Meal Idea-Quick n easy saves the day!

So, I went to my local farmer’s market and would you know that they had pre-shredded cooked white meat chicken in their freezer!? I thought that purchasing an already roasted chicken was a short cut…I hit the jackpot here! This is just a quick example of one of my dinners last week…it’s “Weight Watcher’s” friendly.

A simple mixed green salad with homemade salsa (which I prepared the night before).

The sandwich is simply the shredded chicken, mixed with 1 cup of BBQ sauce, and heated through on the stove top. Then I served it on a bun topped with a sprinkle of freshly shredded cheddar cheese and deli pickles.

* For homemade chicken sliders please see my friend Lisa over at Simply. This.That. And the other..



  1. Great idea – so easy – why didn’t I think of this? lol!!! Keith will like this! Thanks!

  2. This looks yummy and low fat with lots of colourful veg too! Great idea!

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