A Gluten-Free Christmas….{Salsa and Chips-Ole!)


“You’ll be doing alright, with your flour of white….but, I’ll have a glu, gluten-free Christmas….” ~Sung to “Blue Christmas” by Elvis (bahaaa!) 

So, are you wondering what to give someone with a gluten allergy for Christmas? That tin full of cookies just won’t do, will it?  Ya really have to know what you’re doing if you bake gluten-free too-it doesn’t come as easy. Soooo…here’s my take. Feliz Navidad it!

The gift above is something I gave to a sweet friend with a gluten/dairy allergy for Christmas last year. This salsa is always a request of hers when she visits and I love the green chips that come out around this time of year! Put the salsa in a mason jar and wrap with a bow- put chips and salsa in a Christmas bag and you are good to go! 




  1. What a great idea! Love it!

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