Octopus Hotdogs!

I will admit, I will NOT get “cook of the year” with this one, lol. However, I WILL get plenty of smiles, giggles and clean plates! This is a cute little dinner I made for my children when we were getting ready to go to my son’s baseball game. They got a huge kick out of it….hope your children will too.
(This would be super cute for a pirate themed child’s birthday party-inexpensive too!)
Simply slice a hotdog in half leaving the top in tact for the head of the “octopus”. Then, turn and slice again. You will have 4 “legs”. 
Boil water in a large pot on the stove. Add hotdogs. The legs will begin to curl up.
Boil for appx 5 mins. 
Serve on top of Kraft Mac n Cheese! I made eyes with mustard- you can get as creative as you wish.

May this bring smiles to YOUR table.
Love to you, Janelle 



  1. I have seen this so many times but have yet to do it! So cute!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  2. These are cracking me up!! I love them – so cute. Can't wait to have kids so I can make them without feeling silly…unless my fiancé wants them on the menu once we're married – haha!

  3. Just have to show you this: http://pinterest.com/pin/29062455/

  4. As soon as I saw this recipe, I had to tell you this story. When Finding Nemo came out on video I thought I'd be a great mom and make octo-dogs and serve them over "seaweed" (spinach fettucine). My then preschool aged daughter took one look at her plate and drew back in horror. She said, "I'm afraid of sea monsters!!" It took a little convincing to make her understand they were just hot dogs, but she did finally eat them. We still laugh about that…she's 12 now. Happy day!

  5. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Mandi..LOL! SO cute! Olivia- MY hubby at 32 wanted one, lol….never underestimate the kid in your man 😉 Linda-your octodogs must have been very lifelike! hahaha! From the mouths of babes. SO cute.

  6. Priscilla says:

  7. Heather G. says:

    These are too cute! Such a neat idea! <3

  8. Stacia J says:

    I have a home daycare and we fix octopus & seaweed all the time. I use ramen noodles instead of mac&cheese, adding a drop or two of green food coloring to the noodle water. We also use broccoli or cauliflower as coral. Always a hit!!

  9. Grammy Blick says:

    These are sooo cute! They still bring a smile.

  10. Gina @ MoneywiseMoms says:

    My kids would love these. Thanks for sharing!

  11. My son absolutely loved this lunch, as did everyone who saw my Facebook picture of it!

    Thanks for making my son’s day. 🙂


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