, maybe 10 minutes, then add in the soup mixture.

  51. I found your recipe for the crescent chicken rolls on pinterest. I love your recipes and your blog so glad I found you. I bought the little crescents will it still work do I add less chicken? Plan on making this tonite. Thank you

    • Thank you Terri! Those would still work, but you wont get as much chicken and cheese in them. Let me know how it turns out!!! Thank you for your kind words sweet friend!

      • I made your delicious pocket chicken (what I call it ha ha) and I used the smaller crescents and put just enough chicken and cheese to close them. I cooked them for 45 minutes to make sure the bottoms were cooked. I sprinkled the remaining chicken I had in between the crescents and poured the soup over it all. It was delicious loved it. My family was impressed. Thank you so much I want more easy stuff to make like this Janelle.

  52. The last time we ate this, my husband suggested that it would also be good with sausage instead of chicken. Instant breakfast idea! That’s our plan for Christmas morning!:)

    • Linda Flannigan says:

      OMG! Made this tonight and it was AMAZING! My husband does not like chicken pot-pie,(one of my favs) but I tricked him! I put the veggies on the side and put sour cream and chives on his mashed potatoes, then I got all the gravy, hehehe. He said THREE times how great dinner was! Thank you!

  53. Oh, my goodness. I have to try this. Looks delicious. Thanks.

  54. I made these for my family tonight, except we used Cream of Mushroom. It was super yummy!

  55. I Made these tonight..I used sliced swiss cheese folded in 4’s and used a 1/4 of the cheese slice on each….while sauteing my chicken I added shredded carrots in the mix….Amazing Comfort Food!Thank you so much for the recipe!

  56. Yes, this sounds & looks AMAZING! Too bad supper is already in the oven… but I am going to try this one for sure!

  57. Marianne Schmitt says:

    Made this tonight, good comfort food…I will make this again!!

  58. Charlene says:

    I just tried this. I changed a few things. I used shredded chicken instead and about 5 mins before they were done, I covered it in cheese. It was AWESOME! Thanks so much for the recipe.

  59. These were great! Thanks!

  60. when I saw this on pinterest I knew I had to make I did today.the only thing I did different was doubled the crescent rolls,the soup,and the milk.then the cheese I had left i sprinkled over the top.I must say I LOVE THIS RECIPE!!! we cleaned our plates!!! it is so good.and it will fill you up!! and the sides you can have with it are kind of puts me in mind of chicken and dumplings.I made sweet potatoes and fried okra with mine!! thank you so much!!

  61. this looks amazing!!!! My only question is by adding the soup, does it make the cresents soggy???

    • Hi Maggie! The tops are crisp and the bottoms are moist- they are not gooey- they are cooked through. Kind of like putting syrup on pancakes…this is my most popular recipe!

  62. I made this recipe tonight. It was good but I think I did something wrong. My bottoms and tops were raw. My oven was preheated. I’ve only used this oven twice so maybe that’s it?? I put them back in the oven for another 10 minutes….then again for another 10. I’m going to try it again!

  63. Saw thison pinterest, can’t wait to see what the rest of your site has in store!

  64. Just made this last night for my family. My kids LOVED it, my husband liked it. Looks like it’s in the menu rotation now. THANKS!!!

  65. I made these for my family and they were a HUGE hit! Everyone loved them. I took the suggestion of baking them for about 10-15 min prior to adding the soup to make sure the crescents were done and they came out just right.
    I also adjusted the recipe for a breakfast recipe. I used scrambled eggs, sausage and cheddar cheese for the filling and gravy instead of soup. I took it to our Sunday School breakfast fellowship and I didn’t come home with any left. They were delicious as well!

  66. I am so going to figure out a way to make this gluten free not sure how yet! using gluten free pie crusts I think! looks fantastic- going to try it with turkey tonight! and gravy and mashed potatoes. yum.

    • That is such a great idea Susan!!! Do 1 part heavy cream and 1 part chicken stock for a cream of chicken soup w/o gluten! Let me know how it turns out…that is, if I don’t make it first! Tag- you’re it! LOL!

  67. Made this tonight for my family. My daughter isn’t to big on meat, but she loved it. I made it over rice with greenbeans. Thanks for sharing, it was yummy!!!!!!

  68. ok my sister emailed this recipe to me,, with the picture so OK THANKS now i have to make it!!!!!!! LOL

  69. Jen Worner says:

    I made these tonight (just added mushrooms) and they were amazing!!!!! I love looking at your recipes and can’t wait to try some more things. I’m trying to branch out so my kids won’t be a picky eater like I am. 30 years and I’m finally starting to grow up! 🙂

  70. I made this tonight and my boys loved it… unfortunately I did not have jumbo crescent rolls.. so I only had enough for 4 chicken rolls.. I know next time to get the right ones.

  71. Seasoned the chicken with some salt, pepper, poultry seasoning , and garlic pepper. Added some fresh garlic and basil to the soup. Covered with alumininum foil then removed 10 minuets before. (other reviewers were complaining of raw crescents) and added a mixed vegtable medley to the soup. It was Devine! Ultimate comfort food!

  72. I found this recipe on pinterest and had to try it. We made it last night and the boys LOVED it! Thanks for posting this delicious recipe, I’m excited to try some more from your lovely blog!

  73. I love this recipe. I’m going to have to make it again soon. I do remember I had to cook longer than the recipe call for, but I think it’s because of my oven. I added a little of the sauce to the inside of the crescent and I also use cream cheese instead of chedder (my husband doesn’t like chedder cheese). This is also a great after Thanksgiving use for leftover turkey. Delicious!!!!

  74. Tried this last night and loved it!!! Followed the recipe exactly (even the cooking time) except I got regular crescent rolls instead of jumbo (oops!). I had bought two packs of the crescent rolls and used both and they fit in the pan pretty well and it came out delicious!!! Love this recipe and it has now become one of our favorites. Want to try your spaghetti sauce next!

  75. Found this recently on pinterest and made it this evening. Husband & dad really liked it. Hubby wants me to also try it with different meats. I read the other reviews and I did not put the soup on it until the last 10 minutes or so about when the crescent roll started to brown. This is truly comfort food in its simplest (and yummiest) form! Thanks for the recipe & your blog is great

  76. Brittany says:

    I saw this recipe on pinterest this morning, and went to the store to get the stuff. I made it tonight for dinner, and it was DELICIOUS! Thank you so much for sharing this!! :]

  77. These not only look good but taste good too. My family ate them all up. I had no problems with the rolls being doughy. I did something a little different than the original recipe. I had a can of cooked chicken and put the broth from it in with the cream of chicken instead of using milk and added about a 1/2 C sour cream to it. I cut up 1 C frozen broccoli added it plus 1 C shredded cheese to the chicken, then placed it in the crescent rolls.

  78. I am about to start making this wonderful sounding recipe. Wish me luck! I am not a cook by any means so I need all the help I can get. Thanks for sharing your great recipes with us. I am looking forward to making more of your recipes if this one comes out for me. 🙂

    • I did it!!! This dish was wonderful. I did do as some others and cooked my pockets for about 15 min. first then poured the soup mixture over it. Also I has some shredded chicken left so I added it to the soup mixture. Will do it again!

  79. Thanks for this great dish! I made it tonight- but added chopped broccoli as well. (I defrosted the broccoli slightly before adding it.) Can’t wait to share it with others!

  80. I am planning on making this tonight. I am going to make biscuits instead of crescent rolls.. I hop0e this works.

  81. Wonderful! Did take advice and cooked crescents for 10 min before adding the sauce…. Turned out very nummy! I did add some frozen broccoli and some minced onion and a bit of sage….. Very savory and I didn’t feel so bad eating all those calories with some broccoli in there! Haha! Thanks so much….. Going to make this for a friend tonight after her chemo treatment…. Hopefully something she can eat!!!!

  82. Just made this for dinner and what a HUGE hit!!! I did use Campbells cream of chicken soup with herb instead of just plain and I think it really gave the gravy a nice taste. Also, because we always like extra gravy I used 2 cans of soup! Definitely a keeper 😉

  83. thank you so much! My boyfriend said next time to make double so he can eat 6-8 for himself!! so delicious!

  84. I will put the some soup mixture inside the crescent roll with the cheese and chicken. Then bake until the crescent roll is done. Then at the last 5 or 10 minutes add a little more of the soup mixture to the outside. There is too much soup for the rolls to cook fully.

    • Hi Darlene! I always encourage ladies to try things in the kitchen! I would like to hear how the soup mixture is inside the crescent…keep me posted.

  85. I would add some of the soup mixture with the chicken and cheese and seal them up tight. Cook in the oven until almost done and then add some more soup over to tops and return to oven to finish cooking.

  86. mmmm this looks sooo good. You can never beat a grandma’s recipes, and I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  87. Ashley Kent says:

    This is such a great idea! I love simple home made dinners! I’m actually cooking this tonight and I’m debating on putting some peas or carrots in with the chicken in the crescent. Thanks so much for the recipe =)

  88. This is my second time making Cresant Chicken! My Family and I love i! Thank you for sharing!

  89. This was so yummy and I can’t believe how easy it was to prepare. The kids helped putting the cheese on and they thought that was great! Really good and so fast and easy. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  90. Just made this!!! My 7 year old dang near licked her plate clean!!!!! Loved how easy it was!!! I added a dash of cavenders to each “pocket” and cooked the pockets for 7 min before adding the soup. No Left Overs!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  91. Hi Janelle, i have a question on the crescent chicken. I’ve made this for my family, and we really enjoyed it. If I were taking this to a family for a meal ministry, would it hold up if I baked it at home? Or would I bring it to them and tell them to throw it in the oven for 30 min.? Would that be too much to ask them to bake it? I’m new at trying to do meals for other families, and don’t know the rules yet…lol Thanks for your ministry. It has encouraged me to try to help others.

  92. I made this for my family and they absolutely loved it, thank you for the recipe and detailed instruction!

  93. This sounds AWESOME! Quick question. If I wanted to use this as a frozen meal, how would I go about doing so?

    • Great idea Stormey! I would place wax paper down in an extra large ziploc -add the filled crescents. Pour the sauce in another large ziploc and freeze in a foil and covered tray. Mark on the top “Crescent Chicken” and the date! When you’re ready to bake, take out the crescents and line them in the pan you froze them in, place your bag of sauce under warm running water until thawed enough to pour over top to bake.

  94. Lovestocook says:

    Excellent recipe… Kids loved it! Will definitely cook again!!

  95. Linda Tran says:

    Hey! I just made this recipe and it was so delicious! I actually didn’t have cream of chicken so I used cream of mushroom, added some fresh mushroom slices, and fried onion on top. I am so full! And I added less milk because I didn’t want it too runny. For sides I made mashed potatoes (which went awesome with the mushrooms) and broccoli. Yummm!

  96. Made this tonight great recipe thanks my hubby loved it!!!

  97. can’t wait to try this dish.

  98. I was wondering if anyone knows the nutrition facts of this meal?? and BTW- it was DELICIOUS. At the end of dinner I asked the guys “Anything I should do differently next time?? Anything to change?” And they said “Yeah, make it more often!” Tommy called me and asked me to make it for dinner AGAIN?! We just had it last night! LOL Thanks so much for the recipe!
    Oh and I read the comments first, so i baked the crescent rolls with the chicken and cheese for 10 minutes then added the soup and the rest of the chicken in the pan as well. Worked perfectly!

  99. Hey there, im making these right now, this is right up my alley because I have two teen sons and I know they will love this. The cresent rolls looked bigger in the picture, but It took some practice to get them just right. Thanks for sharing the recipe. And by the way, the picture of the family is gorgeous. Take care.

  100. I made these for dinner tonight for myself and my parents. They were SO delicious and so easy to make. I doubled the receipe which turned out to be the best thing since my dad decided to have 6 of them. Thank you!!! 🙂

  101. Jenny Rutan says:

    All I can say is: AMAZINGGGGGGG!

  102. I just made this dish and it was so delicious!!!!!!! It was kind of raw from the bottom so I turned off the oven and left them in there with the heat on for about 20 minutes and they got crispy just how I wanted them. Thank you and will deff show people this recipe (:

  103. Jennifer C says:

    Imm sooo hungry now!! Can’t wait to try this tonight;) heh!

  104. This was very good!(I added some extra spices and what not to the cream of chicken soup because it can be a little bland)
    But yes. Definitely a keeper. The only thing I will do differently is used canned biscuits instead of the crescent rolls next time because it was very hard to fill them and roll them up. Thank you!

  105. I made this for lunch today. I only had small crescent rolls so I made small ones, with the same amount of soup. After reading other comments, I also baked mine 10 minutes first and then poured soup over them and baked another 20 min. They turned out delicious! My family loved them. Thanks for the recipe!

  106. Has anyone tried adding a little ham in with the chicken and cheese? Thought about trying it that way just for a little color and flavor. I will let you know how it goes.

  107. robin nelson says:

    the best

  108. Kymberly says:

    Just made this again tonight, my family absolutely loves this recipe it is so simple and delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  109. robin nelson says:

    Totally awesome

  110. Your delicious recipe has been a lifesaver! I bring dinner to my ailing father-in-law twice a week. He has difficulty swallowing certain foods, so he needs something soft &/or with a sauce. To make things more complicated, my niece and her husband and son live with him so I feed them as well. They are THE pickiest eaters I’ve ever seen! But by some miracle, everyone LOVES this dish! I have found that setting the oven at 375 and cooking for 35 minutes yields perfectly golden brown bundles of yumminess. Thank you for sharing your delicious recipe.

  111. Karen Bothwell says:

    Just found this through my aunt who posted on fb. Thank you for inspiring me to make meals for my family, friends or acquaintances that may need a comfy meal due to an illness, surgery or a new baby in the family. Great idea!!

  112. Hello!
    Amazing recipe!! I made this and the family and they loved it!! The only thing I did differently was add a little garlic salt and some pepper to the chicken when I cooked it before adding it to the crescent roll. AMAZING! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂


  113. Kathleen Davis says:

    Made this for my family and they loved it ! Unfortunately, I am gluten free and couldn’t have any. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  114. Juanita says:

    Thanks for the recipe! I just made it tonight with some friends. I added the chicken soup mixture halfway through baking, and the bottom of the rolls weren’t too mushy. I boiled the chicken beforehand, and it was a bit bland, but that’s my own fault. Next time I’ll buy a rotisserie chicken from Publix or add spices to the chicken.

  115. Made this tonight! Super easy to make, and very very yummy! My family loved it! Definitely a keeper!!!

  116. I’ve made this before and LOVED it! Now I’m trying to prepare some make ahead meals before I have a baby next week (hopefully!). Do you think these would freeze well? Probably wait to add the soup until they are ready to go in the oven?

  117. I made the crescent chicken last night, but veganized it and it was a huge success! Thanks for a great recipe!

  118. Mollie Barto says:

    This recipe was fantastic. My 12 year old son who loves to cook made this for us. Yummy. The pictures are a great help. He did an amazing job. He had fun rolling up the chicken and the cheese in the crescents. And this was so good. We finished the entire pan. This is being added to the family favorite recipes. And only a few ingredients make it even super duper. Thank you. Mollie

  119. Cristina Ortega says:

    I’m making this tonight. I’m wondering…Has anyone made this with brown thigh chicken instead of the white chicken breast?

  120. I finally tried this recipe tonight, and it was wonderful! A big hit! I will be making this in a couple of weeks for a friend who will be recuperating from surgery…. So we will be having it again then too! Already can’t wait! 🙂

  121. Wat does one can of soul milk mean??

  122. I knew this was a hit when I heard my picky kids say MMmmmmm… Thanks!

  123. I am in Australia and we have NOTHING like Crescent roll dough etc.
    The closest we would have would be puff or shortcrust pastry etc, would that work or is there a recipe for the dough?
    Also I must say making meals for families going through a hard time is a WONDERFUL thing, i have recently finished chemo, and tried to fill our freezer with meals before surgery and chemo so that hubby had less to do, but as I had complications he ended up having to do a lot of cooking, if someone had of brought us around a meal, even once a week, it would have been a huge burden off his shoulders, even a frozen meal he could just pull out and heat up.
    I also recently broke both of my arms and am currently in 2 casts from knuckles to elbows and up thumbs, and one of my lovely fellow young women with breast cancer support group members brought me over a box of spaghetti bolognaise all cooked, with the pasts and packaged into serves big enough for hubby and I to freeze, as well as ginger cake and banana bread, it was lovely and has been great on occasion for hubby to just be able to pull that out and not have to worry about cooking a meal from scratch.
    Maybe it is something my young women with breast cancer support group should look at doing on occasion, making meals for our fellow young women with cancer going through surgery and treatment… Thanks for the idea and the recipes

    • Oh, Shazinoz….you poor thing! I’m so sorry to hear of all of your challenges in this season of life. What a wonderful gesture your friend extended during this difficult time. I’m so grateful you had the opportunity to experience the love of Meal Ministry. Puff pastry would be a good substitute for a crescent roll…love to you, Janelle

  124. My family loves this recipe. I have fixed it for years. I do it a little different. I don’t add milk to the soup. After I roll up each crescent roll and chicken cheese mixture, I spoon two cans of Campbells cream of chicken soup over the entire dish. I then sprinkle a little more grated cheese on top and then bake. My dough has never been uncooked on the bottom. I don’t know if leaving the milk out is the clue, but it could be. Also, this is fantastic with other meats, like at Thanksgiving or Christmas when you have ham or turkey left over. It’s great! Probably roast beef would be good too, and maybe changing the soup to cream of mushroom or cream of celery. Oh and another hint, those chickens that are roasted at the grocery are great to buy and fix like this too!

  125. Made this tonight and it was soo good!! Didn’t see the comments about put the soup on until after cooking for 5 minutes until after I had already poured over, but I didn’t pour all of the soup over it and I cooked a couple minutes longer and it came out perfect! My 3 yr old who is super picky about everything ate a whole crescent and loved it! Definitely a keeper, wish I found this sooner, but glad I have now!! Thanks!

  126. Wow – that looks great!! Pinning this recipe to try sometime!!

  127. It’s remarkable to pay a quick visit this web site and reading
    the views of all friends on the topic of this post, while I am
    also zealous of getting know-how.

  128. Hi, Icheck your blogs regularly. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work!

  129. could this be made with reg. crescents? Bought on accident. If so, how do you think cook time would adjust?

  130. Charity mother of 3 boys says:

    I am a mother of 3 very picky boys 12, 15, & 17 ..
    not only is it hard finding something they like but something they all like is near to impossible..
    Until now, I made this for the first time last night and I doubled the recipe (two pans, 8 chicken pouches each) . I cooked them like the recipe said and then noticed people saying the bottoms were not done so I flipped them half way through and they came out perfect and the family loved it, I mean all of them loved it … my middle son had 4 of them and would have went back for more if i had not stopped him… and note he never likes anything .. he is that kid.. but he loved it and wants it again tomorrow … Thank you for sharing your recipe, it has found a good home with us..

  131. I actually wasn’t a fan of this. The crescent rolls just weren’t the right.. bread, I guess, for this. My husband and I both kind of found it to be a flop.

    • Krystal, I’m sorry you feel that way! This is the most popular, shared and loved dish on Comfy. Perhaps there are other recipes you’d like to try for your tastebuds <3

  132. Would you recommend freezing this? Would there be any changes to it if so? I’m due with my 4th baby in January, so I am planning freezer meals in advance! Thank you so much, this looks delicious!

  133. I made this recipe last week. My family loved it so much that I had to make it the very next night too!!! I want more awesome recipes like this!!! Thank you!!!

  134. Ann Walton says:

    I don’t want to spend money on all the ingredients then have them turn out doughy!!! I can stand that dough taste! Janell are your raw?

    • Ann, mine are not raw. However, if you want to bake it half way, then add the soup and bake it the rest of the time, you certainly may!

  135. Put this together tonight following the recipe exactly as shown except I used original crescents not flaky. Served with steamed broccoli as a side and the meal was great! Thank you so much… problem with doughy crescents, waited until tops were brown. Definitely a once a week dinner.

  136. Thank you so much! <3


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