Ice Cream Ministry


Every time we would go over to “Grandma Puppies” house, she would make sure to make the kids an ice cream cone…that was the first thing they would say as they’d run through her doors. “Grandma! Can we have an ice cream cone?!” She’d smile real big, laugh and say, ” Ohhh alright let’s go upstairs and you know the drill.” And they did. They would climb up the counter to get the sprinkles on the top shelf, then reach up into the freezer and get all three flavors out {she always bought them their individual favorites}, then they would open up the refrigerator to get out the whipped cream, syrup, and the cherries. The only things grandma would get were the cones and the “surprise” that went at the bottom. That surprise was a big deal….would it be a gum ball? M & M’s? Hmmmm…’d have to eat the whole ice cream cone to find out.

In this photo, my dear mother-in-law would pass away in just 4 months from stage 4 breast cancer -a battle she fought for 6 years. It was extremely painful for her to walk and she needed assistance to get up the stairs – but it didn’t matter to her. She would have ran a marathon if it meant putting a smile on her grandchildren’s faces.

She was pretty good at putting smiles on their faces….


So, I write this with tears streaming down my face…
Fast forward 4 months and we all staying at a beautiful and loving hospice facility. She was in one room, we were in a suite down the hall. What rolls up? These amazing volunteers with an ice cream buffet. Our kids RAN into grandma’s room to tell them the great news. It was so special….words can’t even describe how special. Once again, ice cream placed a smile on our little girl’s face even amidst tragedy.


These sweet people thought of everything and were so full of joy to give. They told me they did this every Tuesday for the guests and their families.

What a ministry….ice cream. 



  1. Charlotte Moore says:

    How sweet!! Kids never forget those special memories. Even the hospice memories too.


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