Frying Oils 101 and EASY Corn Tortilla Chips!

This is such an easy way to make your own tortilla chips with store bought corn tortillas. There is just something special about serving warm chips with homemade salsa…your guests are going to love these! (Super Bowl is coming up ya know!)

The first step in making anything fried is to make sure you have the right oil:

Frying Oil 101

I  recommend using an oil that has a high “smoke point” — the temperature to which it can be heated without smoking. When an oil smokes-watch out, it is ready to burn! (not so tasty!) Here are some easy tips:

Good Oils for Frying at High Heat: Safflower, Sunflower, Peanut, Soy Oils, Vegetable , Canola , Refined Almond, Avacado, Cottonseed.

Not So Good Oils for Frying at High Heat: Butter, Margarine, Olive Oil

The second step is deciding what to fry your recipe in! I use a Wok…yes, just a Wok! It works great. You can also use a “Fry Daddy” or a regular deep frying pan. Chances are you already have something in your cupboards you can use for frying! 

Start off with store bought (or homemade!) corn tortillas. I stack about 10. Use a pizza cutter to cut a cross in the center.

Then, cut another cross in the opposite direction- there will be 8 triangles

Place tortilla triangles into hot oil. I used a wok and peanut oil- my burner was on the highest it could go. It only takes about 2 mins to cook until lightly golden. Keep a watch!

With a slotted spoon take the chips out of the wok and place on a plate covered with 2 paper towels. Let drain/cool for about 2 more mins before serving.


Serve with Homemade Salsa!

(Photo Credit: Food Network)

 OR top with cheese, beans, beef, jalps, and sour cream and broil in the oven on high heat (5 mins ) for some yummy nachos.

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EASY Corn Tortilla Chips!
Serves: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 10 Corn Tortillas
  • 2 cups Peanut Oil
  • Salt
  1. Heat oil in wok on high heat
  2. Stack tortillas
  3. Slice tortillas with a pizza cutter into a cross
  4. Then slice into another cross in the opposite direction
  5. Place chips in wok and fry until golden (takes about 2 mins)
  6. With a slotted spoon take chips out and let dry on a plate covered with 2 paper towels-season with salt
  7. Serve warm!
These make great nachos! Just top with shredded cheese, beef, beans, jalps and broil! Add sour cream and salsa. YUM...




  1. Ok, maybe it’s me, but I had no idea that’s how they were made! I guess I never thought about it before! I’ll definitely be trying this.

  2. can you bake them for a healther verson?

    • Ashley- YES YES and YES!!!!!! Awesome question! Cut and place on a baking sheet in a 425 oven until lightly browned. If you want to add salt, I recommend spraying with a shortening spray (Pam butter could be used) then salting, then baking.

  3. Janelle-
    So, if you were to serve these to guests, would you make them beforehand or would you make them after they arrive so they would be warm? This is where I get a little anxious. I want everything to be ready and perfect. But I want everything nice and warm. What a dilemma!
    Kelli D.

    • Hey Kelli!
      Make them a little in advance and put them in an oven heated on the lowest setting! Timing is such a great question and something that everyone struggles with! I have to have everything done before guests arrive or I will start talkin away Janelle fashion and burn everything- I have witnesses!!!! haha

  4. Yes!!! Once I tried just throwing corn tortillas in the oven once. Yeah, not so much… This should go over wonderfully, though! Thank you so much for the recipe!

  5. I don’t really get this about which oil to use… I have read a lot about nutrition and health and from everything I’ve learned polyunsaturated oils shouldn’t be used for frying as they are too unstable and thus too prone to form unhealthy substances when being heated too much. As far as I know coconut oil is the healthiest vegetable oil to cook with at high temperatures, followed by olive and rapeseed (canola) oil at modest temperatures and then the polyunsaturated oils which should preferably only be used unheated in salad dressings et.c.

    So maybe you could explain if this is more of a taste/practical thing you base your choice on rather than what’s optimal from a health point of view?

    • Dear Ulrika, I can understand your concerns about health…on this matter, I suggest you bake your tortilla chips in the oven and drizzle/spray oil. I do not suggest frying anything for optimum health purposes by any means- my blog is a “moderation based” blog- I offer healthy recipes and not-so healthy recipes. I pray I did not advertise myself in a way that I am not. You may check this webpage out and perhaps it could answer your questions – My choice in frier oil is based on smoke point and the oils that I personally have tried and would recommend. When an oil reaches its smoke point it burns and leaves a very harsh aftertaste to your food item..If you are looking for optimum health/easier on the wallet/convenient frier oil (again-if you are concerned, veer away from frying and bake instead) than a nut oil is what I personally would recommend. I do not disapprove of the oils you suggested, but I would not deep fry with them-but you may use them at moderately high temps. Please note- I am also not a professionally trained chef or a dietician…I am just a Mom who is comfy in her kitchen and who has “success” in making delicious meals and enjoys the ministry of meal giving. Thank you for your question.

  6. Sue Prohoroff says:

    Can I make fry a bunch of tortilla chips the day before and then use to make natchos?

  7. Im pretty excited .. lol my son wanted chips so chips he shall have lol

  8. Thank you, this is great and I’ll be trying it soon. I just got into cooking (and I’m loving it) and temperatures are apparently my worst enemy but I’m learning, this helps:)

  9. Oh good gracious…this just made my night! Stumbled across your recipe about 10 mins ago, and chips are already done and waiting for hubby and me to dig in (guilty pleasure snack :)). Thanks for such an easy, successful recipe on how to do this!!


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