Homemade Salsa

My friend Carla brought this delicious salsa to a play-date a few years ago…it was an absolute hit with us moms! So, of course I had to get the recipe. I make this often for family, friends, and guests…It is delicious not only with chips but also on salads, tacos, and wraps! Mmmmm!!!

This recipe is dedicated to my dear friend Krista who has been begging me to share it since I made it on our ladies Narnia night, lol. Sorry it took me so long!

Cilantro, shoepeg corn, black beans, Italian dressing, garlic, Tobasco, chili powder, red pepper, green pepper, onion, cubanelle pepper, tomato
Rinse and drain black beans
Place beans and corn in large bowl
Chop Cilantro
Dice red and green peppers
Dice tomatoes
Dice Cubanelle
Dice onions and garlic…add everything to bowl
Pour Italian dressing over top
Add Chili powder
Toss well and let sit in refrigerator covered until ready to serve.
Serve with chips, on top of a salad, in a wrap, or on a taco!
Beware…it does NOT last long!
Homemade Salsa
3 Tbsp chopped Cilantro
1 can (11oz) Shoepeg corn
1/2 onion diced
1 red pepper diced
1 green pepper diced
1 Cubanelle pepper diced
1 medium tomato diced
1 can (16 oz) black beans
1/2 cup Italian dressing
1 Tbsp fresh garlic
(you may substitute 1 tsp garlic powder)
1 Tbsp Tobasco
1 tsp chili powder
Drain and rinse black beans in a colander. Mix well with all other ingredients.
Q. What is Cilantro?
A. It is a delicious herb used in many Spanish, Indian, and Middle Eastern dishes. I recommend purchasing it fresh by the parsley at your grocery store (not in the package). Read the rubber band that is wrapped around it to make sure you are getting Cilantro.
Q. What is a Cubanelle pepper?
A. A banana pepper. It’s sweet and is found next to the red and green peppers at the grocery store
Q. What is Shoepeg Corn?
A. It’s a small, white and very sweet corn.
Enjoy Ladies!
 Love to you, Janelle 

Enjoy Avacados as much as I do? Clare, at Peak 313 has a delicious black bean dip that includes them! I have tried this…it is ahhhmazing !!! Clare is Comfy in her Kitchen!!! 



  1. Courtney (Women Living Well) says:

    Italian dressing! Interesting – I would not have thought of that for this dip! Looks AWESOME!!!

  2. Lori Alexander says:

    This looks delicious! I am going to try it at my next family gathering. Thanks!

  3. Mmm, looks so delicious!

  4. Amanda- Eating in Winnipeg says:

    It's my day for a blog hop, I'd love it if you came over and shared one of your great recipes at savory sunday!! Have a great day :)

  5. We call it cowboy salsa! SO good!

  6. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Amanda, sorry I missed you! I Missie, good name! lol!

  7. vincent says:


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  8. Jennifer says:

    I would not have thought to use italian dressing in something like this. Now I am curious. I must try this one!
    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Kristen says:

    Looks great! Recipes like these are a great way to get kids to eat their veggies. Here is a similar recipe that is a staple in our house. http://thegrownupgirlscout.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-favorite-anytime-snack.html

  10. Homeschool on the Croft says:

    Looks gorgeous…. we call cilantro 'coriander' here in the UK, though I think coriander is correctly the seed, and cilantro the leaf ??
    It's my favourite herb….love it!

  11. Janelle Nehrenz says:

    Thanks Ladies! Kristen, you have a great blog! wohoo! Jennifer…you will love it. Homeschool-you are right! coriander is the seed and cilantro is the leaf! Both are gooooood!

  12. Thank you for thinking ahead and giving us the “what is this” and “where to find it” for the ingredients. Usually I skip recipes that have more than one ingredient that I am unfamiliar with because I don’t know what it is or where it can be found! Thank you!!

  13. This is delicious!!! I’m so glad you posted this with the meal plan! We loved it!


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