Me? A Glutton?

Me? A glutton? 

“A lot of gluttony is born of boredom. Life is not satisfying or stimulating, relationships feel empty, and work is boring, but food is always there and tastes so good.” -John Piper

Here are some photos I have taken over the past 2 weeks … 
Here are my groceries!!!! Oh wow…where is the coffee? Diet Coke? Doritos? I left them back at the grocery store, haha. Out of sight, out of mind. 
The past 2 weeks we have “downed” a lot of smoothies! I would actually prefer a smoothie to a milkshake at this point! 

I opted for a spinach salad instead of a heavy sandwich at Subway. I made my own dressing with a little olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and pepper. I felt full…and better yet, had no guilt. 

My favorite salad for lunch..again I make my own dressing then add beans, corn, and salsa. 

I am laughing right now…this is tofu turkey (“Tofuturkey”) if you will,  with brown rice and veggies. I am not a tofu lover, but my husband was really craving some meat so I made this for him. I ate this without the meatless meat, lol. ( I will not make you eat this)

Take time to visit the “Reshaping it All” Blog. You will be greeted with encouraging words for a healthier you. 

I was guest posting there today! 

Thank you, Candace, for sharing your testimony with us in your book. You are a bright light!

Friend, Sister-in-Christ, and Co-Author of “Reshaping it All”

Ladies, I am certain I will continue to post about delicious desserts..and just about anything that tastes good, lol.  However, moderation is key to a successful eating plan. If you we are going to splurge-we should enjoy it,  drop the guilt, make our next food choice wise and run the extra mile the next day (literally). I really hope I am making sense here and not being contradictory….For me, giving up sweets for life just wouldn’t happen. Allowing myself a treat here and there keeps me on a straight path. 
Love to you! 



  1. Amber @ Lucky Lees to Be ♥ says:

    Wow! 2 minutes ago, I was watching 'TheVoice' and thinking, 'oh man, some popcorn would be awesome right about now'. But, before I got up from the couch to start tearing through a bag of popcorn, I looked over to my google reader and saw this post. It stopped me right in my tracks. John Piper's quote hit home. I sat back down, and realized that I may be having hunger pains, since I'm withdrawing from the amount of food I usually intake, and that it was OK. I would survive without that popcorn.

    Janelle, you were seriously a blessing at that moment! I wanted to share the love! So glad that you Courtney, Darlene and Candace have joined forces. Some of the women I've been reading for almost a year! Truly heart-warming opportunity to join this with ya'll!

  2. Ann at eightacresofeden says:

    Oh no – I just posted a recipe for Rocky Road Chocolate Brownie – a sweet treat we enjoyed over Easter! And this from a girl who uses a grain mill daily! I did once pledge to give up all white refined products but visiting an older lady who is vegetarian and almost self-sufficient (and in exceptional health) helped me gain some perspective. She lived out of her garden and baked everything from scratch but did admit to using some refined white flour for those recipes that required it. She said that if you are mainly eating a healthy diet she could not see a problem with the occasional use of refined products. I've tried my wholewheat flour in so many recipes – it works well in rhubarb and banana cakes but tastes dreadful in chocolate cake! To restrict all that is considered unhealthy or take desserts off the menu would be to deny my children the pleasure of making and eating chocolate brownies – not something I want to do. And because they are quite indulgent we don't make them all the time so when we do it is all the more special.
    Your salads look delicious I have to say – it is all the colours on the plate that makes them look so appetizing. It's soup season here and lentil soup is simmering on my stove right now!

  3. Ann at eightacresofeden says:

    Just thought to add Janelle – you might enjoy reading my post 'A family journey into health' which details how and why we made changes to our diet. We actually follow the principles of Jordan Rubin's Makers Diet with a few occasional compromises as I mentioned in my first comment.

  4. Clare@peak313 says:

    love it my love

  5. Clare@peak313 says:

    And you make a great point about the cravings. The first few days are always rough, but truly once you get past those days, you never miss it!!!

  6. Courtney (Women Living Well) says:

    FABulous post and video! You are a beautiful example of a Godly woman – seeking to please God in all you do!

    I just read in a book recently the quote "be careful that what you do to the glory of God does not become your idol. Satan wants this – we must fight it."~ Tim Challies

    This quote spoke volumes to me!

    Thanks Nelle for your honesty!

  7. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Amber-bless your heart, thank you for your sweet note. Ill be praying for you…once you get on a roll with eating right, it gets easier!Then, every so often it is okay to treat yourself 🙂 Ann…we are in sync my dear friend! I completely agree that it is a blessing (and so much fun) to enjoy dessert, or treat of your liking! Staying on track and not abusing food is important…I could seriously eat pizza and ice cream every day, lol…but I have to keep regimented! Thanks Clare! Love you!!! Courtney..that quote by Tim Challies speaks to me too…wow!!!! Thanks for that one! Love you ladies, Nelle

  8. Jackie Koll says:

    I wrote a long comment and than forgot to type in the "word" – hate it when that happens. Weight watchers taught me that it is ok to have a snack or a special treat but you need to plan for it by eating healthy meals or making wise choices the rest of the day.

  9. Sharon says:

    Hi Jenelle, Great blog and Post! I just wanted to share that for 5 yrs I have been having problem with wheat ,carbs and any type of sugar. So in Dec I reallized I needed to give my diet to the Lord and do what He wanted me to do that would get rid of the 30 lbs, the Eczema, and the pain I was in. I am 67 and finally learning God knows what is best for my body as well as for my life.
    So I quit eating all carbs and sugar and wheat and gluten. After 5 mo. I can say I have lost 27 lbs and I am free of eczema and pain free. I don't take any med other then a a sm thyroid med. I don't think I will ever have sweets again. I really don't miss it any more. They are very additive. I do cook all foods for my family even sweets for others, but don't have them. So it can be done with the Lords help. Fully depending on Him. I know I am to satisfy Him not myself.
    He has greatly rewarded me for being obedient to Him and how I thank Him.
    God bless you in your ministy here and all that you do!
    Hugs, Sharon

  10. Traci Michele says:

    I loved your vlog and I shared it! You shine JESUS! Thank you. This is something I struggle with.

    <3 Traci

  11. Anonymous says:

    Janelle, loved your post! Would 1percent milk work OK in the smoothies? We don't really do soy stuff here. Have an awesome MoTher's Day!!!!!!

  12. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words Traci and Anon! can use milk my dear! I do that too! Sharon…you inspired today's post …my friend saw your comment and then came over to tell me her testimony! Thanks ladies, Love to you-Janelle

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