Octopus Hotdogs!

I will admit, I will NOT get “cook of the year” with this one, lol. However, I WILL get plenty of smiles, giggles and clean plates! This is a cute little dinner I made for my children when we were getting ready to go to my son’s baseball game. They got a huge kick out of it….hope your children will too.
(This would be super cute for a pirate themed child’s birthday party-inexpensive too!)
Simply slice a hotdog in half leaving the top in tact for the head of the “octopus”. Then, turn and slice again. You will have 4 “legs”. 
Boil water in a large pot on the stove. Add hotdogs. The legs will begin to curl up.
Boil for appx 5 mins. 
Serve on top of Kraft Mac n Cheese! I made eyes with mustard- you can get as creative as you wish.

May this bring smiles to YOUR table.
Love to you, Janelle